EFCC, ICPC, FRSC, 35 Others Should Go Says Oronsaye Led Committee.

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The Federal Government may scrap the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) and 35 other agencies any movement from now.

This is the recommendation of the Oronsaye’s Presidential committeeon the Rationalisation and Restructuring of Federal Government parastatals, commissions and agencies.

The committee said from the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) alone, four agencies, the FRSC, EFCC, ICPC, the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, have been created, there by duplicating functions.

The committee’s Chairman, Stephen Oronsaye, while giving insight into the report in his remarks during the presentation held at the Council Chambers of the Presidential Villa, Abuja, yesterday, recommended the reduction of the existing 263 statutory agencies to 161.

Oronsaye was Head of Civil Service of the Federation. The report was submitted to President Goodluck Jonathan.

He said in all, the committee recommended the abolition of 38 agencies, merger of 52 and reversion of 14 agencies to departments in the relevant ministries.

The committee, according to him, also recommended the management audit of 89 agencies capturing biometric features of staff as well as the discontinuation of government funding of professional bodies/councils.

In all, Oronsaye said if the committee’s report was adopted and agencies reduced in accordance with the recommendation, government would save over N862 billion between this year and 2015.

The breakdown showed that about N124.8 billion would be reduced from agencies proposed for abolition; about N100.6 billion from agencies proposed for mergers; about N6.6 billion from professional bodies; N489.9 billion from universities; N50.9 billion from polytechnics; N32.3 billion from colleges of education and N616 million from boards of Federal Medical Centres.

The committee described as “a fundamental breach of acceptable practices of good public sector governance to create a new agency or institution as a response to the seeming failure or poor performance of an existing agency in order to suit political or individual interests”, as well as “misadventure in the public sector at a great cost to government”, the setting up of FRSC to take over partially the functions already apportioned by law to the Federal Ministry of Works and the NPF as a result of seeming poor performance and/or to satisfy political and individual interests.

The committee also observed that the National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency (NOSDRA) is duplicating the function already assigned by law to the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), noting that “besides being a clear case of latter-day overlapping functions of agencies, the continued existence of NOSDRA is tantamount to paying huge salaries to persons who do nothing, but wait for spills to occur. This is despite the fact that there is a standard operating procedure for oil companies in Nigeria to clean up oil spill whenever it occurs”.

The committee also noted that three agencies: the Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC), the Nomadic Education Commission (NEC), and the National Commission for Mass Literacy, Adult and Non-Formal Education (NCMLA) all perform functions related to the provision of basic education.

“The question then arises as to why they continue to function as separate bodies. Our committee is of the view that the functions of all the other agencies should be taken over by UBEC as there is no economic gain in having the three bodies as separate entities”.

The panel noted that sadly, 12 years after the White Paper on theAhmed Joda Panel Report on the Review, Harmonization and Rationalization of Federal Government parastatals, institutions and agencies (2000), some parastatals and agencies, which government had decided should either be scrapped, commercialized, privatized or self-funding, were still receiving full government funding, which runs into billions of Naira.

Oronsaye, while submitting the report, regretted that “the long-standing challenges that beset the Nigerian public sector, including the parastatals, have created a “single story” of inefficiency, corruption, poor work environment, low morale, ineffectiveness, deceit and low productivity, thereby establishing a perception of a dysfunctional and unproductive public sector.

The weaknesses in the “single story” have sometimes placed the Sector in a situation where it is unable to perform its legitimate functions creditably.

The committee also highlighted the case of the Nigerian broadcasting agencies (the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) and the Voice of Nigeria (VON) which he said the committee believed focus more on structures rather than acquisition of broadcasting software.


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  1. many went jobles when nitel was scraped. Hope this time milions nigerian wont go jobles again. The evil scraping may introduce more hardship on the citizens of this country. Think twice about the evil of scrapin mr President

  2. Government did not scrapped NITEL, but NITEL staff tactically kill her (NITEL).

  3. Friday akechi | April 17, 2012 at 10:38 pm | Reply

    Mr Steven oronsaye thoughts are evil, he knows that the police are easily bought so he wants to scrap the powerful forces against corruption for his selfish reasons, BE WISE MR PRESIDENT.

