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PDP Leaders Defect To APC In Oyinlola’s LG

Sunday, September 29th, 2013

aregbe oyinlolaTwo leaders of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Odo-Otin Local Government Council Area of the State of Osun and their followers have defected to the newly-formed All Progressive Congress (APC).

The former leaders are Alhaji Muideen Binuyo (a.k.a. Ewulo) and Mr Morufu Aderibigbe who was a member, Board of Directors of the Osun State Broadcasting Corporation (OSBC) under the PDP administration (2003-2007) and a legislative aide to Senator Simeon Oduoye (2007-2011).

Odo-Otin is the home local government council area of the immediate past-governor of the state, Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola, who is now the National Secretary of the New PDP.

The defectors formalized their act at the local government council area monthly meeting of the party, held at the Oyemojo Club House, Bareke, Inisa, last Tuesday.

Welcoming the defectors, the APC leader in the council area, Comrade Poju Odusola, commended Governor Rauf Aregbesola for his efforts in transforming the state.

Odusola, who is a member of the Education Development Committee (EDC), commended the governor for the dredging of rivers in the council area.

He therefore tasked members to refrain from dumping refuse in the streams, while urging them to report anybody doing that.
The APC leader also stressed the fact that unknown to many people, including himself, Ogbeni Aregbesola, under the cover of darkness, inspected the on-going road projects in the area.
Alhaji Jimoh Asa, the party chairman in the local government council area thanked members of the party for their steadfastness and commitment, while enjoining them to take active part in the forthcoming local government council and gubernatorial elections next year, while further counseling them to refrain from tarnishing the image of the party.
Elder Segun Oyegbade, while addressing the gathering, admonished party members to endeavour to find out anything not clear to them, rather than castigate leaders.

He also tasked them to go out en-masse to register whenever the party registration commences.

The party chieftain further reiterated the fact that the composition and inauguration of the Osun State Independent Electoral Commission (OSSIEC) has signaled the commencement of political activities at the grassroots level, hence, everybody should be involved.

In his contribution, Honourable Razak Adeyemi, representing the area in the state parliament, tasked party members to be patient with the government, saying that Governor Aregbesola meant well and has good plans for the state.
In their speeches, the two defectors eulogised the governor for the people-oriented projects going on throughout the state.

They also commended the local government council area party executives for the mature and responsible way they are handling the activities of the party.

Among the dignitaries present at the event were Dr Tunji Dare, Honourable Adeyemi Adepoju, the chairman of the Local Government Education Authority Board (LGEA), Messrs Seyi Oke, George Durosinmi, and Thomas Yemi Adewoye among others.
The meeting was well-attended by members of the fifteen wards in the local government council area.

By murtala agboola

Oyinlola, Oduoye At Loggerheads Over Senatorial Ambition

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Embattled Governor Olagunsoye OyinlolaFRESH intrigues have crept into the internal political crisis rocking Osun State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola and Senator Simeon Oduoye have drawn a battle-line over Osun Central Senatorial ticket of the party.

Oduoye is currently representing the Osun Central Senatorial District in the National Assembly under the platform of the PDP.

The ten local government council areas under the district are: Boripe, Odo-Otin, Ifelodun, Boluwaduro, Ila, Ifedayo, Osogbo, Olorunda, Orolu and Irepodun.

Oduoye, according to investigation and information at the disposal of OSUN DEFENDER, has been rooting chieftains of the PDP both at the Federal, state and constituency levels in order to get the senatorial ticket of the party to contest for second term in the 2011 general elections.

Oyinlola, who hails from Okuku in Odo-Otin Local Government Council Area of the State, has also shown interest in contesting the senatorial election on the platform of the ruling party, just as he has declared his ambition open with a campaign rally held recently in Ikirun, headquarters of Ifelodun Local Government Council area of the state.

It was gathered that the political ambition of the governor and Oduoye clashed recently when some chieftains of the party tried to persuade Oduoye to drop his ambition for Oyinlola, a request that Oduoye described as impossible and sycophantic.

