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February 19, 2013 6:26 pm

raufJust as Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola is making his marks in the land of the virtuous and is being praised for its numerous achievements within two years in office, there is a man who is not only angry for losing the position to Ogbeni but sees nothing good in Ogbeni’s administration. To this man Ogbeni has wronged and sinned against him. “I am contesting in 2014 and I will win. I have never lost an election in my state. The last election was a ruse”.. But sir you were in the Senate and right there you lost even your ward, how are you now going to oust an incumbent governor? Who tells you I lost the election? I did not lose any election it was the INEC Resident Election Commissioner that rigged the election for him. Aregbe has never won any election in my state he is a stranger. I am much on the ground. I lived in my state with my people, I am the man of the people you cannot compare my popularity with this Lagos man. The court cancelled 550,000 out of 750,000 votes and declared Aregbesola with only 21,000 votes where is that done? Sir do you mean notoriety?Besides, your figure is incorrect having deducted 550,000 out of 750,000 it will remain 250,000 not 21,000. Whatever may remain, does the law say they should deduct figures? Does the law say they should cancel 10 local governments? Where is the one quarter of two thirds? Do you mean one quarter of the votes cast in two third of LGA in the state sir? Are you querying me? Are you his lawyer? “ Mi o ro pe o mo mi” I am telling you this man has offended me and he cannot defeat me, come 2014 , I will win that election. I am the most popular politician in the state.

Sir but many people believe that Governor Aregbesola is performing. Do you think you have the chance of unseating him? Ahaaa (laughter) ma wo bobo yi” See this guy ,you know performance to nitwits means performance in the newspapers, on the social media and in the internet but it is different from the performance on the ground. There is nothing to show for his two years in office he has done nothing. Sir, if those who read newspapers, those on social media and those that use the internets are nitwits who then are the geniuses who shall vote you into office inspite of your odious perception. I said don’t query me whatever I say that is the truth, that is the fact. If you do not mind your language I will dispatch you to golgotha. I am surely the most honourable politician in Africa South of Sahara. Do you want to tell me I don’t know what am saying. You see governance has gone beyond the level of making noise in the newspapers. When you are performing we must see the indicators. He has not done a single thing. Nothing is done in the health sector; nothing is done in the educational sector NECO, WAEC results are worse than when we were in the office, don’t you see the performance in education when we were there, he said we spent 74 million only for as running and examinations grants in Primary Schools during our seven and half years in power. Is it the amount you spent that matters ? He who has spent billions within 2 years what are the results? Sir, the WAEC and NECO results have shown that the man has made a difference in the educational sector, pupils in primary 1 to 4 are being fed during school hours and school uniforms are now freely distributed to the students and pupils in the schools in the state, not only that a computer device that contain over 54 text books in 17 subjects are being taught in Osun senior secondary Schools, ten-year WAEC and JAMB past questions and tutorials in a virtual learning environment are about to be given free of charge to about 150,000 high school students to assist them in preparation for the final year examination in WAEC and NECO examinations. Enrollment figure has increased phenomenally and enthusiasm has returned to learning in public schools. Look young man do not let Aregbesola deceive you, where will he get the money to carry out such a project?

Aregbesola awarded a contract on Osogbo-Kwara boundary road, a Federal Government project which I awarded and paid for. Sir were you once a minster of works and if so when was that? No, I am talking of when I was in the senate I awarded and paid for it. Sir you are economical with truth. Look man I told you not to be querying me. Sir this road project goes beyond what you ever did if you really did anything. The fact is that Ogbeni’s administration is reconstructing and dualising the Osogbo-Kwara (Ila-Odo). Sir you claimed Aregbesola has so far done nothing,in your almost 8years of administration in Osun you were only able to build 513 kilometer of roads but Aregbesola under two years has built 533 kilometer of roads besides the 218 kilometers that cut across the local government in the state.
> Ma da lohun-(don’t mind him) may be those are the works he borrowed money for. He collected 281 billion and borrowed through bond, through debts swap so we are already in deep shit. Do you know economics at all Sir? Otherwise, how can a State with less than 240 billion Naira total revenue in four years, borrow 281 billion Naira? Who will lend out such money? Above all you are incoherent by saying hitherto that he has done nothing. Do you expect me to acknowledge that he has achieved something in the state? I have warned any Bank that lends that man money, they will bear the brunt. I am an experienced administrator as soon as I am voted in 2014, come and see wonder, I will build roads nobody has ever built and construct bridges where there is no river and transform the rural areas into small London by the time I finish my first term the people will be begging me to continue the second term. These claims are simply outlandish sir.

