North: Should NYSC Be Scrapped Or Not?


Who they had gone to serve. So I am imploring the Federal government of Nigeria to reorganise the scheme in a manner that will encourage the corps members to serve in their preferred geo-political zone.
Concerning the services of these corps members in secondary and primary schools in the North, since they have consistently refused to accommodate the corps members, I think governors in the region would have to make necessary adjustments by addressing the attitude of their people towards corps members, because it is understandable that most of their schools survive on services rendered by the corps members teaching important subjects, but I think the country could not afford to continue losing the lives of our youths all the time.
Look, the current batch of corps members deserves national honours. They made us proud with their involvement in the conduct of the just-concluded general elections. They gave us pride in the restoration of our democracy. What the civil servants, who were always the presiding officers in the past, could not achieve, they have achieved in the 2011 elections, which most Nigerian’s acknowledged its credibility. So, these people deserved respect and honour from every Nigerian instead of attack.
Mrs Ronke Akande—- Educationalist
As regards the controversy surrounding the NYSC as a result of the killings in the North, my candid opinion is that the scheme should be redesigned in a way that will allow graduates from the South West to serve in the Eastern part of the country and the graduates from the Eastern part can also come to the South West, while the same arrangement should be applicable in the North, so that the senseless killings could be stopped. What is currently happening is a disaster to the affected families and as a mother, how do you explain it when you nurse a child from pregnancy to school and up to the graduation level from the University or Polytechnic and only to get killed in the course of serving the country.
Although this zonal arrangement may compromise the original intention of the scheme, but the northerners are not appreciating the scheme any longer, forgetting that they are the major beneficiaries than any other zone in the country.
Adejumo Akeem, Educationist
This matter is so sensitive, in the sense that most northerners are so tribalistic by nature when it comes to the issue of crisis in the north. They look for innocent people to mime and kill whenever there is a crisis. I think the NYSC will have to exercise restraint in posting corps members to some volatile areas in the north until when they realise that this country belongs to everyone of us. They have to look for a way forward, which include proper orientation for some of the people causing the crisis, that the country belongs to everyone of us and that they have no reason whatsoever to descend on innocent corps members whenever there are political or ethnic crisis.
This group of people are the ones contributing immensely to virtually all sectors in the country, be it educational, health, and other sectors of the country’s economy. So the government must embark on media campaign to sensitise all these people on how to respect corps members. Therefore, I think the programme should not be scrapped.
Okunade Adesanya an Educationist
On the controversy surrounding corps member serving in different parts of the country, the purpose of the scheme would be completely defeated, should we agree that they should not be posted to other regions of the country. My belief is that the scheme should be left intact and corps members should be posted outside their states of origin. The problem in Bauchi State would not have become a problem if the government had put a measure in place that will prevent such occurrence. For instance, if corps members are posted to any part of the country and the government provides adequate security. If I were to have my way, Bauchi State should be an example, where corps members should not be posted for failing to provide adequate security, which led to the death of some corps members. If Bauchi should be sanctioned, it will serve as a deterrent to other states. If we if are saying that the scheme should be scrapped, the goal of the scheme would be defeated
after 38 years of its existence and if you are saying the that the people should serve in their various geo-political zones, then what is the essence of the scheme, so I believe that corps members should serve in various parts of the country, only on the condition that the government should provide security to protect their lives.
Chief Akinbami Adesola, a Unionist
Going by the laws that established the scheme in the 70s, which principally among others was to forster unity in the country, if things continue the way it is going, I think one of the principal reasons would be defeated. I want to believe that enough is enough, and in the interest of peace, we hould give peace a chance to avoid a terrible repeat of this incident. If such terrible situation continues in a certain part of the country, I will advise that the scheme should be completely scrapped, I don’t subscribe to regionalization or sectionalism, as I have said earlier that NYSC was established to foster unity among different ethnic groups, it is either operational or totally scrapped.
I am still using this opportunity to appeal to those people in a certain parts of the country who perpetrate the evil, to try and give it second thought in the interest of the Nigeria stability.
Fawdikumo Prisu , Corps Members from Balesa state
As a mechanical engineering graduate from Niger Delta University, I teach Physics at my place of primary assignment, the Anglican Grammar School, Osogbo. I derive so much joy in the job and found peace in this state. In my own perspective, the scheme must not be scrapped. It is so beneficial to the nation at large, the only area of concern is security, especially on the INEC and NYSC collaboration. If the collaboration continues, it is very important to improve the security system during and after each election.
Francis Patience, Corps Member from Adamawa state
It is just unfortunate that some Nigerians do not appreciate the scheme, is something any graduate should not miss. The service year itself is another form of education and I am strongly in support of the scheme as it will help you to learn different cultures and tradition. In my own case for instance ,when I first came to this state, it was like hell, so strange, but now I don’t even feel like going back to my state again.

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  1. the poeple to be asked this question dat will give accurate answer are the parents or guardians of those corpers,not the poeple who have not suffered any loss or pain.look at wat dat unionist said dat ‘If such terrible situation continues’.can anyone allow dis to happen to his or her child again b4 d final decision would be taken? non of d parents of those corpers can say let’s give it a trial once more.

  2. Not when our rulers and leader take good care of thier pockets and what they know is how to squader all weath the country has, then come the question come to be or not to be. The NYSC scheme is adivse to be cancelled. in strong term it should srcaped without delay before the consequece of not srcaping start to happen. There is fire on the mountain and nobody is doing somethig

  3. i lost my brother through this useless scheme. anyone saying nysc shouldn’t be scrapped should go home and kill his/her brother to see how it feels. nonesense!

  4. I think the best thing to do concerning whether or not NYSC be scrapped is for the government to ensure proper and adequate security in the nothern part.Those people also needs to be orientated on peace,hospitality,love and the likes,because we cant continue to loose future leaders just like that.The situation is painful

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