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February 27, 2014 9:06 am


The Symbol of good governance in the state of Osun has been on a positive trajectory. Recognition for planning, meticulous attention to details as well as his perchant for sustained hard-work has come in from far and near.

On the 21st of February, the Symbol will be awarded Independent Newspaper Limited’s Man-of–the-year award. The editorial board of the Newspaper chose him because he has visibly laid the emphasis on good governance as a way of achieving social welfare as well as social solidarity. This thrust is important. The process of development is predicted on it. To achieve socially cohesive society, Aregbe has had to put together the fiscal prudence required to re-direct capital to build up the productive base. This is of enormous importance for the productive base to generate sustainable long–term employment.

Long term sustainable employment is vital for individual self-esteem. It is also a veritable tool to fight social deviancy at individual and community level. This translates into social solidarity at the level of society. The understanding of, and interpretation of the concept of society underpins Aregbe’s social programmes. This is why his programmes have been really transformative. The abuse of the term transformative has unfortunately diminished its importance. Indeed it has made it rather trite. Nevertheless, in Aregbe’s case the results have been transformative.

The state of Osun today is at peace with itself. It has not always been so. Not so long ago under the ancient regime the state was associated with mayhem, blood and thunder. The people have since said, NEVER AGAIN. It’s goodbye to all that. The state of Osun is today focused on long-term sustainable development. Agriculture is being modernized.

The school system is being refurbished. This means that an entire generation is being prepared to face the future. There can be no greater empowerment. Across all areas of human endeavor a sustainable foundation is being laid. Aregbe is truly on the March again. This has left what remains of a confused opposition in Osun completely wrong-footed. Ogbeni Aregbesola has become too powerful a monster for them to defeat in the coming governorship election due to his sterling performance. Winning the next gubernatorial election for the opposition looks very much like pursuing a mission impossible. The opposition of course have unwittingly become Aregbe’s chief campaign managers. With elections just months away they have not transformed themselves. By now they really ought to be not just an opposition but a government-in-waiting.

The problem here is that a government-in-waiting actually waits armed with a credible, alternative programme. The Osun branch of the PDP has significally failed to develop any form of programme. This is obviously because of intellectual poverty and a lack of focus.

Since the PDP’s modus operandi is about ‘come and chop’ perhaps there is no need for a programme in the first place. What for example was launched recently by a governorship wannabe – Iyiola Omisore – cannot be described as a programme as it lacks any form of structure. It is in reality nothing but confused thoughts. The emphasis here is on confused thinking and not ideas. It is not the kind of thing that will mobilize let alone galvanize the electors. This is why the electorate is indifferent to the PDP in Osun. Indeed hostile might be a better word.

In contradiction the response to the APC registration has been overwhelming. This shows that hope has been renewed through Aregbe’s intervention. In a few months time, Aregbe’s well merited mandate will be re-validated. The endorsement will be overwhelming and unprecedented. He has earned it. With a second term Osun would have been fully transformed under him. For the people of the state of Osun it will be a great leap forward.

  • http://www.yahoo.com Ahmed Adewoyin

    Political affiliation aside. Religious bigotry aside. Geographical sentiments aside. Every mind that wishes to enjoy and also see his/her children to benefit from good governance in the State of Osun MUST know that Aregbesola has sophisticated and refined approaches to politics. He has not come into politics to continue deceit or personal enrichment of the past. He has come to put a stop to that. He intends to rejuvenate the dying glory of agriculture, small scale businesses, education, social amenities, cultural heritage and exemplary governance. He did this in Lagos to popular applause. IN THE INTEREST OF ALL PEOPLES OF THE STATE OF OSUN, INCLUDING THOSE YET UNBORN, WE SHOULD VOTE IN AREGBESOLA SO THAT OUR STATE DOES NOT FALL INTO THE HANDS OF THOSE “PARASITES” WHO WOULD NOT ONLY USE AND DUMP US BUT WILL DIVERT OSUN WEALTH TO THEIR PERSONAL ACCOUNTS BOTH IN NIGERIA AND ABROAD.

  • omo yoruba

    Eighty percent of his cabinet are osun abroad! Lagos boys. Ekan soso ni atannido maa ntan ni mo! Osun ko go mo,We want grassrooter and not the one that runs elitist government.

    • http://Nil Ashiwaju1000

      Your mean ”grasslooter” and buttlicker? Like the taut and murderer Omisore? The father Chrismass – Oyinlola whose the paymaster of the Royal fathers and some tauts in the State thereby undermining the State.

      Has he being able to tell what was the N18Billion he hurriedly stole at the last minute of his exit from office? You are as clueless as those fake recorded tape you are playing to the public.

      Nigerians knows better now!

    • http://folakemiodoaje.com Folakemi

      Should we really be concerned that 80% cabinet are from abroad? If they are doing good job that we could all benefit from, why not?

