Breaking News: Boko Haram Foreign Sponsors Exposed Using GPA

Ademola Iginla
May 4, 2014 1:03 am

Breaking News: Boko Haram Foreign Sponsors Exposed Using GPA

Breaking News: Boko Haram Foreign Sponsors Exposed Using GPA

The Global Prolife Alliance (GPA) Council has identified American billionaire, Bill Gates as a major foreign sponsor of the Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria’s North East region. Speaking with journalists in Owerri, the chairman of the GPA, Dr. Philip Njemanze disclosed that Gates and Monsanto were sponsoring the insurgency in the region using their biotechnology companies.

According to him, the major aim of the insurgency was to capture the food security of Nigeria and control Africa’s largest nation by population and economy, adding that this could only be possible by fighting to displace the indigenous farmers in the country and replace them with Genetically Modified Organisms, GMOs corporate farms in the North East food basket region of Nigeria.

Njemanze, revealed that the name Boko Haram was only used as a cover-up in the terrorism attacks, saying that the actual perpetrators were hired assassins and mercenaries by the Blackwater (also called Xe-Service, and now Academi) private army owned by Gates and Mosanto. He disclosed that Blackwater which was purchased in 2009, “began the recruitment of former child soldiers from Liberia and Sierra-Leone of what remained of Charles Taylor’s army in Liberia” and trained them in Ougadougou in Burkina Faso despite the ban of the company by President Johnson-Sirleaf of Liberia.

The GPA chief added that the Liberians and Sierra-Leoneans were brought to Nigeria as ECOMOG boys to fight as Boko Haram. He stated that the assignment of the insurgents was to displace the farmers in the North East and create fall in the agricultural production of the country as well as to compel the federal government to adopt large farms that grow Bill Gates /Monsanto GMOs crops to feed the nation. With this strategy, he said that such staple food as rice, cassava, maize, sorghum, millet would be replaced by Gates/Monsanto variants, thereby effectively surrendering the food security for the over 170 million Nigerians to them.

“The volume production of these GMOs crops will come at lower prices than that of theorganic food grown elsewhere in Nigeria and they will price out of the market the conventional organic foods, leaving the Bill Gates/Monsanto crops the dominant crops for food in Nigeria”.
Njemanze also raised an alarm about the high technology approaches used by Gates in executing the terrorism plan.

According to him, Gates’ recent interview in Daily Trust where he said he was quoted to have said “Bill Gates Foundation was carrying out satellite Remote Sensing of the North East area to study migration patterns of people” clearly supported the assertion of Global Prolife Alliance, adding that what that statement meant was that the Satellite images against the Nigerian law were being used as espionage in the state of emergency to identify military installations and how to evade and attack them.

He also attacked the electronic wallets (cell phones) given to farmers by Bill Gates through the federal ministry of agriculture to provide the farmers with agro-credits for fertilizer and GMO crops, describing it as wallets of death. According to him, the offer was made and accepted in total disregard of the evidence presented by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) that GMOs does not increase crop yields, but rather may lead to decrease in overall crop production, damage to fertile grounds and dangerous health risks were still being uncovered including cancers and other debilitating diseases.

With the cell phones which have Global Positioning System (GPS) device, he continued, the position of every farmer would be known to the Boko Haram insurgents, who he said use satellite images to know the location of the Joint Task Force (JTF) and then using the cell phones to track down the farmers. The group called on the federal government of Nigeria to investigate Bill Gates activities in Nigeria and not to sweep the allegations under the carpets because according to Njemanze, the group had very strong evidence to support its claims.

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  • Seyi Oluwaseyin

    So, what are the duties of our armed forces? If this story is true, our SSS, DSS,etc have failed us and as such have outlived their usefulness.

    • Anonymous

      IS TRUE

    • http://google baba

      You see, when it comes to this we tend to see every thing as fact because it is said ”if no fire there will be no smoke”, the government of Nigeria is doing nothing to address d problems in the country instead politics and corruption.
      well if they cares let them investigate as he said.

