PDP Candidate Collapses: •Says, ‘I’m Finished’ •Omisore, Adeleke, Wole Oke Lose N3bn


Having heard the pronouncement of the National Chairman of Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Professor Attahiru Jega, that the election slated for last week Saturday had been postponed till Monday, a candidate for the House of Representatives on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), (name withheld) from Osun Central Constituency feared collapsed, shouting: “I’m finished, my money has gone”.
Investigation has also shown that the three incumbent senators in Osun State have lost about N3.5 billion as a result of the postponement; while Honourable Wole Oke, a member of the House of Representatives on the platform of the PDP single-handedly lost N800 million last Saturday alone.
However, some of the candidates of the opposition party with low deposit in the state have started gnashing their teeth, livid with anger that the election which had consumed their remaining balance was postponed when the time for voting was almost ticked.
OSUN DEFENDER which monitored the elections in one of the Federal constituencies in Osun Central Senatorial District, learnt that the news of the postponement shocked the PDP candidate that he lost control of his emotion, before he feared collapsed.
It was gathered that the candidate was revived by his wife and relatives around him, before he was asked to go and rest inside his house which was not far from the polling booth where he went to cast his vote before he got the news.
However, the wife of the candidate had stressed that his husband had been sick as a result of the stress of his political meetings which, according to her, had taken away most of his nights lately.
In the contrary, OSUN DEFENDER learnt that the candidate almost collapsed because he had lost his deposit committed to the postponed elections, for he was shouting: “I’m finished! My money has gone! Jega has killed me!”
In another development, findings revealed that the three senatorial candidates of the PDP who are battling for their political relevance in the state might have lost close to N3.5 billion last Saturday alone.
According to an insider source, Senator Iyiola Omisore alone lost a deposit of N1.5 billion voted for Ife/Ijesa, his senatorial district.
Investigation revealed that when the lawmaker learnt that there would be no stuffing of ballot boxes, and that intimidation of voters might not work, he allegedly released N500 million for Ife-Central, N350 million for Ife-South, N100 million for Area Office in Modakeke and N200 million for Ife-North.
Besides, his handlers were reported to have got N400 million from him to complement funds voted for Ijesaland by Honourable Wole Oke, a House of Representatives’ candidate for Oriade/Obokun Federal Constituency.
Findings revealed that Omisore’s handlers had earlier stormed polling booths with a view to harvesting voters who would come for accreditation and voting proper by dangling N2,000 per vote at a safe distance.
Checks also showed that Omisore gave his money to his loyalists in Ile-Ife and Ijesaland with a mandate that the money should be used to purchase enough votes that could return him to the Senate; while thugs were allegedly recruited to disrupt centres that could prove hostile to his ambition.
Also, it was gathered that the people in Ife villages were threatened by some chiefs recruited by Omisore to either vote for him, or lose their farms; while residents of Ifetedo and Ilare were treated to horror film throughout the night of Friday preceding the postponed election.
Investigation revealed that Senator Isiaka Adeleke might have lost close to N800 million voted for Egbedore, Ejigbo and Ola-Oluwa Local government council areas, aside from funds made available as mobilization to some selected PDP leaders in Osun-West Senatorial distrcict.
It was gathered that Adeleke refused to be dragged into spending hugely, for he was said to have expressed fear that the popularity of Governor Rauf Aregbesola might clip the wing of the PDP in the senatorial district.
Checks further showed that the ousted governor, Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola, was the least of the spenders, having found out that he might not make huge electoral gain from it after the elections, claiming that he was only praying that President Goodluck Jonathan wins, so that he could be given an appointment at the top.
Findings however revealed that Wole Oke gave the election a good fight with his money last Saturday before it was postponed, for he had already raised the stake to one vote for N5,000 in his constituency. It was learnt that Oke could not have lost nothing less than N1.2 billion in the process.