    • Insted of creating more avenues to curtail the massive unemployment,mr chairman you are proposing scraping some agencies that contributes with employment at least.think twice pls!

  4. What are u pple sayin?If u are talkin abt frsc,efcc etc wat abt custm,ndlea,imigrtn,civl dfnce, sss,were they not part of plce initialy?What u pple fail to understnd is such overlaping orgztns do provde multi faceted approach to tacklin issues of complex nature in cosmopolitant society like ours,equaly provin emplymnt spaces for d teamin youth in d country which in turn recharges the multiplier econs effect .Also hw do u j ustify d utilisatn of d saved bilions u imaginary n illusionary qouted in a country where lootin public treasury is fashion n oder of d day.Nigerias prblm as u n i know is not lack of enough mney 2 tke care of all our expenditures but that few individuals at d top who hve d xter of d rat who are drainin our ecomy in iboris stly .So chairman open ur eyes there are mny ways by which u can recover even dble of d amount u quoted ,u ve a lead frm d pension saga

  5. Y wuld steve recommend such a thing?is it nt beta 2 duplicate functions than to have pple sacked and crime wuld thrive?now where wuld da recovered money go to?well i knw dat the sentate and house of reps members wuld soon b askin 4 an upward review of salaries n allowances in anticpatn dat cash is cuming!jonathan:i 4c a revolution if u try dis one.kip off!

  6. Y wuld steve recommend such a thing?is it nt beta 2 duplicate functions than to have pple sacked and crime wuld thrive?now where wuld da recovered money go to?well i knw dat the sentate and house of reps members wuld soon b askin 4 an upward review of salaries n allowances in anticpatn dat cash is cuming!jonathan:i 4c a revolution if u try dis one.kip off!

  7. The chairman is very v right bcos those agencies are duplication of duties.some top govt funtnaries can only send their person there,cos it does not required much training.I pray God should give gej understanding ear to do what dis man ask for b4 naija shld collaps.

    • Tnk u revdben, there is nothing that can make an ignorant person understand the iideology of the wise. U can’t cover a truth with a basket. Prolifieration of agencies with similar functions, no doubt, tantamount to wastage of limited resources. There are unlimited complaints about the dearth of social infrastructure in this country and compounded by the present security challenges in the country, drain pipes should be closed to retrieve more wealth to be channelled to more devastating problems. D federal govt should simply accomodate and spread d already employed workers to. the resultant parastatals, agencies and commissions. Period! Our leaders should maintain, motivate and strenten existing institutions rather than politically creating forced employments and avenues of siphoning public funds without regard to vacancy and necessity. This will not be in the interest of this nation. D committee did a visionary work and should be commended. Charles writes from Orba, Enugu state

  8. I can see that bird of same feather flies together. Like president ,like committee chairman. (do u compare the legislative budget for 2012 with that of the ministries involve for scraping?) do u think about numbers of people that will benefit from each ministry in compare with that of the legislatures? I believe that the whole country will be full of rubbers after this action, and Mr committee chairman will not escape it.

  9. Mr steve has d intention of divertin d moni dat was sopos 2 b d salary of dis ppl wit em gon an no 1 2 com afta him. He’s only tinkin of d amount dat wil b saved wot bout d joblessness it’l cos? Arant nonsense. Mtcheeew

  10. Dis evil men re perpetuatin disheartening mannerism again to thier soul alone dis time not public. Pls let ask dis man where those dat re scrab will be working. Nothing gud comes out of thier mouth except difficuties an decline of standard of living facing the general public, yet they address us as fellow Nigeria. GEJ u have become a coward to nigeria, never will u have support, u adminstration have undermine u. U have made nigerians vulnerable. History will asbsorb u.

  11. Satan want to finish the presidet, chairman of d commite is devil in d making. Scrab Efcc,icpc forget about others bicos they hv effect but above are decoy.

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