Highly-placed sources in the party disclosed to the medium that the insistence of Oduoye on having the senatorial ticket has incited Oyinlola and his loyalists against the senator, as they have reportedly been planning on how to screen out their rival before the primary election of the party.

Findings showed that Oyinlola and the PDP chieftains have also planned to persuade the senator to opt for another political appointment an alternative.

Unconfirmed information has it that the governor has promised Oduoye a ministerial appointment should he drop his senatorial ambition.

According to the sources, some of the PDP chieftains, who are loyalists of Oyinlola have been campaigning against Oduoye from one ward to another in the senatorial district with a view to driving him underground in the popularity vote between him and Oyinlola.

However, Oduoye has remained undeterred with the antics of Oyinlola and his political godfathers.
He has vowed to spend a whopping sum of N2billion to secure the party’s ticket and to run in the 2011 elections, investigation has revealed.

The senator has reportedly bought more than 30 cars, which he intends to distribute to stalwarts of the PDP in his constituency.

He had also bought some grinding machines for some women in each ward of the senatorial district.
It was learnt that Oduoye has vowed not to succumb to the antics and persuasion of Oyinlola and the PDP chieftains, just as he described the governor’s ambition as a small obstacle on his path.

He accused Oyinlola of being an ingrate, revealing that he (Oduoye) stood and worked assiduously for the governor during the 2003 and 2007 governorship elections in the state.

It was however learnt that some women politicians of the PDP in the senatorial district have started to gang up against Oduoye. The women politicians were accusing the senator of deceiving them and not fulfilling many of his campaign promises.

Specifically, the women were raising eyebrows on the grinding machines bought for them by Oduoye on the grounds that he promised them deep freezers and not the machines.

The medium gathered that the aggrieved women politicians have rejected the grinding machines and instructed other party members that have received the gifts to return them to the embattled senator.


When Slaves Become Masters

Sunday, March 7th, 2010


I am still worried about the formula that could have made Osun State to be an example of how not to run a state. While other states of the federation are running towards the goal post with a view to meeting the millennium challenges, the State of the Living Spring appears to be slumbering.

When I was thinking about the factors that promoted vectors in the corridors of power in Osun State, I was forced to look inward in order to argue from the fundamental points of the issue at hand.

During the national debate at the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria over the health of the ailing President Umar Musa Yar’Adua, senators were asked to lend their voices as the representatives of their people; come and see how senators from the northern states were arguing with senses and education.

Some senators from the south also made their points with articulation, but senators from Osun State were not in the chamber, a situation that suggested that the senior lawmakers from Osun State were simply not up to the occasion.

The debate on the President’s failing health was just one of the cases where the failure of the lawmakers from Osun State had been shown glaringly to the world. The implication is that we are paying some impostors who are parading themselves as lawmakers for doing nothing.

I was in Ibadan, Oyo State recently for a function and during the discussion with some of my colleagues from other states, one of them demanded to know why Osun State did not have Senators in the chamber and I responded that my state has three senators in that chamber representing Osun West, East and Central Senatorial districts and the guy laughed.

I knew that I had no point, but I was still struggling to get the picture of my representatives at the National Assembly right from the perspectives of the other fellows from other areas.

So, curiously, I challenged my friend from Oyo State to tell me why he thought his senators were better than mine at the upper chamber and once again the whole gathering burst into laughter and then I knew I had to wriggle out if I did not want to create a picture of a foolish man before my highly exposed and enlightened friends.

In that wise, again, I threw the ball by saying that all senators in the chamber were not there in terms of contributions to debate and analysis of contemporary issues. That logical poser seemed to work as my friend from Oyo State eventually opened his mind and his analysis of the situation struck it well.

He opened his discussion by saying that he did not mean that the so-called senators from Osun State were not present at the chamber each time a sensitive national issue was discussed, but that they are mere bench warmers whose presence is of no value to the senate.

Arguing further, my friend noted that Senator Isiaka Adeleke is best known during the sitting for his seven-step to the heaven cap, saying that the only achievement of the former Osun State governor on the floor of the Senate is his ability to constitute a block to the view of his colleagues.

