Has Malaysia Missing Plane been Found? (SEE Photo)

Ademola Iginla
March 27, 2014 8:30 am

Has Malaysia Missing Plane been Found? (SEE Photo)

The moment I come across the image above, I became so excited that God as preserved the Malaysia plane… Not until I go through the text that follows and realizes what happen!

“Wow…… The Malaysian Plane Has Been Found In A Village in a village in Nigeria. lolz.
You self, you too like gist.
Nawa for you Oooooo……………..Abeg na joke I dey joke Oooo
Na so the ministry take day move forward Ooo…”

  • Mallam Chuks Agoha

    This emotional abortion is too huge and portray critical trivialization of serious global human pain. Responsible minds weep at this level of insensitivity to families, friends and citizenry whose loved ones are involved. Osun defender is highly respected and didn’t need this publication.

    • Anonymous

      It is very unfortunate that the osun devender new can carry this type of bad and joke news like that because investigation review that the is end water and we have already read the guilf new since yestarday now people believe in osun devender expecially people from abroad so I don’t no why you find malasyhia air line in one village in nigeria

  • Jagaban2

    It is a shameless joke. Osundefender should not be a “mockerer” instead commensurate with the Malaysian govt and the families that have lost their loved ones!

  • Anonymous

    All the relationship and friend. family were cry yestarday according to the information the incident that heet people in the world that nigeria news make be joke bec people reliey on osun devender new then that of joke news from dubai

  • Akeem

    The Osun defender has finally reached an all time low. when people all over the world are still looking for the airplane, you go ahead and make a mockery of all their effort. I pray you get sued andn closed down for playing with peoples emotions. in the words of Olamide. “Awon oloshi”

  • http://69download.com/uncategorized/just-received-malaysian-airlines-mh370-found-in-kandahar-iland/ malaysian plane found

    [Just Received] Malaysian Airlines MH370: Found in Kandahar iland.

    Malaisia’s New Straits Times is reporting MH370′s co-pilot made
    a “desparate call” from his mobile phone while the plane was in
    the air.

    Investigators traced the call, made as the plane flew low near Penang, to co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid’s mobile phone.

    Read more @http://69download.com/just-received-malaysian-airlines-mh370-found-in-kandahar-iland/

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