EXPOSED: Olamide is an ILLUMINATI member – The secret of ‘Gun Man Pose’ reveals


OLAMIDETUNDEOLA.COM – Well, am not surprised of his involvement. His sudden rise to fame could not have convinced me better, here is an article circulating online already and it seems real!!! Read and check it yourself!!!

“My People Perish Because Of Ignorance” No other adage could have Ever Explained This Scenario Any better, what started out as A mere Album Art pose has Escalated to A Demonic Epidermic…

Never Ignore These Hand signs They Play Significant Roles in Most Occultic Society,Just Like Catholics have the ”sign of the cross” these occultic gatherings also have theirs …


ILLUMINATIThe Devil Has Invented New Mechanised Means to channel lots of ignorant souls to hell, don not take these hand signs for granted they play a very significant role in the occultic world, After Olamide released his third album ‘Baddest Guy Ever Liveth‘ Last year, fans have been showing the rapper love by harmelessly imitating his so called ‘gunman pose’ but Little Do They Know That they were literally Mocking God And Giving Praise to the Devil.

Many Have Wondered How the ‘Gun Man Pose’ Was Originated, Or What Exactly it Originated From well The Demonic god of the Entertainment Industry who goes by the Acronym Baphomet is the symbol Attached to that Pose

Who is Baphomet?
Baphomet is A Satanic god he is a servant of lucifer who has the image of a “Sabbatic Goat” which contains elements (of male and female, good and evil, etc.) representing the “sum total of the universe”

The most famous historical account of Baphomet began with the Knights Templar. The Baphomet at the time of the Templars was believed to be an idol, represented by a human skull, a stuffed human head or a metal or wooden head with curly black hair, or sometimes a black cat. The idol was worshiped by the Knights Templar in their latter days as the source of fertility’ and ”WEALTH”. The Knights Templars also known as the “poor knights of christ” was founded in the year 1118 by Hugh de Payens of Champagne France.

Fast-forward to Now Baphomet is The god of the Entertainment Industry and he his worshiped by Most Famous American Musicians. they Give Praise’s To him On a Daily base, in their Homes On The Streets At their concerts Even In Their Music Videos and Lyrics You Have seen it, heard it severally but you probably just ignored it thinking that it was just a ”normal thing” Have You Ever Wondered Who These Celebs Are Really Praising in their music?
Ok Picture This Video Now; Rihanna Singing Completely unclad And We Guys Are Sexually Arouse, she Continues To Seduce us with some Sexy movements And Pose Plus the Lyrics Of The Song Talks About How A cute Guy She Just Met At the club is Giving Her Good S*xing… My Brother Who is Deceiving Who? Is Rihanna Doing the Work Of God Or Devil? What Are The Morals Of The Song?

Basically she is Advising Any Young Girl who takes her as an idol or Role model That it is ok to be an Ashawo infact Ashawo Better Pass am Because she literally had s*x for Free.. so basically she is implying that it is totally ok to made love with a total stranger for free!

Life is Very simple its Either you are for God or Against him but ”My People Perish Because Of Ignorance” the truth is very clear Oyedepo, Adeboye, Okotie, Oyakhilome and many others are strong men who dedicated their life to preach The Gospel of God same goes for kanye, rihanna, lady gaga and many more these people have also dedicated their life to preaching The Gospel and its for the Devil.

This is A Clip From Rihanna’s Umbrella Video, Blink Your Eyes Continuously And tell me what you See? Baba that is the head Of Baphomet

It’s hard to say who the hottest Hip-hop artiste in Nigeria is at the moment but when it comes to the rapper with the most passionate fans, Olamide is taking the lead Plus he Bagged Home 3 headies.

Guess who is Rocking the so called Gun Man Pose? Hehehe the Queen Herself Lady Gaga
Could this be a Mere coincident Or could this Really Mean Something………
My Brother Before You Think Of Striking The Gun Man Pose Again Think Twice… A word They Say Is Enough For The wise.

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  1. Y z it dat some people hate 2 see some one progressing. Just bcus olamide z now popular u said dat e has joim illuminateeeeeeee na wa for wu na ooooooooo no b by illuminateeee ooooooooooo

  2. my pple,dnt drag dis issue bcoz it is so easy 4 olamide to join illuminati.

  3. olamide and others are agents of evil or do you think they are singing for the God

  4. Why star music do dix unchacness and bad thin like dat why our best rapper u enter d illiminaty.

    • i dont really undastand,just coz olamide baddo ix getting poppuler some ppl ar saying that he has join eluminati,plz n plz u ppl shold stop lieing on my men

      • olamide nah famous rapper maybe nah becoz of dat na in make dem talk say he don join illuminati

      • Na olamide no join anytink, na god bless am beyond his expectation, whn dat guy d suffer for street una no c am, carry go bro olamide like always said god punish devil,

  5. jones albert | March 9, 2014 at 9:14 pm | Reply

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  6. Nawa oooo we’re ar we heading to for God sake? if u said he z an illum then y z he against d devil? Lik he said in hz confession aye dat esu n tempt me bt kole para tomi..stil surprise

  7. olamide iz nt an iluminati member hav u hear fucking with he said he dont want 2 go to hell fire nd anybdy wu join iluminate sure wil go 2 hell.