> Is School reconstruction our problem in the state? Sir most of the school structures are dilapidated and the few that are still standing are too small to accommodate the pupils, and to make the students and pupils have all round development in education that is why he embarked on the project. Kabo Mr lawyer (welcome solicitor) I told you not to puncture my statements. I am telling you the education sector has nosedived and the man is talking of rebuilding of schools, where is the connection?

> Sir in your party’s tenure in the state some school buildings were constructed on the playgrounds such that the pupils have no place to play and exercise their body. In order to correct this and other anomalies some weak and badly positioned and dilapidated structure are being demolished. I told you the man has done nothing you are still defending him keep defending him by the time I resume in 2014 you will know that the man cannot be compared with what I will do for my people in the state.

They accused me over Bola Ige he was my leader my mentor I loved him even his son knows me that I am a member of the family how can I descend to that level of killing my leader. But you were at the Ooni’s palace the day Bola Ige’s cap was removed and you were quoted that was the beginning of his travails, a statement you never retracted. That is not true even though I was around I don’t remember ever witnessing such a sacrilege. The evil people in the Alliance for Democracy were the people that did not like my face and they wanted to blackmail me. They fabricated the lie to malign me and I will soon sue them for malicious persecution. Emi ke won kere si nonba wa ( I they are too small to challenge me).

> I have been winning all my election in Esa-Oke and the people love me till date even when I was in detention they voted for me. Sir but you lost your last election woefully you could not even win your ward how don’t you know the implication of that? Your people had rejected you even as a Councillor. What trick are you going to use to defeat a man that freely and open walks with over 250,000 people every month across the State on the Walk-To-Live programme to an ecstatic adulation and excitement of the people. Ko ye e ni, ma de je ko ye e ( You do not understand and I will explain to you). That man called Ogbeni is a brilliant guy he wants to hoodwink the people with all tricks, do you think those crowd that follow him monthly including Kabiyesis that are supposed to be resting in their domain are genuine supporters? No, it is monetary inducements that made them to come out. Sir, how much and how many of them do you think will be given the inducements monthly for the mammoth crowd ? Omode ni e o moro (you are kidding). If I walk the street as he used to do don’t you think I will get more crowd than him? I am a man of the people, any time any day I will pull more crowd than him just wait till next year election, you will know who is more acceptable when they shall vote me the wonderful senator as the governor. If you care sir pls do now and let us see whether your crowd will be howlers or hailers that is if they can match the intimidating size of Ogbeni’s. Osun a Dara.

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    • omoniger1

      As much as you want to promote Gov Aregbesola you seem to beblind to all his mistakes and just shower the man with unneccassary praises .You are not helping him at all .The governor should grow-up stop follow-follow his political father.He need to start improving his image as stateman not a religion leader.

  • Tj

    Who else will tell you that aregbe is perform if not osun defender, aregbesola defender. The end will certainly justify d mean. Osun ppl can see for themselves and dey will descide soon.

    • kgbd

      Abi o oo o oo oo o o o

  • omo yoruba

    In 2014, the chicken is coming home to roast.