60 Comments on "PDP Candidate Collapses: •Says, ‘I’m Finished’ •Omisore, Adeleke, Wole Oke Lose N3bn"

  1. AYEKOOTO OTITOKORO | April 3, 2011 at 4:38 pm | Reply


  2. They will continue to fail till end….

  3. They have just started to fail. More failure, disappointment and debt is coming their way.

  4. Surely they will fail woefully.

  5. james martins | April 3, 2011 at 10:57 pm | Reply

    Is Nigeria not practising democracy? Which deposits have these politicians lost? How did they amass that money? Pardon me for I live outside the country. Is the EFCC not aware of this? What about the police? Sorry, I almost forgot that most Nigerian policemen are a bunch of imbeciles and praise singers. God bless Nigeria.

  6. seenesco (not afraid of u) | April 4, 2011 at 12:12 am | Reply

    Osun defender!!!! U guys lie a lot. U just mention amount of money like it’s five naira. If you want to tell the truth why not mention who collapsed. We know you are ACN dogs but at least be truthful in what u write. Adeleke is the chairman INEC. Committe in the senate; do you think he doesn’t know about the posponement before anyone? Think and stop being bunch of idiots.

    • The truth is that the money shared is not up to that, but indeed they gave out money. i witness that of Adeleke, the exact amount he gives out is 127,500,000 and one of my friend was dedicated to gives out the money meant for his local govt.
      I can say categorically that even Goodluct was not aware of the postponement talkless of Adeleke. some voters collected as little as 300 or even 200. isiaka didnt give out anything again after the pospoment and even if he did Nigerians has pass the stage of selling their mandate, thats why it didn’t work for them. Jonathan will get enough votes in south west because people are voting personalities not party. tell omisore isiaka oyinlola that whenever they get another chance again (if they will) they should learn lesson from the past.

  7. @seenesco, u beta kip ur dirty mouth shut, u’re saying adeleke is inec chairman of senate and so? Is it nt when they knw he’s just a benchmarker dat they gave him dat post? Hav u ever saw him talking in any senate sitting? D only thing dat u can use to identify him is cap so wat are u nw talkng abt? They calld themselves our servant are they? They are just there representing there pocket alone, at least they stil talk little good things abt omisore who talk abt d so call adeleke? I’m jst a neutral persn i dnt belong 2 any party bt d truth must be said. Let’s try somebody else

  8. @Mofe, thank God you claim to be neutral. Can you prove to be intelligent before insulting Senator Adeleke? Why don’t you read his profile as you might be too young to know about his academic qualifications & capabilities during his stint as Osun State Governor. Secondly, this community paper ventures into cheap propaganda & blackmail that can only cajole naive personalities. Good you have told us the amount spent/lost by those PDP candidates, can you tell us how much the ACN candidates spent/lost? Do you mean that ACN did not spend anything for the postponed election? Wait for outcome of the polls to see where you really are this time around, cos corrupt judges can no longer favour you again.

  9. kunle Akinola | April 4, 2011 at 11:57 am | Reply

    More money to go the poor. I congratulate Osun voters, please collect their money and vote them out. This is your time of harvest.

  10. Toyin Adekunle | April 4, 2011 at 3:25 pm | Reply

    They are all mad people. Their agony has just started because many of them will die instantly on learning that they’ve lost their elections. It is only a mad man that would be spending money to buy votes. I would advise the people not to take their bloody money because whoever take money from these Poverty Distribution/Development Party is indirectly heaping consuming fire upon his head and chosen to be partakers in their wickedness. Is it by force to represent the people at the Senate & House of Reps? Majority of the members of PDP demons party will have their abode in the underground 6 ft hole soon because many of them would develop cronic hypatension and shock that will sent them quickly to meet their father and leader, Adedibu in the land of the dead.

  11. @seenesco (not afraid of u) you write before you think. Only fool do like that

    • seenesco (not afraid of u) | April 4, 2011 at 5:58 pm | Reply

      @ajisekola. People like u are monkeys that jump to the banana osun defender feed u. U want to know the truth? Why can they publish who fainted. Zombie

  12. @seenesco and lob, i no blame una is like una don sell una birthright becos of peanut giving 2 u, i knw he try when he was d gov of osun state bt dat one is past tense we are talkin abt d present one, secondly one of u talk abt qualificatn na dat one we want chop? Abeg leave mofe alone she don yarn d truth.

