Merger Talk: Why Oshiomhole, Obi Were Absent

Editors Online
February 6, 2013 3:55 pm

Governors Adams Oshiomhole (Edo) and Peter Obi (Anambra) could not attend yesterday’s meeting in Lagos because of last-minute technical challenges, a source said.

One of the governors, who spoke in confidence, said: “Contrary to insinuations, we have succeded in proving that the merger proposal has national character; it is supported by all Nigerians. We are not playing to the gallery.

“We had a comprehensive discussion on the shape of the merger we are proposing and what is in it for Nigerians as benefit.

“We have been able to build consensus that the merger is necessary to keep Nigeria back on track as a model of sustainable development in Africa .

“Every governor at the session spoke passionately on why we should come up as a formidable group to reverse the status quo. The ultimate aim is to give Nigerians the best in 2015.

“We have met to make our input, which will be forwarded to the main committee. So, I can say that the four parties are committed to the merger.”

Asked why the governors of Edo and Anambra states were absent, the source said: “The aircraft which was to bring Governor Oshiomhole was faulty at the point of take-off. Governor Obi could not make it due to some reasons.

“But the two governors communicated with us while in session; they sent a message that they are in full support of all issues we discussed.”

  • Omoibile

    I am convinced that OBI and APGA are not part of this merged APC. I also believe that Oshiomole is NOT in it with his whole heart.

    Really this new party will not work!

    • Anonymous

      Haba my bro,why anything which is seen as anti pdp/jonathan is attributed to baba obj.dont forget who poisted jonathan on nigerians.our problem in nigeria now,are those people around our president.I have always believed jonathan is a good man,and feels what we ordinary nigerian feels on daily basis.pls mr.president get rid of all those bad eggs who are yr so called kitchen cabinet.HABIBU SANI.KANO.

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