  • mahmud sahib ademola alabi

    now it is very easy to attack,criticize,judge the comittements and the actions of a person who has taken his place. We all know about what he has done when he was on the power, franchly speak, he has done NOTHING for his own people….so shounting BLA’BLA’BLA’ even if in a dream nobody i repeat nobody will vote for him in 2014. If Aregbesola is a stranger as he said he who is native of Osun ,what he has concretely done?
    Finally i will say that Ogbeni will win if still continue his “WELL JOB” done….thanks

  • iwalesin omoluabi

    Yoruba people will say ” ohun to pamo oju Oluwa too” that is, what is hidden to man is clear to God Almighty. If Aregbesola beliefs in Allah and the last day. If he beliefs that he shall surely account for all his deeds, then he should uphold rightous act. Abo oro laa so fun omoluwabi ti oba de inu re adi odidi. Osun people are suffering. children are crying. Ese rere ni tori ojo ati sun. Adanwo ni ipo to a ba wa.

  • kgbd

    Rubbish! This site is becoming boring, very boring by the day. All you guys do is to praise the Governor every week for sleeping, fasting, hosting, laughing, singing. You are supposed to be the voice of the people, but it seems you are all ACN party members now. No objectivity at all, every thing aregbesola does is right. You are fast loosing your credibility. I supposed the people ought to sing his praise, if he is doing well. but its seem as though you get your living by defending him. Listen Every citizen has the right to vote and be voted for and so does OMISORE so don’t be the one to judge or ridicule him. Pls be responsible. Could you pls consider changing your name to something more presentable. OD kinda sound awkward, Osun is not helpless without you.

    • mahmud sahib ademola

      my friend it is very simple if someone doing well a majority will shout his good deeds but if he has done wrong of course people will talk again but till now, until proven otherwise i have not seen a wrong action made by ogbe but in the case he would have tried to show another face i will be his first opponent…OK!?

  • Badeola

    This forum is only to praise Aregbesola.

  • Semiu

    Osun is moving forward, nobody can stop it. Aregbesola come 2014

  • Ola Omojola

    Let us look at the issues here. A charlatan claimed what he did not do,must we condone such a brazen lie? He arrogated to himself influence he did not have must we accept it? He gallivants all over the place and boasts of capacity he does not have. What are we to do? Some of us either ignorantly or mischievously want to befuddle us by saying things outside the issues at stake. Omisore is a joke.
    Omisore is a very bad story. His closest constituents have openly told him so. If a politician can not win his ward what else can he do? A ward is the smallest electoral constituency in a polity. Omisore was openly rejected and told by the electorate that he is not worthy of councillor ship .
    Where is the credibility of such a misanthrope? The Yoruba people have an adage for such maladjusted fellow. It is ” eni to buru mo, eni to na so fun lo nwa.”
    Let us dispassionately discuss all the issues raised in the satire above, that is when we can honestly review it. Osun ti Dara .

  • ANNO

    osun agbe wa o. i pray the best my win.

  • Clement

    Yoruba ppl says:efo o ki n yin ara re ninu awo while these pple always praise aregbe, let truth judge itself.2014 will tell who will win or loose

  • Anonymous


    • Sultan

      Mr Anonymous u are not God remember,it is only Omisore does know the nitty gritty of Nigerian politics,he talks with headineess all the time.I want u to know Argbe can not fool all of us,Omisore in some aspect is a better person compare Aregbe.Omisore go and learn how to lie you see people will be running After u more than before.Aregbe is chief propagandist,liar that has borrowed more than goverment with little to show for that money.Aregbe should tell us what he is doing with allocation from FG,because baks are now consulting one another how much has he borrowed from you because he has requested for Loan from us .This is highly riddiclous for our dear sttate.

  • Abdulfatai Ajayi

    to those who are critisizn Aregbe, can they pls tell ds forum where d man has failed!

    • Adegboyega

      thanks you mr Ajayi. some of these people are ignorance, they have full hearsay that know nothing government some are blind that can not see what is happening in he/her street. some are political devil that don’t care of millions good job the government is doing, rather than to do what they have paid for (to criticize government )

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