  13. @seenesco, i no blame u na d remnant wey dem give u na hn dey make u mis-yarn, na ur brain we suppose fix sum missing item b4 sumbody’s else. @lob, shey na qualificatn we wan chop? James don giv u beta ansa so i dnt ve much 2 say

  14. @seenesco, i no blame u na d remnant wey dem give u na hn dey make u mis-yarn, na ur brain i go first format becos of so many virus. @lob, shey na qualificatn we wan chop? James don giv u beta ansa so i dnt ve much 2 say

  15. I am neither a bourgeosie nor am I in the elite class class but a protagonist to the development of osun state. It is mind blowing that people whose orientation is like that of uneesco still exist. Why should somebody in his rightful mind say osun defender a famous newspaper within and outside the country is an ‘ACN dog’. Definately his head needs to be examined. It is only somebody that talks more and listen less that will not sense that the name of the collapsed PDP rep.was mentioned. I still can’t imagine how Osun State would have looked like if the ousted gov.Oyinlola had handed over to sen.Omisore. It is better forgotten than said. I have never seen such a desperate politicians like Omisore and co in the whole of my life who wants to serve their people by force. Oyinlola has already accepted his fate of losing likewise Isiaka. But desperate Omisore will never throw in the towel. One thing is for certain, Omisore will taste defeat for the first time in this forthcoming poll. Uneesco can always tell his boss(es) to create one newspaper for himself/themselves if he/they can afford one that will serve as obedience ‘dog’ to him/them. Many thanks to our amiable gov.Rauf Aregbesola who has delivered Osun State from the hands of the wicked and election riggers and who has also put smile to the poverty striking faces of the people of Osun State. Osun onibaje!

  16. Oyeleke Amos Abiodun | April 4, 2011 at 9:55 pm | Reply

    These people done start again, they want 2 rub people’s mandate by buying votes. Surely omi has distrbuted dis money 2 some people in d area office(modakeke). This wil b vry dificult 2 rig.

  17. seenesco (not afraid of u) | April 5, 2011 at 4:12 am | Reply

    I have seen a lot of morons in my life but adelakun temitope is grade A. FYI, aregbe only have 5 more weeks to vacate the government house then I will see what u will say then

    • Seenesco or whatever,aye etibaje bayi,ki o loku bayi loku ,cos ko si anfani #500 ti awon ojelu won ni nfun e mo,AWODI JEUN EPE SANRA..Una go soon delete.

  18. @seenesco, says who? U or thy Lord dat put him there? U beta wake up

  19. @Seenesco i dont really know you are one of those mad-men PDP called their dogs. I cant really blame you because you have sold your future and your generation yet unborn. Because of #1000 they gave you, you want to give your life to them? So you are among those DEMO abi? God will not give you rest(Amen). With all the atrocities you these thieves have committed, you still have the gut to come to this place and make a noise? Go and make insane comment on those foolish newspaper of yours.

    You want to unseat Aregbesola abi? I promise you that death is knocking on your door. Remember those your father including Obas that say the same thing, they are all dead now. God will not let you see good things in your life again if you still work against the interest of Osun state.

  20. @Seenesco if truly you are your father’s son and you think what the Poverty Development Party(PDP) is doing is right, then i have this for you:
    To those who willl be voting for PDP in this elections, may your lives and businesses be run the same way PDP has been running/ruling Nigeria for 12years. Can I hear loud AMEN repeatedly…sweep them out.The Broom Revolution.



    Submitted by NR (not verified) on April 4, 2011 – 00:12.
    Nigerians, before you vote on April 9, 16, and 26, for lawmakers, the president, and governor respectively, ask yourself these questions:

    1)Am I better off today than I was 12 years ago when the PDP came to power?

    2)Am I better off today than I was 4 years ago when the PDP organised the worst election in Nigerian history and rigged itself to power?
    My fellow co-patriots,
    12 years is enough time to make a difference and change the fortune of any country. After 12 years of failed promises, it’s time to vote out the PDP.
    Vote Ribadu/Adeola; Vote Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN)
    A New Nigeria is Possible. Visit http://www.ribadu2011.com

  23. @ajisekola and adedeji, a BIG amen 4 ur prayer, i neva belief we stil ve sum pple dat ve overwhelmd wit poverty like unseenesco, just becos of #1000 he want to commit suicide 4 those pple dat dont even knw abt his existence, shame on u. so u neva breath d breeze of changes?

