‘Rawlings Revolution’, not democracy saved Ghana

rawlings revolution

rawlings revolution

Ghana has been proclaimed as an exemplary African Nation by the media due to it’s democracy. This however is not very true or accurate. The relative success of Ghana as compares to other African Nations of similar dispensation is not due to democracy, but rather due to the Military ‘Rawlings Revolution’ on 31st December 1981.

Ghana, like its counterpart Nations, was decaying in the annals of corruption as a failed post colonial state. Western Multiparty Democracy in Ghana was not helping, as- secondary to the the colonial occupation of African Nations, and the Slave trade forced on Africans via western superior war guns, leading to their ability to sell their brothers, a corrupted generation of Africans prevailed.

And as military or democratic leaders, these worthless people who the western colonialists handed power to, could not lead the already failed states. Failed states created by sudden combination’s or separations of territories (usually of incompatible tribes or tribes not yet naturally ready to coexist, compounded with unfair power and resource sharing by the colonialists among the combined territories) shortly before carving out the African nations and handing over power.

What rescued Ghana according to experts was Jerry Rawlings’ military take over and his ruthless reform revolution, which included the prosecution of all Ghanaian’s who could not account for their source of wealth. Indeed it was so tough that piles of money were seen around Ghana, as people dumped their money in fear of being prosecuted if unable to account for their monetary possessions.

Indeed Rawlings on many platforms professed his hatred for multiparty democracy because of the past destructive years that multiparty systems had brought to Ghana (i.e the Busia days).

Ghanians don&#039t even know. Most African Nations like Nigeria beg for a Rawlings to help them get rid of all the crooks created by colonialism that plague their countries.

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  1. Nigeria as a nation can’t be compared with Ghana in term of sincerity of purpose and people should stop comparing Nigeria with Ghana at all.
    Nigeria is a country where mediocrity is celebrated, where our leaders become Lord to themselves immediately they assume power and run the nation as a fascist state.
    Many Military Rulers came to power to clean the Augean staple but ended amassing wealth at alarming proportion for themselves are their inner circle. People are looking for our own Jerry Rawling now when our own Jerry Rawling came, they were there to distribute oil wells among the Generals and those of them who should have been executed for the crime they committed against the nation are the current Godfather in politics.
    Some people should have been executed in Nigeria to serve as deterrent to others but these people are now insulting the masses let, right and centre.
    Nigeria is a joke as a nation and we are laughing stock of other civilized nation.
    Ibori who stole $250 million was celebrated in Nigeria before he was jailed in the United Kingdom. Ibori will be welcome from jail into Nigeria with drum by feeble minded kinsmen and women.
    Our Judicial system is corrupt with Judges giving good judgement tio the highest bidders, for how long are we going to continue with these atrocities against the masses?.
    The President of the nation refused to declare his asset as required by the constitution.A girl was sent to jail for four years for stealing mobile phone while some of the thieves who stole billion naira from pension fund are treated like Kings and Queens.
    Anybody who steal public fund whether overtly or covertly should be executed in his home town in front of his people. The moment you become a member of Assembly, people will be coming to you for their children school fees, hospital fees etc. Politicians are turned to Father Xmas to donate money to people. Party members are given money by the State for being party members. Nigeria is a sick country and needs somebody to sort the nation out.
    Our own people will topple corrupt leaders because the time will come when masses will rise to rescue themselves.
    I don’t pray for Military intervention because Military leaders are more corrupt like their civilian counterpart.
    Nigeria needs divine intervention beyond this current rescuing package against corruption.
    Goto ministry, civil servants are receiving bribes left, right and centre. Go to Ministry of Land and Housing to get Certificate of Occupancy, ot tax office to get tax certificate will reveal to you how corrupt Nigeria as a nation is.
    Journalists receive brown envelope to cover occasions and this is normal process in Nigeria. What a failed nation is Nigeria !!!
    MusaOlaiwon is a native of Ikire in Irewole Local Government of Nigeria.

  2. Adubiaran Ajani (Imoru Iwo) | August 12, 2012 at 1:36 am | Reply

    There is nothing new in what Olaiwon has narrated above. It is a collection of our attrosities. Where I live all you said happened for years and in quantum but today the government will spend one million to pursue a one unit of money stolen, misappropriated, offered as corruption, contract inflated, profiteering through misrepresentation of your product or services to consumers, rape, killing even by police in the cause of duty, etc.Once we have thrown sincerity to the winds we may not get right. The givers and receivers of bribes are all Nigerians. Why are we talking about the receiver to the exclusion of the giver.

    What made this achievable is strong and well established institutions. I can assure you that the President here cannot stop the prosecution of himself where he is found wanting. The institution that will prosecute him is empowered by necessary instruments and staffed with well trained workers who wil pride themselves of having established facts to prosecute the Presidents and are prepared to do their jobs without fear of molestation and anybody who does that is charged with obstruction of justice. Mere telling lies in the face of established facts will earn you more terms of imprisonment.

    But what is obtainable in Nigeria is that, even for you to have fun with your wife the Presidents assent is needed as if there is no laws guiding established institutions in Nigeria.

    Unfortunately our ethnicities have been an albatros and Nigeria is not yet a nation. It lacks the national ingredients.

    Here the military is not involved in the killing of the people unless in a very serious situation where the sovereignity of the country is at stake. Here the Boko Haram cannot survive. But the role of the uniformed people in Nigeria is to kill innocent people on the instruction of eminent people who feel their hold on power is being threatened.

    Can the type of approach applied by Rawlings work here? I assert that it will fail.

    What can we do. That will be a subject of future debate.

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