      I think what we need is for people who have always been at home to watch and learn.

    • Ademola

      Mention the Lagos boys in his cabinet

    • Charles S A

      Yeye people,was he an indigene of Lagos when he became a commissioner there. Stop unnecessary sentimental campaign on this forum . Tell us what your party will do if voted into power . Your misgovernance for 7 and half years was exposed under three years of Aregbe’s saddle in power. He brought radical changes to the state of Osun . APC carry go !

    • Anonymous

      Give Your comment second thought Aregbesola is performing.

  • Biodun

    Omo yoruba who are your grassrooters? May be you are referring to the looters of yesteryears. What Osun needs is massive development and that is what we are getting presently. Whether he brings people from Lagos or even America he has developed Osun tremendeouly.

  • Udam Ochiaghandigbo

    Osun Defender should change its name to AREGBESOLA DEFENDER. Through thick and thin, Osun Defender has truly been defending Aregbesola inspite of all Aregbesola’s not-so-hidden effort to islamize Osun.

    Indeed, Aregbesola is unstoppable given that he has islamized Osun state with little or no resistance from Osun Christians. Here are some of Aregbesola’s islamization policies–changing Osun state slogan from the Christian “state of the Living Spring” to islamic ‘state of the virteous,” taking out islamic SUKUK loan for the alleged purposes of islamization of Osun, distributing hijabs in schools, instituting islamic New Year as a holiday in Osun, mixing up Iwo Christian Baptist Boys High School with hijab-wearing islamic girls, establishing T’AWN,” a boko-haram-like islamic outfit in Osun that functions as islamic “HISBAH” conducting Osun official business on Sundays, reading or quoting islamic koran in speeches, replacing Christian Religious Studies with islamic koranic studies, advocating for the establishment of sharia legal system in Osun as well as his dalliances with the Sokoto leader, the sultan, just to name a few.

    • Abdulkareem

      Udam,pls which state are u? All what u said sound like enemy of osun, is it a crime to understand ur religion and follow it to serve humanity pls we ve been having a christians as governor in osun b/4 Aregbe why osun muslims are not acted like urs and none of them perform like him. Sentiment can only bring disorder and disharmoney stop sending wrong msg afterall the school in question is been maintains by tax payer money which meant for both religion.

    • Anomyni

      Udam, u’re being sentimental regarding this issue. When we had a christian gov whose cabinet was christian-dominated b4 Aregbe came, Muslims did not complain despite their failure. Now dat we have a Muslim gov. doing well, some unfaithful elements like u feel uncomfortable despite d fact dat Aregbe’s govt. is dominated by xtians – perm secs, commissioners, etc-; d House of Assembly dominated also by xtians. Still, Muslims do not complain about this. Is this islamisation or christianisation?

    • St. Noble

      Udam ochiaghandigbo: that is the most stupid contribution I’ve ever seen written by any fool. Firstly, u’re not from osun state. I wonder who pay you to write such rubish here.
      You claim ”state of the living spring” is christian slogan. Does that means osun is a christian state in the first place??? We have been using that slogan for nineteen years without any muslim complaining. Now, tell me, how is ”the land of virtue” islamic? U think with your foot. Idiot
      U camplain as well about SUKUK. Now that president GEJ have also taken sukuk, is he trying to islamise Nigeria as well? Fool u are.
      Hijab distribution is another problem u have, do u have any proof that aregbesola distributed hijab to students. And is hijab obligate islamic? Have u ever seen the pix of holy mary without hijab? Have u ever seen any catholic sister with bare head? You are not but a monkey.
      You are so foolish to also complain about mixing muslim students with non muslims in iwo baptist high schl. If u are a type to be taken seriously, u wouldn’t write such bcos u’ll know that those students were in catholic and methodist schools before they were sent to baptist. If catholic and methodist allow hijab, why not baptist. Idiot.
      Another point u blindly made is the establishment of Ta’wun. Ta’wun have been in existence for more than a decade b4 aregbesola bcoms gov. How is he the one that establish the group. And for ur information, what you just wrote about ta’wun is enough for u to spend some years left of your life in prison. Why will you call them terrorist group when they are not, and u have nothing to proof such heinous acusation.
      Lastly, I want to put something into that empty head you carrying all about by letting you know that the administration of Oyinlola was christian dominated, yet the muslims did not complain. The Gov and his deputy, the head of staff, majority of his commisioners and other political apointees, to mention but a few. Idiots like you are the reason why Nigeria is moving at a snail speed.Em-you-em-you.

    • http://Nil Ashiwaju1000

      You are not in touch with the massive transformation that is happening in Osun State. Your clueless paymaster (pdp) testifies to the great work the government is doing. They are all covering their faces in shame now.