  8. Olamide is nt a luminaty na wa 4 poeple wooo

  9. king stephen | April 30, 2014 at 7:38 pm | Reply

    Nawow”c my guy olaa way talent of music start 4rm primary skul;.. Naw couse say him don de progress’ naim pple cum say na illuminati;.. Sum pple wicked ooooooo!

  10. king stephen | April 30, 2014 at 7:43 pm | Reply

    olamide iz nt in illuminat das all’!

  11. Ah!!!!…..nawa o…==”ÔLÂMÎÐÊ”…anyway i dnt sure mayb d guy dn join bt dy ar all singin 4 devil nt ĞÔÐ… hn no sha…bt hell his real…if u knw hm jst tell him HÉLL is real nd HÈÄVÈÑ is real also…..repent!!!!!

  12. i dont believe dis nonsense my guy is clean am very sure it can be

  13. Y saying dat olamide is an illuminati member olamide he is a gun man an dat game is a game of life

  14. WELCOME TO THE GREAT TEMPLE OF ILLUMINATI. Are you a business man, politician, musical, student and you want to be rich, powerful and be famous in life. You can achieve your dreams by beening a member of the Illuminati. With this all your dreams and heart desire can be fully accomplish, if you really want to be a member of the great Illuminati then you can contact via email.( or call +2348109190642

  15. Why do people like saying rubbish like wa ooo

  16. if he is not a member y did he sing ile fu iluminaty

  17. Ma future husband is nt illuminati
    So d person dat said he is sld stop

  18. Olamide is nt ilum memba bcous he dan day rich d@ y pple day shot k y did he comment about (ilefo iluminate) k wen olamide sad dat omo ajepaki nimi won tete mo larami i can shoot olamide ix nt a memba

  19. Olamide is nt ilum memba bcous he dan day rich d@ y pple day shot k y did he comment about (ilefo iluminate) k wen olamide sad dat omo ajepaki nimi won tete mo larami i can shoot olamide ix nt a memba

  20. if he no join he no go sell na


  22. He migth be but god judge evrytin just tel illuminati member to read revelation god said about the 666 just read frm chapter 19 to 21 pls change the time is near.

  23. ABDULBASIT AKANNI | November 12, 2014 at 10:15 am | Reply


  24. Olamide among others are in the game of death and luciferian worship!!! He has been famous be4 joining illuminati he’s not just a rich as he is now!!! Endorsment deals with CIROC and d rest olamide got the attention of illuminates wen he deed ilefo illuminati… After ilefo check the video of the single sitting on d throne you will see raw beaf and all sort of satanic images flashes plus awon goons mi etc….illuminati don’t come after the ppu that has no infliuence on ppu… Olamide has a lot of influence on young ppu so is sakodie, so is phyno, so is psqaure, so are many like dbanj…. They are all there…if you don’t believe goto youtube and watch videos about exposing illuminati… I love olamide from the beginning and I still do but this direction is dead…oprah winfrey is a great actress and tv host but she is also part of dem, denzel washington,Rihana, JZ,beyonce, drake, Lilwayne,all youngmoney empire,Nicki,Rick Ross, Tpain, I can go on…. And on signs don’t anything right? Then why is a pastor always lifting his hands in worship.. Why do xtians carry bible… As xtian uses cross and the bible so are they also using signes and hide things in plain sight…
    Beware yougstars wen yu go to club the thiev cometh to steal to kill and to destroy satan can’t creat tallents but can steal it.. Olamide has been stolen be wise now and stay out of it he’s gonna blow out of proportion just as rihana is on d veg of colaps goTo youtube and watch wicked music industry or goto
    To learn more jesus is the way O matthew

  25. just cant belive it

  26. If #OLAMIDE# join ILLUMINALTY already,the e sholud b ready 4 helllllllllllll’

  27. na lie

  28. Gentle prince | July 14, 2015 at 11:21 pm | Reply

    gosh! I don’t knw y Nigerians loved criticizing tins abt famous olamide, I think I knw were d p is nw, mayb the youruba raping ws nt clear 2 them “ille fo illuminati”. It means der is no room 4 the illuminati member. so I will wnt Nigerians 2 think abt dat proply.

  29. it could’t b olamide is a legendary hustler and God don bless his hustle, xo man una no kill urself b’coz of him

  30. olamide is ok ntin do am dat his choice so mind ur business

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