How online criminals used Facebook to lure Nigerian lady to her death in Lagos

Cynthia Akuzogwu Udoka - Facebook crime victim

Cynthia Akuzogwu Udoka - Facebook crime victim

AT last, the question ‘Where is Cynthia?’ which her family and friends have been agonizing over , has been answered.

The 24 year-old daughter of retired Major General Frank Osokogu and his wife Joy had arrived Lagos from Abuja on Sunday, July 22 2012 , was received at the airport by some people and thereafter , literally disappeared.

For days, then weeks, family and friends agonized over her whereabouts.

Relations were reached at home in Agbor, Delta State , friends were contacted but none had heard from her since she arrived Lagos.

Her telephone lines were off and as the uncertainty grew, despair set in and the question continued: “Where is Cynthia?’

Then the police , working with the Immigration Serviceauthorities were able to ascertain that hers was the body that had been taken to a mortuary in Isolo from a hotel in Festac Town.

Yesterday, journalists heard from the police and self-confessed friends she met on the internet how the young post graduate student of Nasarawa State University, was killed at the hotel before her corpse was transferred to the mortuary.

The two, 33 year-old Okumo Nwabufo and Ezeke Oliseloka, his 22 year-old accomplice were alleged to have killed Cynthia in a hotel around Festac Town.

The suspects , said to be cousins, were alleged to have sexually molested the victim, tied and chained her before she was finally murdered .

The Commissioner of Police. Lagos State , Alhaji Abubakar Umar Manko told news men before whom the suspects were brought of the suspects that one of the suspects, Oliseloka was arrested in Anambra State while his partner, Ezeke, a 100 level Accounting student of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) was arrested in Festac Town.

He said detectives from Area E Command, Festac got a lead into the case when they got the suspects’ photographs in a footage from a Close Circuit Camera TV (CCTV) that was installed in the hotel.

“We discovered that two young men came to the hotel and went to the room and after sometime , came out with a package.

“ They were arrested and have confessed that they killed the lady” Manko said.

According to Manko, the police in Festac on July 22, found a lady dead in a hotel, tied and chained.

He said somebody had called anonymously, demanding that ‘the body of the bastard’ be removed.

He further stated that at the time the body was found, the police had no details about the identity of the deceased.

“From the Yellow Card that was found, we got her Passport number from the internet and with the Nigerian Immigration Service , we were able to link her up and were able to establish her actual identity” he said.

Manko said the suspects told the police that they started with the deceased on the internet during which they were able to establish that she was a business woman who comes to Lagos to buy wares and goes to Abuja to sell same.

“They came to the conclusion that she must have money.”

He said that one of the suspects gave her a flight ticket and an accommodation in the hotel.

The suspects, Manko said drugged the fruit juice which they gave to the deceased.

“The drug knocked-off the deceased and the suspects settled down for what they were there for.

“She struggled before she collapsed and died” he added.

The suspects confessed to newsmen that they actually met Cynthia on Facebook and that their intention was to dispossess of her belongings and not to kill her.

Nwabufo said they spiced her fruit juice drink with a drug Revnol which knocked her out.

He denied having sexual intercourse with the deceased saying the condom that was found in the hotel room was not used by them.

He also explained that they only used a sex toy , a vibrator , which they found in the deceased’s hand bag.

Okumo admitted that the deceased was their fourth victims.

“We always meet with our victims in different hotels in Festac he added.

He however denied that they killed their other victims and that Cynthia’s death was quite unfortunate.

The suspects who were smartly dressed were brought to the command headquarters’ Ikeja in a slick car. Newsmen were asked not to use the face of the suspect.

It will be recalled that prior to the discovery of her body in the mortuary last Saturday, Cynthia had been declared missing by family members since July 22 after she had left her base in Nasarawa for Lagos for shopping.

Attempts by her family members and concerned friends to ascertain her whereabouts proved abortive thereby prompting them to circulate messages on the social media but none could give vital information about her.

Culled from Guardian News

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  1. ifeanyi precious | August 28, 2012 at 9:16 am | Reply

    Ohhhhhh ω̲̅н̲̅ååãt a world,,, †̥ have loosed a
    Woman of such creativity, a model, an upcoming
    Musician….. Oh GOD its really painful †̥ me.
    My fellow ladies we should be very careful about the
    Kind of people we chat with online. ℓ̊ believe its stupid
    For som1 †̥ travel that far just †̥ see someone
    She has not met before not talk of doing business with
    But come †̥ think of Ȋ̝̊̅†̥… From the report
    Those boys said they paid for her flight ticket,,
    If its true then cynthia made a huge mistake, how can
    somebody she has not met before offer †̥ pay her flight
    ticket when she knows fully well that she Ψå§ coming †̥ spend money?????
    Well only GOD Απϑ cynthia knows what really happened. †̥ all my fellow lady
    Let us learn from this lady mistake.
    my dear cynthia though ℓ̊ don’t know you in person but ℓ̊ Ψå§ really shocked by th news
    May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace AMEN….

  2. It is a lesson for all the females out there she look so very sheep somebody you do not known invited you to an hotel.

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