      Who’s crying of Islamizing a the State? Your cluesless President worshipped in four (4) different Churches in February alone, from Ecwa – Living Faith – Redeem, Dominion in Abuja. He promise to continue the gesture every Month till 2015. Is that governance? Celestial, C&S, Jehovah Witness, OO OBU, Eckankar are all waiting for the ”No. 1 Maga” in the Country to come and donate the stolen fund to the Church leaders.

      I dont have a problem in President worshiping in any Church of his choice but i wish his august visit in these Churches would create job for the unemployed Youth who have fasting and praying all their life for miracles, giving them a stable power supply, creating enabling environment for the Youths who are the future.

      The $20Billion would have brought 6 (six) massive China Company into the 6 regions we have in the Country, do you know what miracle would have happened to the ill informed unemployed & employed follow-follow worshipers.

      May the good Lord run your life the way President Jonathan runs this Country….. Say Amen!

  • Anonymous

    udam with peaple lyk u a nation will neva develop,

  • http://adeola.oluwajuwon.9@facebook.com adeola oluwajuwon

    “THE LORD hath made all things for himself:yea,even the wicked for the day of evil•”
    God has a purpose for making the wicked
    Ones•The purpose was because he needs someone to do his examination for Him•
    The devil is the examiner•Every child of God must do an examinations while the devil will do the examining•When God doesn’t need the devil anymore,He will put him in prison for thousand years•
    Romans 9:17 tells us that God made pharoah for the purpose of drowning him and to show that He is the Almighty•
    “For the scripture saith unto pharoah,Even for this purpose have I raised thee up,that I might shew my power in thee,and that my name
    Might be declared throughout the earth”
    In Romans 9:20-24,the Bible tells us that God made some vessels unto honour and some vessels unto dishonour:
    “Nay but,O man,who art thou that repliest
    against God?Shall the thing formed say to hint that formed it,why hast thou made me thus?Hath not the porter power over the clay,of the same lump to make some vessels unto honour and another unto dishonour:
    What if God,willing to shew his wrath,and to make his power known,endured with much longsuffering the vessels of wrath fitted to destruction:And that he might make known the riches of his glory on the vessels of mercy,which he had afore prepared unto glory•Even us,whom he hath called,not of jews only,but also of the gentiles?”God bless u in jesus name as u read•and mind u 2moro is another special day to be in his presence happy new month and happy first sunday of d month of march to u•u re exalted in jesus name•amen•shalom•God has a purpose for your life•

  • Sunrise

    Aregbesola yu made us suffered in osun. You can not win again.

    • Anomyni

      Between Oyinlola & Aregbesola, who made Osun people 2 suffer? U’re 1 of those enemies of progress & development clamouring 4 Osun 2 return 2 d dark days. “Atari ajanaku” has nothing good 2 offer Osun people. Kudos 2 Aregbesola 4 trans4min d state. He’s d messiah of our time & sincere Osun people are expecting his return.

      • Anonymous

        I can only tell you to keep deceiving yourselves if you think he will govern again. God forbid…All of your deceit is unbearable. you people have no clue about governance

    • http://Nil Ashiwaju1000

      You called the road network suffering? the well developed educational curriculum a suffering? the peaceful co-existence that some of you want t o undermine a suffering? The resurfaced cultural value a suffering? The good governance and transparency in governance a suffering?

      If that is what you call suffering, many of the good Nigerians we love to be part of that suffering…..

      Nigerians are wiser now!


    AREGBESOLA IS THE MAN.Na correct,olorun lo yan eniyan ma ko.ema binu ori,ki e fi fila de idi is the man

  • Anonymous

    U ar all aregbesola’s toug,so pdp must take over dis year

  • Anonymous

    Nigbati awon olote omo egbe dite mo Mallamu Ribadu olori egbe won, agbo wipe Ogbeni nikan soso lo so fun awon omo ilu re wipe ki won mase je eke, asebi ati odale, nitorinaa ki won ki o dibo fun eniti won yan gege bi agbe igba oroke fun omo egbe won, eyii tii se Mallamu Ribadu. Nitori naa ni Ilu ogbeni sehun dara ti won sintesiwaju. Eyin olododo ni Olorun wa. Oba ako ma to awon ika leyin, aduro gogoro leyin asotito. Nigerians, yiwapada kuro ninu eke; ki orile ede re ledara. Ire O.

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  • Anonymous

    i have nothing to say but up apc

  • Alabi

    Ucham,I know dat u are frm east.pls mentioned a single govenor in dat area in particular and NAIA as a whole who did what ogbeni have done.pls and pls.what abt dose who chatted alleluyah and in Jesus name in their speech among other governors?u are enemy of good things like Pdp.look dey refused to pump. Money in education at up level.But imagine how much dey spent for dat confab only.U are again enemy of progress.its a sin to declare holiday in Islam new year?among all holidays in NAJia,how many is Muslim one and Christians own?even in Europe dey are working on Sunday.Ucham i wt u to reply me now.thx

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