Osun, What A State?

letter to the editorOSUN State has become a state, with bands of self-glorified thugs sponsored by the shameless and unprincipled politicians in the party we can refer to as “People Deceiving People” (PDP).

It is a state where criminals praise to high heavens and their accusers are arrested on trump-up charges and roped-in in a manner unheard-of in the history of the state.

Nigeria as a state was founded on the premise of unity and equal justice, where everybody expects equal rights in all ramifications. I do not want to comment on any state in the country yet except Osun State. The state has witnessed audacious insults of the highest order,as criminal attacks have been made severally against the progressive-minded people since the issue of “Who governs Osun State started.

If not the tough-minded people, the phenomenon of election rigging has reached a stage in our dear state where chicken-hearted people can easily say good bye to politics as a result of the overwhelming excesses of our “crowned” Prince. What crime did Engr. Rauf Aregbesola commit? Is it because he contested election? Or because he wants to deliver the downtrodden from the oppressors. We are talking of a state where nobody has rights any more.

I remembered in those days when I was in the higher institution and was appointed treasurer of the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights among the Academic Staff Union of University (ASUU) in the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA) because there was no election then. Dr. Bayo Aborisade just convinced the scholars then that I should be encouraged and compensated as a postgraduate student and the youngest among the group for my past activities as a students union leader when we were all – fighting Professor Kolawole (the self imposed VC by Abacha who was later deposed by God and Gen Abdusalam).

What we used to say with one voice was “RIGHTS, FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHTS IS A RIGHT OF EVERY STUDENT, TRADERS AND OF COURSE EVERY ELIGIBLE NIGERIAN”. But what we are experiencing is Osun State ‘RIGHT ONLY FOR THE P.D.P members’. They would have even politicized rain if they have the power, but God in his infinite mercies gives all of us some inalienable rights that cannot be controlled and manipulated by any human. The dullest Nigerian knows that you cannot compare the development in Lagos and Kwara States to Osun State here.

It is no more news that this is one of the states in the federation that man’s inhumanity to man is practiced as a religion, but I want the good people of this state to continue to take solace in the Lord Almighty, who is greater than the greatest of men. Surely, all shall be well with the people of this state that are passing through hard times in their state.

The people of Osun should remember that Rome was not built in a day just like Gold that has to pass through fire before its real beauty comes out glisteringly, glimmeringly, glowingly and responding.

Similarly, people should know that God created this state through man and because the hands of God is in the creation of Osun State, the gate of hell shall not prevail over it. Shalom.

PA to the state secretary, AC, Osun State

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