    • Anonymous

      well what i will say is this Any man that loves evil, evil will b not depart from his house so my prayer for Nigeria is that: any man or woman sponsoring Boko haram in Nigeria or abroad if God is alive which am sure he is that man will die a miserable death. the source of his mo0ney will dry up in Jesus name

  • Adubiaran Ajani (Imoru Iwo)

    Njemanze or whatever he calls himself is sick. If he has lost a business opportunity with those mentioned he should not destroy the intelligence of Nigerians by unsubstantiated outburst. For a large scale farm to operate you need that vast land and know-how and local cooperation. The land size of Texas which is just one state amongst 51 states that make up America is bigger than Nigeria with a population of just under 20 million. If Billgate thought could be known that he wants the land size of Adamawa for farming without saying it out different Governors will be at his door donating land to him and giving him tax incentives because of what their states will benefit from such proposition.

    They will plant in US and dump it in Nigeria and make nonsense of Nigerian farmers.

    In fact this man Njamanze is sick. He should find another thing to talk about.

    • tonia

      If you are not more stupid than njemanze, you should have left comments for people who have better argument. You want us know that you know America more tthan north east of Nigeria. Mshhh.

    • Anonymous

      hmmmmm if you are unable to think twice, you’re a big fool unless you are involved in one way or the other. Use your head if anything remains there.

    • Shamsuddeen Abdullah

      You have to thinks on that matter @Annmys dont call some one as stupid In this case.

  • Bayo Omolola

    Fiction? Doesn’t it sound so? Fiction? Doesn’t it sound so?

  • ADE

    Can you believe some people will fall for this ?

  • TOPE

    @Adubiaran & Ade, u guys talks the way ur names sound. Someone has come up with an allegation which our Gvt should investigate carefully bcos nothing is impossible. If it was APC that was mentioned to be there sponsore nobody will chanlleng the report even those no proof about APC sponsoring Boko Haram.

    • Anonymous

      looooooool. how laughable. The writer certainly can’t be serious. mixing conspiracy theories with fallacies. how can ANYone believe this? no point trying to quash some of the most ridiculous allegations. crazy stuff

    • Anonymous

      Tope or whatever your stupid name is called. You are a fool

    • ekata

      u sound more dumb dan d 2 ppl u are talking to!! U see some guy who needs attention n d sss should tk him seriously! Boko haram is an in house problem

  • Saleh Ahmadu

    The truth behind the Nigeria killing is revealing gradually.Without the help of foriegners this insurgent could not have this power.

    • hi

      I can’t believe some shallow minded Nigerians would believe this haha

  • Dan

    Infact, but the leaders and followers in Nigeria are confusionist.

  • openaike olufemi

    njemaze report could be 2ru, bt sumtins re nt clear, un buildin bombin, nyanya park bombin n d 234 girls etc missin re dey farmers? no, so d report can nt b 2ru


      If you have ears, you have to listen well, Boko haram issue started in Borno to destroy the farm land and cause troubled btw farmers and herd men. and Abuja is part of Northern Nigerian and they will like to cause confusion through out the Northern Nigeria to achieve their aims. those foreigner were sent to destroy Nigerian like southern sundan. Mumu, talking like if you have not been listening to the story of the attackers. people were hired from Uganda, Liberian, sierra-Leon to distarblise north which by the grace GOD Almighty will never be achieved. May GOD save us from the enemies.

  • Bongo

    Osun Defender, why would help a very sick man to spread falsehood. You have a moral duty to the Nigerian society to sItop the spread of dubious information to the Nigerian people. I know that the Monsanto has always being a problem to every society that it operates in. Not Mr Bill Gates who is spending his money and time to uplift the life of many underprivileged Nigerians. Please do not force him to take his money elsewhere. I don’t of any serious paper publishing such a sick story. I used to categorize Osun Defender as one of the serious papers in Nigeria, but I think that I am being proved wrong.

