Latest News On ASUU Strike: Dora Akunyili Condemned By Striking Teachers

University of IlorinOppose Any Increase In Tution

Striking Academic Staff union of Universities (ASUU) from Kano zone, led by their Zonal Coordinator, Dr. Abdullahi Baffa and the National Vice President, Mr Nasiru Fagge yesterday lambasted the Information Minister, Prof. Dora Akunyili and her Education counterpart, Dr. Sam Egwu who have consistently potrayed the teahers struggle in bad light to the public.

The also vowed after their emergency meeting in Kano, to oppose subtle and deceptive moves by the Yar’Adua-led Federal Government to introduce tuition in the universities.

They claimed that but for their timely intervention, the Federal Government would have achieved its goal through the deregulated the university system as at 2006.

Dr. Baffa while addressing journalists on the on going strike said: “… for sometime now, government have been scheming to commence the deregulation of the university system. Going by their timetable, they ought to have concluded the process in 2006. But it was ASUU that stopped them. We would not allow those who by accident of history found themselves in public offices to make education non – affordable to our youths… if government is allowed to abandon its responsibilities of funding education in this country, who will take up that responsibility? Students? Parents? Who? ASUU will never allow any government to increase tuition fees in universities.”

They debunked the notion that ASUU was insensitive to the plight of students who have been forced to stay at home due to the strike, describing the action as ‘a mother of all ASUU strike.’ He disclosed that ASUU’s quest to ensure improved funding and an enabling environment for learning and research in the universities enjoys the full backing of the entire students union outfits in the country. They also expressed their disappointment with the Federal Government for refusing to implement the agreement ASUU reached with the Gamaliel Onosode Panel.

Baffa said anything short of implementing the agreement was akin to jeopardizing the principles of collective bargaining, abetting the rot and decay and promoting the brain drain afflicting the university system.

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  1. the government,the asuu and the entire people of this blessed country ,we should do some thing b/4 it will be to late.i think the gov first. state gov should be independent develop in your states no Efcc harassment b/c if you do good, you do to yourself and bad also to you. to it is an opportunity and must create a new web for the state while b/c it come but once.

  2. please what is wrong again.why strike again?please they should help us by calling it is really affecting us.please.

  3. are you sure Mr President is awear of this strike action, please you people should let him know about this Non sence,

  4. fuck government ok, very soon i will start my own government that will give better future for the youth fools that called themselves government.

  5. why strike again,after paying a huge sum of money as skul fees?fuck d dame country as a whole.

  6. What abt ambros alli uni. Plz asuu help us, things are very high 4 u. Do sm tin plz;-(

  7. Why strike after d increment in our fees!Asuu pls help us

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