BOMBSHELL: Iyabo Obasanjo denies writing any letter to her father

iyabo obasanjo

iyabo obasanjoIn a bid to rubbish the person of President Olusegun Obasanjo, agents of the Presidency have been sponsoring several damaging adverts on the social media against him and OluFamous.Com observed that they took it a step further by writing a sarcastic letter and fraudulently attributed it to his daughter, Iyabo Obasanjo.

iyabo obasanjo

When Obasanjo wrote President Gooodluck Jonathan he came out open and did the right thing, he did not hide under a mask to insult anyone, but simply state the sacred FACTS for all Nigerians to see.

Why is this government resorting to blackmail rather than address Obasanjo’s damning revelations?


  • Prince


    • Gbam

      Osoba, osoba, osoba… At your age, iyabo says something to you in confidence and you say this bullish-t to sahara reporters. I pity you, no wonder you lost relevance in Ogun stat. Agba ti o le to lie ni e. Agbaya

  • Owolabi Onaolapo

    Dear Editor,

    Just read Iyabo Obasanjo’s reaction to the purported letter she wrote to her father. This is the handiwork of Chief Obasanjo’s adversaries, and I am quite sure that those who are benefiting from this corrupt, inept, and spineless regime are behind the debacle. It is a pity!

    • Gbam


    • Anonymous

      Oluwa lo mo

  • Anonymous

    She didn’t write it! Osundefender, is Iyabo now a male?? “His”, instead of “Her”.

  • PolyGon2013

    If Iyabo did not write the letter, this has opened GEJ to ridicule. It is time for Jonathan to respond to OBJ letter.

    • Simple

      “Com observed that they took it a step further by writing a sarcastic letter and fraudulently attributed it to his daughter, Iyabo Obasanjo.” the “his” used in the statement refers to OBJ. Osundefender is correct.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you for correcting them.

  • skye

    The game of BURUJI and ABATI

  • Uche Dikeh

    na she write am abeg. and she is yet to deny it. let her come out to channels tv and deny it

    • Biorem22

      Let Iyabo come on air to tell Nigerians this is not true
      But i know Baba Iyabo will not just talk

  • Olaniran Tunde

    Why are they fooling themselves? I knew this purported letter was written by presidency. Everybody knows it. Why will they result to blackmail instead of answering pertinent issues raised by OBJ’s letter ?

  • segun

    i am very sure she wrote it. i saw this coming. soon Gbenga will write his. Have we forgotten so soon that Obj slept with his sons wife?

    • owolabi

      If you know the genesis of Gbenka’s problem you wont say that, because the girl in question was used to be one of numerous OBJ concubines and he had warned gbenga before going into the marriage that the lady is not an ideal of wife for him, not that OBJ was sleeping with her after the marriage. so don’t say what you don’t know.

  • Olalekan

    Infact i was baffled on how can this type of letter come from Iyabo to her father bcos we all know who Obj was and who he is now we dont need anybody to tell us or describe him for us d only thing dat suprised was dat how can Iyabo do that bcos she bcom relevant in d country today thru her father i know dis is from presidency and is a nice one Right from now Nigerians has become a refree or an umpire and d scores is OBJ 1 VS GEJ 1 let us be waiting for more letter God bless Nigeria

  • Olusanmi

    Only a fool would believe dat Iyabo wrote dat rubbish. These GEJ’s supporters are just too unwise.Instead of looking for a constructive way of answering the questions raised from OBJ’s letter,they are busy blackmailing him n his family,something OBJ actually warned against in his letter to GEJ. I need to get popcorn and orobo coke to watch ds movie sha.

    • Anonymous

      Only God knows the truth but whatever is the case, I know that posterity will judge as no one among them will go unrewarded.My advice to Nigerians is to shine our eyes and put all the perpetrators of evil deeds in this country who think of themselves alone into shame come 2015. We have all learnt our lesson now that the power belong to the people.Who and who are will giving our power to next time? Are will still going to be unnecessarily religiously or tribally sentimental.We all know the truth but allowed our reasonings to be clouded by the forces of sentiment.Is Obasanjo or GEJ a good person?

  • St. Othman

    Where is the Iyabo’s denial?. She cant deny what she apparently wrote with her hands.

  • http://yahoo adeola

    GEJ, his aids and dat buruji drug baron are fools dey thot we ar foolish lik dem no matter wot iyabo can’t b senseless to write such wen u read it u wil no its a cook story, GEJ should come out and address d letter writing to him dats wot concern us and buruji who claim it was his late brother who is a drug baron should kip his mouth close he his also behind dis controvisail letter.

