Mistress accuses Ex-Naval Chief, Rear Admiral Jubril Ayinla of using her for ritual – Orijo Reporters

Ademola Iginla
January 6, 2014 6:59 pm

AYINLAORIJO REPORTERS – Biola Johnson, a struggling single mother in Lagos thought she had walked into comfort in 1993 when Former Chief of Naval Staff, Rear Admiral Jubril Ayinla started a romantic tryst with her.

Then, Rear Admiral Ayinla (Rtd) (pitured above with Biola) was living in Ogudu GRA in Koshofe Local Government Area of Lagos State. The Chief of Naval Staff during Abacha and Abdulsalam regimes has since moved to his sprawling mansion at Admiralty Road in Lekki.

The affair began when the retired naval high ranking officer was in the force, and went on until 2008.

It was said that it was full of events between the secret lovers, meeting at Lagos Lawn Tennis Club at Onikan, (a club the top brass is a member) as early as 8.00am on every appointment, and after drinking and playing lawn tennis, ending up at Naval Dockyard Guest House at Bar Beach.

For 15 years, it was like that. However, the euphoria came to a halt in 2008 when they met at Wemabod Tower around Bourdillon in Ikoyi for a quickie. An after sleeping together, he took her to Post Office around the same area and gave her N1, 000 (One Thousand Naira).

Biola, an alumna of Command Secondary School, Abakaliki in Enugu State said that it was after that paltry cash gift from the 62 years old retired navy chief in 2008 that she has been afflicted with a strange illness that has defied all orthodox medical treatments.Photo0011

The mother-of-two who used to be very big has lost considerable weight, and is sick, and confined to bed in her Ikeja home.

AYINLAThe Ondo State-born single mother on her sick bed told orijoreporter that Rear Admiral Ayinla, who is an Egba chief put a spell on her. She said she arrived at this conclusion after several traditional healers and white garment church pastors alluded to it.

“Since have fallen sick, I have been taken to several spiritual homes and most of them told me, the last person I had sexual encounter with is behind my present ordeal.”

Biola said she has made considerable efforts to get across to her ex-lover, Rear Admiral Ayinla on phone to help her to reclaim her life back, but all her pleas fell on deaf ears.

Clearly, the grape has gone sour and Rear Admiral Ayinla has locked her out of his heart, Biola exclusively told orijoreporter that he was avoiding her.

“Each time I call him to tell him about my medical situation and my efforts over the years to get medical treatments. And how he should come to my aid since he is behind it, he would tell me he is in Dubai for a wedding, or he is in India for medical treatment.”

Biola who threatened court action against her ex-lover said she had contracted the service of a lawyer to write him.

When orijoreporter called Rear Admiral Ayinla (Rtd) on his mobile phone to hear his own side of the ritual allegation made against him by his mistress, he agreed dating Biola.

However, the Egba chief argued that the ritual allegation was a gimmick to rip him off, adding that he is used to such blackmail from his mistresses because they believed he is stingy.

His words: “Am used to blackmail like that from my girlfriends because they believe am stingy.

“There was a time one said she was pregnant for me, and after she was delivered of a baby, we had a DNA Test, which shows I am not the father.”


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Her health situation is sad and unfortunate, but has she tested for AIDS infection? Here is wishing her speedy total recovery. Instead of going from one spiritualist to the other, she should humble herself before The Lord God, genuinely confess her sins to her maker, repent and ask for His forgiveness. The Lord is full of compassion, mercy and grace. He will heal her in Jesus Holy Name. We’re all sinners. We all live by His Grace. That’s why we’re not totally consumed inspite of our mountain of sins.


Reporter note that Command Secondary Abakiliki is not in Enugu State, rather in Ebonyi State. She should forget anything about ungodly things and seek the presence of God.


Let this woman return to God and ask for the forgivinss of all she has done,this God is so merciful,we are living by his grace,no one a saint or holy but through Jesus we call the son of most high God.i wish you quick recovery.


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