Painting the picture of Senator Iyiola Omisore, he said that the Ife-born politician should not have been elected as Senator, but selected by the Senate President as a backroom boy, saying that Omisore has no opinion of his own on any issue before the house except what Senator David Mark wants.

He said that his buoy attitude was what fetched him the plum job of the Chairman, Senate Appropriation Committee, saying heaven knows that the Senator knows next to nothing on financial management; noting that an example was the way he bought N160 million caravan for Ooni of Ife, when people of his constituency have no water to drink.

He further made a very salient point, stressing that a smart senator on the Budget committe would have influenced a lot of national presence in terms of projects to his constituency and that would have made him to be very popular amongst his people.

In my reflection, I could not but agree with the fellow. The other time the Court of Appeal sitting in Ibadan called for the rerun election of Omisore, he had nothing to show for his seven years in the Senate and when the whole of Ife/Ijesa turned against him, he started distributing motorcycles to his party men. Yours sincerely, he could still have lost the election if the opposition had dared the court restraining the lawless Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) from conducting the rerun polls.

My friend did not even know that Senator Simeon Oduoye is existing in the senate, he was even asking me why Osun would present only two senators out of three and I reminded him of Oduoye, but truly, he claimed ignorance of his existence.

Such was the picture of the three Senators from Osun State from the outsiders and I believe that Osun State is endowed with people with heads, academics and native intelligence. That is why we have taken over the religious, academic, cultural and economic leadership in the country, but it is a pity that the representatives of the good people of Osun State are being perceived as headless.

If the senators could get such a gloomy picture, we need not discuss the members of the House of Representatives, because those ones are known for stealing ballot boxes at home. Remember one Bade Falade from Ejigbo, who was caught stealing ballot boxes during the last rerun House of Assembly election in Ejigbo State constituency?

I have been covering Osun State House of Assembly for sometimes now and I must confess that there are some of the lawmakers in the House who have courage to speak out on any issue and deserve to move to the National Assembly, but would they (cabal) allow the fine stuff to ever make it to the higher level? The answer is in the air.

One thing I was able to deduce from the whole scenario is that our votes are not counting, if not, how would the likes of Omisore or Adeleke or Oduoye make it to the Senate of the Federal Republic?
The solution lies in our collective will to make things happen in the next general elections. We must ensure that our votes count, but that one too is not going to come easy and so we must remember Captain Trafalgar in London.

It was reported that Captain Trafalgar was given an assignment to capture an Island for his Commander-in-Chief within a limited period of time and in a jiffy, the soldier assembled his men and told them the enormity of the mission and the need to rededicate.

On getting to the island, the captain ordered one of his soldiers to soak the boat that brought them to the Island with gasoline, which was done without hesitation, until he, the captain ordered another soldier to fire the boat. The affected soldier was thinking of home and he was equally thinking that his boss might have gone mad.

Captain Trafalgar knew what he was thinking and he could not afford to lose his head just like the soldier, so he fired the hesitant soldier at close range before firing the boat and the boat caught fire.

Then, Captain Trafalgar made it known to his troops that nobody should think of home until the mission is accomplished, saying that the ship is gone and the fire is one way; that they would either sail together or sink together.

The senators and other lawmakers are our servants and by definition, they ought to be subservient to us, but the current trends have shown us that they have turned the table by default and become our masters. This must be resisted in the next election. We want more of the likes of Senator Olorunnimbe Mamoras and Honourable Abike Dabiris of this world from Osun State.

I rest my case.

After failed assassination bid, Osun Police arrest, release, re-arrest Layi Oyeduntan

Sunday, October 19th, 2008

A few minutes past eight o’clock on the night of Saturday October 18, 2008, gunshots were fired sporadically into Alhaji Layi Oyeduntan’s residence at the Oroki Housing Estate behind the residence of Senator Simeon Oduoye by initially unknown gunmen.

In the panic that followed the shooting, Oyeduntan made several save-our-soul calls to his friends and neighbours. One of such calls was made to Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola alerting him of the invasion of his residence by unknown gunmen. At this time, Oyeduntan did not know that he was seeking help from the man who ordered his arrest in the first place.

