Aregbesola decries arrangement of party logo On Ballot Papers

2011 Elections

2011 Elections

The Governor of Osun State, Mr. Rauf Aregbesola has decried the arrangement of party symbols on the ballot papers, saying that the arrangement would definitely lead to several mistakes, errors and wrong choices for the electorates.

He spoke immediately after casting his votes at Ifofin Unit 1, Ward 8, Ilesa East Local Government Council Area of the state at exactly 12.58pm, saying that though he was satisfied with the security arrangement and the conduct of Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) officials, but dissatisfied with the arrangement of party logos on the ballot papers.

“What I saw there today was highly confusing and I want to say that it might lead to several wrong thumb-printing. Several of our largely illiterate voters might not know where to vote.

“You will see that in the two previous elections, the ballots were not like this; the arrangement of the party of today’s House of Assembly election is highly confusing and I am sure it will affect greatly, the choices of the people.

“While I am quite satisfied with the security arrangement and the conduct of INEC officials I have observed that the INEC did not allow the party people to understand the arrangement of the party symbols on the ballot papers,” the governor lamented.

Assessing the poll, being the last lap of the general elections for the 2011, the governor noted that “it seems the process of the election is now well understood by our people and they casually turned around for the accreditation.

“Even though, some people expressed anxiety about the rate of the accreditation, I was not in anyway disturbed because I knew that our people, having mastered the procedure, leisurely came around for the accreditation.”

Asked about his feeling being the governor of the state during the poll, the governor said, “I have no special feeling at all whether negative or positive and to me a democratic exercise is a democratic exercise.

“To the extent that my party is contesting the election today for the state House of Assembly is fulfilling and it is even enough that I am the one at the helms of affairs and I know that my time would come when I would have to test my popularity, acceptability and relationship with the people again.

“So, I have no nostalgia but I just have a routing feeling that every politician who is indeed credible and committed to the people should have to test the acceptance of his programmes and policies. That to me is satisfactory and our people are now deciding among our previous representatives of the party they would want, to manage their affairs for the next four years”, he stated.

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