    • DarkPharaoh

      For those who don’t get it:

      Its a smoke screen! These girls where not abducted by islamist extremist or whatever people see on the surface.

      Yes, there are extremist in Nigeria, but then think again,In a country where there’s no health care and very little to eat. Survival is more important than kidnapping a group of harmless girls who’s parents or anybody for that matter can afford the ransom.

      I’m nigerian and I know for a fact that this has nothing to do with religion or the fact that they where christians (and mostly muslims mind you). “Bokoharam” (the supposed terrorist group) are simply mercenaries. We have had many other armed groups and uprising in the past ( See MEND ), who where supposedly more funded and as efficient as the Somalian pirates. In that they captured and sold ship loads of petroleum resources, and had more reasons to base their motivation on religion and hate. Truth is they still couldn’t carry out attacks with the expertise and strategy that a sect that was supposed to spring from a Nigerian state known for the highest level of poverty and starvation.

      The girls they in question are currently being used as guinea-pigs for medical science experiments that have existed underground for a while, simple. Those who have mentioned this to the public have been assassinated ( see General Azzazi ).

      Now for the puzzle:

      In a quarter-century, at the rate Nigeria is growing, 300 million people — a population about as big as that of the present-day United States — will live in a country roughly the size of Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada.

      Thus OVERALL (1950-55 to 2005/10) the fall for number of children per mother in more developed countries 2.83 to 1.66; less developed from 6.08 to 2.69; least developed from 6.55 to 4.54 ) India births falls from 5.9 to 2.66 per mother.
      Mauritious 5.9 -1.58; kenya 7.48-4.8; Egypt 6.62-2.98; Tunisia 6.74-2.05; Libya 7.27-2.67; even Sudan 6.35-4.83; China 6.11-1.63; ; Japan 3.00-1.34; India 5.9-2.66; Bangladesh 6.36-2.4; Philippines 7.42-3.27;Thailand 6.14-1.49; Saudi Arabia 7.18-3.03;Italy 2.36-1.4; Austra 3.18-1.89. So very great advances in terms of falling fertility. A ‘standout’ failure is Nigeria 6.35 – 6.01 ( Double check yourself if you have doubts).

      What does translate to, you might ask? If you study world politics and economic strategy this means a lot of things. A LOT!

      I’ll let Bill Gates do the rest of the talking:

    • Anonymous

      How do u known its false stupid idiot like u

      • naijapad

        Enough of this nonsense. Anyone who believed this story must have his or her head examined. Bill Gates won’t finish his money before he dies. He’s spent a great deal of money helping Africa fight malaria and polio. Please grow up. Take down this post and hide your stupidity from the rest of the world.

  • Anonymous

    dem go catch bomb soon 2 INJESUS NAME.

  • Joseph

    I didn’t believe in this submission, thou the Nigeria law enforcement agency should not relent to do what is possible. Among the state of Nigeria there are more agrarian state,that can produce food far better than those three state being held in captive by the insurgence. Other African country had virgin land that the richest man in the world will invest on, if that is true,what about those inciting religious extremism among line of dominant religious we have. What about these brewing crisis mayhem terror in the name of clamoring for change by the opposition, recently how many food produces by Nyanya Motor pack in Abuja that was hit twice with a bomb?

  • Anonymous

    Mumu news..Hahahaha.

  • Adekola Prescott

    This guy needs urgent psychiatric help!

  • tonia

    If you are not more stupid than njemanze, you should have left comments for people who have better argument. You want us know that you know America more tthan north east of Nigeria. Mshhh.

  • Victor

    What is wrong with the duo of Adubiaran and ade? Somebody made such an allegations and you two will open your proboscis to vomit what you said. Our security operatives should go into action and determine how genuine they are. Or, with all the money Bill Gates is “dashing” them, this may be swept under the carpets. There may be truth in what Njamanze said otherwise, how does mobile phone aid food production? just thinking aloud.

