Kris Okotie bans journalist from his church … for publishing story on “new girlfriend”, Naomi (PICTURED)

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February 7, 2013 11:29 pm

magazinePastor Chris Okotie has barred a journalist from coming into his church after the reporter, Biodun Kupoluyi, publisher of E24/7 Magazine published a story about the pastor’s love life, the journalist has claimed.

biodunKupoluyi who spoke to Encomium magazine this week alleged that he received the news from a unknown man who said he was representing the Houshold of God Church and had been directed by Okotie and church members to tell him to not come and worship with them because of his magazine article titled: ‘Exposed: Pastor Chris finds new love, says I will not get married again, but may opt for surrogacy soon.’

The lady in question is reportedly an undergraduate named Miss Naomi Hoffman.

Excerpts of the interview reads:

“I I found it shocking that a day after the publication hit the streets, his media department sent a release out and it confirmed our story. He actually made those statements and we reported it. I think he did not think anybody could have known about his romance with the girl, Naomi. He was caught off guard..but as a journalist, I owe our teeming readers that responsibility. I feel fulfilled, though I will miss his theatrics, his stage performances and verbosity.

My perception of the church and my respect for the man has changed. He is not a serious preacher of the gospel. The job of a good shepherd is to seek a lost sheep, not to ban a sheep or send away a sheep from the fold. It is only in our environment that these kind of things happen. Because I worship in a church, I can’t write the story of the pastor even if the pastor is doing what is wrong? But the pastor and the church will hail me if I praise him or do a PR story for them.

Despite the ban, if journalistic duties calls I will go there. In fact we were there the following week after I was barred. It was the week he claimed Christians can do tattoos and plastic surgery. We went with a whole crew, looking forward to a show down. I’m a free citizen. I can not be cowed. And I stand by my story on Naomi. That is not disputable!

Culled from Ynaija

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