Expectations From Osun State Budget 2012; Town & Country Planning, Rural & Urban Housing, Rural & Community Development AND Tourism & Culture Sectors.

February 20, 2012 10:55 am

Town And Country Planning

THE Town and Country Planning sub-sector will be given the deserved attention in the 2012 fiscal year.  As a demonstration of government’s commitment to pursue the face-lifting of our urban centres, an urban renewal committee comprising eminent and renowned urban and regional planners was inaugurated earlier in the year to:

(i)        carry out status-quo analysis of the target cities for the purpose of developing urban renewal strategy;

(ii)      carry out a detailed master-plan for the target cities;

(iii)     carry out a detail work plan for the urban renewal of the target cities;

(iv)     carry out a relocation/resettlement plan and recommend compensation plan for the holders of the property that will be compulsorily acquired for the urban renewal programme.


Under the first phase of the programme, nine different city centres namely: Osogbo, Ikirun, Ila, Ede, Iwo, Ikire, Ejigbo, Ile-Ife and Ilesa will be given a face-lift, covering one kilometre radius of the traditional city centre of each city.  The development will not alter the artifacts or the cultural aesthetic of the city centres but each of the cities or towns will be upgraded from its rusty outlook to the status of modern towns.    In addition, government will establish Central Business District in each of the city centres which will also promote the development of commerce in the respective cities.

The governor made it noteworthy that field tracing exercise was completed on Osun/Kwara and Osun/Ogun inter-State boundaries. Another major achievement of government was the continuation of the on-going aerial mapping and establishment of Geospatial/Land information system (GIS/LIS) for the entire state.  A total sum of N588.5 million had been committed into   the project.  The digital mapping project is desired to facilitate development programmes for socio-economic development, boundary resolution (inter and intra), tourism promotion, property valuation and revaluation for effective public service delivery system among others.  The State Government will continue to give necessary financial support in the current year towards the completion of the projects.

Rural And Urban Housing

UNDER-provision of residential buildings for workers and indeed the people of Osun State was observed by the governor as an issue for reality for which the government is very much concerned.  It is our opinion however that a project like this can only be handled under Public Private Partnership arrangement.  It was revealed that the State Government was reaching out through the medium availed by the budget presentation to estate developers to come to the state to invest in the housing sector.  Under the scheme, government is said to be ready to provide land as equity while the developers will complete the structures under mutually agreed terms.

The State Government also expressed readiness and determination to continue to give the necessary financial support to the   Capital Territory Development Authority and the Osun State Property Development Corporation in the current year.

Rural and Community Development

IT is certain that Government alone cannot be saddled with the socio-economic development of the state. The governor in this note sued that all the communities in the state should see themselves as stakeholders and join hands with the government in its task of building the state.  On the part of government, the team at the helm of affairs shall continue to encourage the various communities to embark on self help projects across the state.  During the last year, a sizeable amount of money was approved for distribution to 151 self help projects in the 30 local government areas including the Area Office to complement their efforts.  The State Government also promised to continue to be more involved in the current fiscal year.

Under the UNICEF Community Development Programme facilitated by the Office of Rural and Community Development 61 capital projects were successfully executed in 61 communities in the last year under its first phase.  This programme will receive further support of government current year.

Tourism and Culture

IN the year 2011, the Aregbesola administration put tourism in the front burner in terms of its enormous potentials.  Not only has the administration participated in traditional festivals and tourism activities locally and nationally, it has also promoted tourism and placed it properly in the psyche of the people.  From 2012, the Government of the State of Osun will position tourism sector as revenue-earning, wealth-creating, and job-creating sector.  Starting with infrastructure development, efforts will be intensified in promoting public-private-partnership in activating our tourist sites and tourism activities.

The vision here is to make our state Nigeria’s ultimate tourism destination through which the highest possible income is generated.  The immediate objective is to bring tourism to life with a view to harnessing its potentials.

In the same vein, the State Government will continue to give necessary support in the current fiscal year to the development of Tourism and Culture.  In the outgone year, government left no one in doubt of its commitment to serious cultural rebirth and development by consciously identifying culture as one of the six priority areas of development, not only as a sub-sector that has the potential of contributing to the economic and social development of the state, but also as a revenue earner.



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