These calls led many of the neighbours to gather and decide on what could be done to rescue him.

Apparently realising that they have been discovered, the gunmen who were later found to be policemen gained entrance and took Oyeduntan into custody for what was said to be in connection with the June 14, 2007 Abere Explosion saga.

The armed policemen believed to have been drawn from the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) led by controversial DSP Ayuba Adekunle shot and killed Oyeduntan’s Alsatian dog.

We are left with no choice than to conclude that were it not for the courage and vigilance of Oyeduntan’s neighbours who raced to the scene of the incidence, the gunmen had a clear motive of killing the AC chieftain.

This would have led to another massive clampdown on the opposition who would have been blamed for the dastardly act.

We want to place it on record that top officials of the Osun State Government and the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have recently subjected Oyeduntan to intense pressure for him to abandon our great party and defect to the PDP.

He was promised several perquisites and benefits if he acceded to their demands for him to join PDP or face dire consequences. A particular PDP chieftain whose names we are keeping secret for now even mocked Oyeduntan for lacking necessary funds to complete his Osogbo Country home pledging that if he crossed over to the PDP, he would be made comfortable and affluent.

All these entreaties for Oyeduntan to abandon AC and join the PDP have gone unheeded; a situation that has made him to draw the ire of Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola’s administration and ruling party.

The plan appeared to have been hatched in the direction of eliminating Oyeduntan but it is logical to conclude that when DSP Ayuba Adekunle’s team found this task as impossible, the fiercely loyal and bold guard dog was shot and killed.

While neighbours gathered to behold the gory spectacle, the former Commissioner for Health and Water Resources was cleverly taken into custody and detained for what police sources linked with the well-beaten Abere Explosion saga.

We have advised the Osun State Police Command several times in the past that it should be wary of its association with the ruling party and Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola so as not to soil its garment of neutrality and professionalism.

Police investigations have been conducted. Among the discoveries made by the inquiry were the telephone lines of the suspects. Simple logic demands that the call logs of the telephone lines of the suspects were adequate to reveal the identities of those directly or remotely connected with the explosion.

Rather than follow the dictates of professional policing, the Osun State Police Command appeared to have been helping the ruling PDP to suppress the opposition by hounding all notable chieftains of the Action Congress (AC) and other political parties into detention and silence. Some have been forced to go underground since the clamp down began. The entire Osun State executive council of the AC has been crippled by DSP Ayuba Adekunle forcing them to go out of reach while those who have not been arrested are only waiting to be picked up at any time.

The wave of arrests have moved from the State AC executive members to legislators of the State House of Assembly including the Minority Leader, Hon. Timothy Owoeye who was arrested by DSP Ayuba Adekunle for Abere expolsion after signing a petition to the EFCC on the fraudulent Constituency Project now being investigated. Other top flight leaders of the opposition have not been spared. Those who have not been linked with the Abere Explosion Saga have been branded “Troublemakers” by Governor Oyinlola in his recent letter to the Director-General of the State Security Service (SSS).

We are now forced to think that the intentions of DSP Ayuba Adekunle and his sponsors in the Government House are to ensure that the opposition is destabilised and rattled into silence so as to discourage further expositions of corrupt and criminal activities of the Oyinlola administration that has become a negative reference point in official sleaze.

We demand the immediate unconditionally release of Oyeduntan from untenable detention . Membership of the ruling party should not be secured by the use of brute force and bestial crudity as it is being done now in Osun State. The basis of the 1999 Constitution is being threatened by Oyinlola and his co-travellers in the bus of the unattainable one-party Hobbessian state of nature.

We also call on the Inspector-General of Police, Sir Mike Okiro to probe the activities of DSP Ayuba Adekunle and his unholy romance with the ruling PDP before the public image of the force under him is shattered to irretrievable smithereens.

By Gbenga Fayemiwo
Media Assistant to the Gubernatorial Candidate of Action Congress in Osun State, Engineer Rauf Aregbesola