  • Anonymous

    its just an allegation. There’s no smoke without fire. Let our govt probe it without delay

  • Victor celestine

    I dont carer to kw who is wrong or right,all i pray for is that God in his infinit marcy help this nation and end this so called boko haram in our land

  • Anonymous

    I’m speechless but God is involve.

  • Ogbonna

    Njemanze is idle and his head is empty,he should say something else

  • Anonymous

    This allegation makes sence to me bcs when d issue of phones to farmers came I wonderd what d connection might be. If am d president, I will investigate this seriously and take action even if it includes arresting bill G. May be that is why he has spent more time in nigeria in
    recent days.

  • Anonymous

    It’s only God dat wil help our country Amen……..

  • taoheed

    its not impossible, who nutured osama bin laden b4 he was killed by U S?. dont overlook western conspiracy, the govt should also look inward for insider, for all u care it mightb conspiracy theory

  • Richardson

    Osundefender! Osundefender!! Osundefender!!! How many time did I call you? You people should watch what you publish for the inteligent general public to read. Be more professional and responsible with your reporting. You should know that you are loosing credibility so fast with this your reckless juncky journalism. I hope you’ll change for better fast.
    A word they say is enough for the wise.


      Richardson, why are you calling Osun defender but if Osun defender should published the gun men were Muslims, Richardson will be hailing osun defender. you are No 1 suspect. you have been destroying North. WHY?

  • Funso Famuyiwa

    It is regrettable that OsunDefender will publish this type of trashy nonsense . Have you ever heard about Fact-Checking? Don’t be a Rag Sheet !


      Funso, please don’t be stupid, Osun defender has done well to publish this article out so that we know what is killing us and now Govt. can investigate the matter. As foolishly with your bitterness word, Nigerian can not change for better. For the past years the Northern has not been sleeping well. Because of false insecurity around us. So you have been happy for lack of rest in the North? PLS. be careful.

  • nduka

    The problem with our so called educated people on this site is that they do not use their common sense. When an allegation is made, the most reasonable to do is allow the security agencies to do their investigations. Nothing is impossible in the present world we live in. Because someone is donating money to you should not take away your sense of reasoning. We speak too much grammar in this country that is why we are where we are today.

  • Anonymous

    See this is a way our government want to use in privatising agriculture in Nigeria, let be prayerful and cry to God, He will here us and fight just as he did when israel cried, he remeber them and brought out of slavry

  • deals

    With a glance at this article a reasonable academia will denote that the publisher is just searching for fame, masquerading and taking advantage of unfortunate situation in our contemporary society to achieve his top priority, which is publicity. Their headline was quite attracting, but the article content is purely baseless and rootless. The publishers of the article should precisely understand that the whole world in indirectly enslaved to Bill Gate, via its Microsoft cooperation, so talking about turnover, profit or future market for any of their products, honestly might not demand cooperation with little baby 2009 insurgent Boko Haram. Am not disputing the fact that that set has sponsors but its definitely not Bill Gate based of your facts. If you have better reasonable news you can share . I will be waiting but if you dont have any, please dont upload such shits cause its really irritating.

  • Anonymous

    To me the whole story made sense, you need to be in the north east to appreciate How fictitious this Boko Haram saga is, to us here this revelation is only a beginning of a more horrific revelations to come. Our own prayers that that God should intervene on behalf of the innocent civilians that are being killed for no reason

