Britney Spears’ Ex is ‘other father’ to her kids

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January 18, 2013 4:04 pm

brintneyJason Trawick, Britney Spears’ ex-fiancé will remain a central figure in the lives of the pop star’s sons. The 31-year-old singer and the 41-year-old talent agent announced their separation last Friday.

Britney shares sons Preston, Jayden, seven and six respectively, with her former husband Kevin Federline.
Jason became close to the boys and won’t dismiss his tight bond with them following the breakup.
“Jason adores [Britney’s] kids; he loves them,” a source told People magazine.
“He was like their ‘other dad,’ so he’s not just going to walk away from their lives. He’ll be involved as much as makes sense.”
Jason and Britney ended their relationship on amicable terms, with the star announcing that she “will always adore” her former beau.
Apparently Jason, who also served as Britney’s legal conservator during their engagement, could no longer handle their complicated romance.
“There were so many issues in their relationship that Jason really wanted those worked out before they could ever move forward with a wedding or more kids together,” the source said.
“There were some major challenges and hurdles and constant work that needed to be done. It just wasn’t working and things weren’t going to change, so it was time to let go.”
Jason asked Britney to marry him in December 2011.

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