  • Dapo

    If Iyabo didnt write it then how come Segun Osoba confirmed that Iyabo told her exactly the same thing when she met her in Boston. Surely this butresses the fact that Iyabo wrote it

    • omoba

      @Dapo, yes Iyabo might say something similar to Chief Osoba and Osoba might have might also tell other people who might decide to write it up. never in life did a daughter will write such letter when she have access to talk to him or are they not in good term. Nigeria is such a country where a media house will publish a false letter and go scot free. Jonathan agents is at work.

  • Feministolash

    Nigerian Politics dirty Game. How can she write this kind of letter? Forgery on point.

  • ola bola

    the writer wrote *his daughter*…. so he was referring to Obasanjo.. be a positive reader.

  • Gbam

    Libel, libel, libel.

  • Anonymous

    This is Abati’s handiwork

  • The truth

    This is ridiclous. Politics is a real dirty game. If this is true then I fear Naija

  • deji

    Eboes are getting desperate by the day. They have pinned their hopes on Jonathan’s Presidency and now that it is slipping away from them, they now engage in all kinds of dirty tactics. They have now resort to blackmail and fake news that they are well known for. Lazy fools. Eboes are losers………..

    • sammie

      @deji. I sincerely think u should not talk like dat about the ibos because if u have studied the letter obj sent to GEJ and the letter that was writting by whosoever to obj. you wil discover that no igbo man was mention. Johnathan is an ijaw man so also is abati and dnt forget okupe is a yoruba man working for GEJ in case u dnt knw, so my advice to u deji is to set ur facts straight and dnt give baseless comments

  • Patrick jane

    We nigerians need to open our eyes, why would the presidency and claim its from iyabo when iyabo is alive to deny it?, I’d say they had a better chance claiming its from Nelson Mandela. Okay now let’s look at facts, what do we know from the first letter?, we know now that OBJ hates GEJ’s guts, we also know that elections are so close and public image/”godfather endorsement” is very much needed (the latter more than the former, cos let’s not kid ourselves our votes don’t count 😐 ) okay so OBJ who is more or less a major player with lots of minions has disapproved GEJ who is the current president with a LOT of RESOURCES (our money of course) to win in 2015 and OBJ knows this so the only way for him to get rid of GEJ would be to first take away his public approval so if GEJ should use his RESOURCES ;-), the public will call for a tribunal (which is a 50/50 chance normally), but the odds this time would be against GEJ cos of public pressure on our ‘Dear judiciary’. So OBJ sets his plan in motion by publishing the first letter which leaves everyone in doubt of GEJ, then he publishes the second under the guise of Iyabo, expecting that she will surely deny it and suspicion would be heightened on the presidency; which is of course the case as we Nigerians are very predictable. so before you all DIVE into conclusions, stop for a minute and think deeply, who stand to gain in the end from all this ruckus (open letters)?. Nigerians should stop acting like puppets and leave these politicians be with their amusing acts *yawns*

    • http://required Anonymous

      We should not be interestd in all these letter writing things, it all for their selfish interest. The the ‘poor’ have nothing to gain.

  • Akin

    If Obasanjo will have the gut to insult a sitting president openly like that then let his daughter or whoever is impersonating her do the same to him. If he wants to advise the President why cant he go to his house or office to do so intead of insulting him in pages of newspapers? Obasanjo is a big disgrace to Nigeria and this open letter has further messed him up.

    • Jacob

      @Akin. Have you read the letter OBJ wrote? Go and read it. He had gone to the president several times but without any fruitful result. He has to write waht he wrote to advise him(GEJ). As for Iyabo, if it is true that she’s the writer of that letter, she had invited permanent curse on herself bcs it is not done in Yorubaland. If she has anything against her father, she can call him, if he did not yield, she just supposed to leave him, and not write all this rubbish against her father. Who is perfect that has never quarrel with his wife or husband?
      If she’s morally okay, why is she not in her husband house? If truly the father is bad as the letter portrayed him, why is Iyabo still bearing her father’s name and not one of her former husbands? Omo-Ale.

  • jama

    obj and gej are birds of the same feather.

  • Amby

    There is no doubt about d author of d letter again, as iyabo has now comfirmed that she wrote it. Check out current news report on d matter.

  • anonymous

    I tend to wonder why this issue is raising much dust as to the origin of the letter to OBJ…..if a letter is said to originate from Iyabo and she didn’t write it, she should come out publicly and tell the whole nation she didn’t do it rather than have we all speculate whether or not she is responsible for such letter……like a previous writer said, the GEJ administration stands a better chance of saying the letter originated from Nelson Mandela, Yardua, stella Obj than his daughter who is alive to deny it…….WE AS NIGERIANS ARE SO BLINDED and misguided as stated @ iyabo’s letter as the presidents we intend to have come 2015, have presently and Had reflects the true picture of the values and ideals of the average Nigerian.