    • Anonymous

      Good osun defender

    • Anonymous

      u r so stupid to make any sense at all out of what dis hopeless Njemanze claims

    • Anonymous

      From point of view, the article is a link for federal gov. To Make together the right and the length to go with bokp harram, what are the aims of this groups, are they all nigerian or foreigners, i think it’s straight forward, they are, and they don’t meant to be on nigeria soil.. they need to be wiped of, take forexample all the coups planned so far in nigeria was sponsored the so called billion naires. Bil gate might have a big roll playing in the sponsorship of boko harram no doubt about that or shall we suggest maybe it is the federal govt itself because since invading of harram in the northern part, no concrete move has been archieved by them or shall we suggest bill gate has a way to buy then all out because nothing could be rule out.
      Action need to be taken, the problems here in nigeria we are very lazy when it comes to action the out cone we always believe God will do it, is just like you left your doors widely opened and you believe God will not allowed thief to come in, the federal Govt need to take action and forget unecessary debate going….

    • Anonymous

      This story is true I thought about it for a long time. The world is heading for antichrist food control is the target, any thing that will force the masses to accept that their microchip that will enable them and the gods to
      the world its all in tje bible.

  • Anonymous

    Why we like to argue on things we dont know. These is how investigation started. You put up an hypothesis, untill investigation come out as theory. On my own view i never trust the west, they can do anything to achieve there aim.. Some years back a lot of children were taking from Chad to France and were use to test a define drug as perfect. They can do anything i never trust them. A report on CNN in 2010 that by 2015 Nigeria will break, the west are working frankly to make there prediction comes true.

  • Victor Kingsley

    Sometimes in life, the truth sounds bizarre and its because its Bill Gates, we are all rising against the allegations and the author instead of investigating this. How stupid have we all become? Slowly, hand in hand, we would all perish and then it would be too late. I rest my case.

  • http://discuss Kwesi

    Its only the cultural marxist that would believe this story

  • annonymous

    This is not a time to be against one another or to blame anyone, we need to realise that we are the problem , and stop blaming other countries for things that we have allowed to go to far, really are we the only continent in the world that we always have to behave barbaric? why do we always have to be extreme and ot united? why do we always have ti point a finger instead of taking responsibilities? Who ever is to blame we cannot say but one thing is for sure we need to stop portraying ourselves as barbarians. I t is just unecessary

  • ojm

    It’s pathetic that this story has been published. What happened to those Nigerians who swore publicly that GEJ will not rule this country in peace?. The rich northern elites are the ones sponsoring this monster called Boko haram.

    • http://None Mazi Oku

      Njemanze should question or declare it to the world the facts that supports his claim,or he may be one d agent informat of boko haram,Buhari, Atiku & Ibb made it clear that if GEJ win they will make his govt unconfortable,they are outlaws, untouchable

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, I don’t believe u

  • baldny

    osun defender is sick for publishing this news. well the paper is scarp

  • brian

    Hey ,mister man no truth behind this ok , you try to put conflict between the American and Nigeria , to the entire world , thanks for cooked stories ..Well i believe all this ends through religious wars

  • mmadu

    This is a fake news & fake unkwown & unrecognized websites.. trying to gain public notice to sell its blog

  • anonymous

    Just reading 3 paragraphs, I knew its a waste of time to go all the way down, only to see comments that depicts exactly what I feel about this,how could someone just come up to destroy the image of another in a bid to distract our attention,they don’t want anything western,how could they now be secretely pallying up with a Bill gate to destroy their own land….no logic !!!



  • Anonymous

    Be careful what you publish

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  • felix

    as a political analyst i think the sss should investigate this allegation. moreover this story sounds odd and senseless

  • Vids

    Whatever the case may be. Boko Haram has both internal & international sponsors.

  • Dunama

    I think if we are sensible people no theory should be consign to the litter bin, remember they walk while we sleep. You can laugh over such theory, but i would like you to hover your thought over your nation and how we’ve been sleeping while terrorism is eating us to the bone before you open your loud mouth to condenm someone who found something precious crawling on our soil.

  • Anonymous

    I have no much to comments but GOD will surely paid back every one of us what we did,GOD is enough for us we are not wiser than GOD

  • Tswajiya


  • linus

    some pple wnt to become unneccessary popula

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