Angry Woman Set Her Husdand’s House, Cars Ablaze In Ketu

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February 4, 2013 5:07 pm

Maria Mustafa, a Ketu, Lagos resident, allowed her rage to get the better of her. She is angry with her husband and thought the best way to deal with him was to burn down his two cars and then try to set his house ablaze.

The husband was not at home when all this happened. Fortunately for him, area residents prevented what could have been a full scale disaster.

Sensing she might be lynched, Maria was shielded in a nearby house from where she was later taken away by the police.

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What kind of anger is this women,women,women how many times have I called you? 3times take care this could be a curse and not anger why do you allow thee Devil to use you on useless issues? This is too much let her be prisoned for Life and lets see if she will burn the prison


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