Who Is Afraid Of Justice?

Themis Goddess of Justice

In every democracy, the key words arte justice and true representation because that is the only way to put the right persons who enjoy the mandate of the people in positions of responsibility. Anything short of justice and true representation actually makes democracy a worthless exercise and senseless venture. Really a pain in the neck !

In the Osun State political war of attrition, it takes only the rational mind to understand that what is involved is beyond personal wishes and supposed interest of only a woman and her spokesman or Aregbesola and his people. What is involved is the lot of innocent and helpless masses who are currently groaning under the mis-rule of the briggands and usurpers of power who have captured the state. It is about innocent lives whose blood has been shed unjustly; the innocent people whose properties and life savings have been destroyed in the mindless carnage and arson that occurred in the wake of the injustice. It is about mothers and women who were raped both literally and figuratively by subjecting their bodies to indecent assault and their votes to nothingness. It is not a case of Aregbesola’s attempt to make himself Governor at all costs as Yinka Aderemi erroneously inferred in his syndicated message to Rauf Aregbesola.

Ordinarily, Aderemi’s deliberate attempt to trivialise the issue and offer selfish interpretation of the import of the appeal rather than the case may not have attracted the attention of any matured mind whose whole life and living revolve around the people, but the wrong impression it is likely to have on the minds of the unwary who may be swayed by his claim of ecclesiastical pretensions, makes it compelling to correct the wrong impression and or confusion expressed in the piece.

As a way of putting things in proper perspective, it is necessary to appreciate Aderemi’s admission of the truth that Aregbesola actually won the mandate of the people of Osun State on April 14, 2007. But what is strange from this prophet was his appeal to the people of Osun State and Aregbesola to accept the brazen injustice and daylight robbery of their mandate as perpetrated by Oyinlola and his cohorts as given. He believes it is an ‘Act of God’ because his own god would use a wrong to right another wrong, accept injustice and daylight robbery of the people of Osun State as well as the killings, arson, rape of women, general dehumanization and socio-economic underdevelopment of the people as an appeasement for the vicarious liability of an alleged offence committed against ‘the woman’.

To prophet Aderemi, his god is so ruthless and insensitive, that he will prefer to make millions of innocent souls in Osun State suffer untold hardship, deprivation and dehumanisation as a way of atoning for the supposed sin committed against a faceless woman. His god will rather plunge the Osun people into permanent peonage and political upheaval because Aregbesola’s people (not Aregbesola himself, and not even the masses who are now bearing the brunt) did a wrong to a sacred woman who ‘petitioned God to intervene on what she considered an injustice meted to her by Aregbesola’s people’.

But the Almighty God is not as wicked, unjust, unfair and insensitive as the ‘prophet’ will want the people to believe. Our God is ever so merciful, graceful, fair, caring and full of justice. He abhors cheating in all ramifications and is so just and fair that the cries of the innocent souls of the State of the living spring cannot be overlooked just to please the selfish interest of one woman.Perhaps this prophet sees only Aregbesola as the singular beneficiary of a people friendly government that his party has promised to promote in Osun state on assumption of office.Or how will God allow Aregbesola to be wildly acceptable to the people, win the election and make the people of the State expect respite from the exercise only to dash their hopes. Or is the ‘prophet’ saying that God only used the election to seduce, deceive and tantalise the people of Osun cynically?

The issue of Osun State Election Tribunal and the expected justice is actually one of making justice and fairplay the fulcrum of our society as a democarcy, as is done all over the world. It is not the issue of Rauf Aregbesola as an individual or whether the time is far spent in the battle. It is more of making the truth prevail as Aderemi even admitted and justice to reign. It is a compelling responsibility on us as lovers of democracy to stoically bear and pursue this case to its logical end. If truly Aderemi loves Nigeria and will want the will of God to prevail in Osun State, he should appreciate that the voice of the people, as expressed by the mandate freely given to Aregbesola is the unmistakable voice of God. It is more sacred and sacrosanct than the selfish wish of a woman and her prophet of injustice and infamy.

Our democracy will only survive if we allow the will of the people which is the will of God, to prevail at all times through one man, one vote, as against the selfish interest of a cabal, through electoral fraud, votes allocation and other electoral malfeasance; which the likes of Aderemi will want us to accept as given.
Aregbesola and indeed the good people of Osun State stand for equity and justice and will always stand to defend their mandate through all legal and legitimate means.
Who then is afraid of justice?

Hon. Sunday Akere
Director of Research & Publicity
Osun State Action Congress

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