Revealed: Why ‘Aluu4′ Were Brutally Murdered


aluu4The murder of Ugo, Lloyd, Tekena and Chidiaka now referred to as ‘Aluu4’ is still very fresh in our memory and the horror of their terrible last moments something most of us cannot just wish away, it has been revealed why the community unjustifiably took the laws into their hand – a move they will forever regret!

Now, I have heard this particular revelation on a prominent Abuja based FM station but decided to hold on to get additional information to either disprove or uphold their version of the unfortunate incident that happened on the night of Friday, 5th October, 2012.

Having confirmed it to be true until proven otherwise, here’s an account of what happened upto the unfortunate death of the Aluu4:

An indigene of Aluu was indebted to Ugo and rather than pay up, vowed not to. Ugo who was popularly known as Tipsy, had solicited the help of a well dreaded guy on campus to assist him in recovering his money from his debtor.

This guy, referred henceforth to as ‘Fearless’, was a renowned cultist and accepted to help retrieve the debt owed in exchange for a ‘cut.’

Ugo and Lloyd were close cousins and so they were together on the plan to retrieve the debt owed. On that day, as they made to leave, Chidiaka, their room mate, joined the train. On their way to the place, they met one of their friend, Tekena, who joined them without question as to their mission; not an uncommon behaviour among boys of that age who are friends – a victory for one, is a victory for all.

That made 5 boys who embarked on that unfortunate journey – Ugo, Lloyd, Chidiaka, Tekena and the ‘Fearless’ guy. Unknown to the other four, the ‘Fearless’ guy who was contracted to intimidate the debtor into paying his debts, was armed with a gun.

Eventually they got to the debtor’s house around 12 midnight and a shouting match ensued when the debtor still insisted on not paying. A woman who lived next door, heard the heightened voices, thought they were thieves in the middle of an operation, raised the alarm. As her cries of ‘thief’, ‘thief’, rent the air, other young men around the neighbourhood came to the scene – turns out most of them were rival cult members to the ‘Fearless’ guy contracted by Ugo to help him retrieve his debt.

They immediately took advantage of the situation by tipping the vigilante group in the community who in turn confronted the boys, referring to them as thieves. This led to their beating even as they tried to prove their innocence and explain their mission. It was in the process that the fifth boy, ‘Fearless, brought out his gun in a bid to scare the people around him thereby creating an opening for him to escape leaving the rest four in the evil hands of the community.

More resolved than ever before that the four boys were actually thieves despite their pleas and explanation to the contrary, the mob gathered around and beat them to a state of submission and unconsciousness before they were unfortunately lynched!

Culled from 24/7 Nigeria News

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