  24. @ all, u guys dnt have any reason arguing with someone that can’t mention his/her real name or ve u eva sn a gud human bearing ”unseenesco” which shows IBERE madness cos the person itslf dosnt ve any facts showing adeleke bn present at the meeting b4 the announcemnt, adeleke was at ede den, it was a shock to him(adeleke) wen JEGA spoke man called to inform him abt the situatn of things, so Poverty dev. Party PRO(unseenesco) u beta think well and encourage gud thngs cos this prayers are very dangerious to ur health n ur generatns….
    The will of GOD shall prevail in this electn, cos i no that HE wnt give us as a prey to our enemies(leaders) who dnt care of takn power by all means.

  25. engr mayeloye,london | April 5, 2011 at 9:17 pm | Reply

    they are all rogues.they can afford to waste the money since they didnt work for it but looted the treasury in the name of constituency votes.their father SENIOR BODE GEORGE shall soon declare his own surplus.OJELU GBOGBO.

  26. gbenga temitope | April 6, 2011 at 11:36 am | Reply

    Different views from many people but one thing is certain
    No Matter How Falsehood has Travelled It must eventually be overtaken by TRUTH
    i believe falsehood has travelled for almost 12years in Nigeria and Southwest in particular but TRUTH is Now ready to OVERTAKE

  27. Owolabi mumini olasunkanmi | April 6, 2011 at 2:17 pm | Reply

    Imagine givin people mny to vote 4 dem, cn u do gud nd b givin mny to people b4 dey vote 4 u…but y? U we all met god there inshall allah…

  28. Those who are supporting PDP, are they happy with the situation of things in Nigeria, if yes, why are they running to western countries, morons, jobless idiots and boot-leakers continue to follow the good for nothing politicians that are milking the Nation, you are the one that will suffer most…..!

  29. won ooti rii inkenken won ma pe won ko ti kan won. They will fail 4rm now till the END.

  30. Where do this people get the millions they are talking about ? Fellow nigerians let’s stand against this looters that call themself our leaders

  31. Nigerians wake up ! enough is enough of this small groups of people that think with money everything can be done in Nigeria . Youths rise up our destiny is in our hand let’s revolt against the looters

  32. Adelakun temitope | April 7, 2011 at 11:51 am | Reply

    The sooner the incumbent government starts the the trial of Oyinlola the better. Oyinlola must refund the N18b debt he borrowed in the name of osun state. Forgiving him will only increase the hatred he has for the incumbent government. My philosophy is ‘somebody that hates you, hates you. A good example is the bomb planted in the ACN campaign ground by these devilish set of people in okuku. Try this man now!

  33. Bobby kay(don't mind them seenesco) | April 7, 2011 at 2:25 pm | Reply

    Wole Oke kii segbe baba enikan, oogun odun ti aja ti nsare, irin faaji ni fesin

  34. don't mind dem | April 7, 2011 at 2:32 pm | Reply

    Govt. of osun state stop fooling d masses wit unnecessary and untruthful information

  35. Radiance Yusuf | April 12, 2011 at 10:14 pm | Reply

    PDP! This is just the beginning!

  36. Where do they get all these money from.When millions of Nigerians cannot afford a meal in a day.This is wickedness and God will punish these people and those that are planning to frustrate Nigerians with their self-centered habit.


  38. Ex-deputy Gov, Oranmiyan Leader Commend Presidential Poll
    Former deputy governor of Osun State on the platform of the Alliance for Democracy, Sooko Adeleke Adewoyin and President, Oranmiyan Group Worldwide, Prince Felix Awofisayo, have added their voice to commend the peaceful conduct of last Saturday’s presidential election in Ile-Ife.
    The duo of the Action Congress of Nigeria extraction who spoke with OSUN DEFENDER in their Ile-Ife country homes shortly after they had voted in the presidential election on Saturday submitted that the exercise was free, fair and credible.
    Adewoyin and Awofisayo said the period of the election was when peace was working on four legs in the ancient town which was hitherto alien to the town in the history of elections from time immemorial.
    They said both the accreditation and voting proper were crisis-free as there was no noticeable report of electoral crime in their areas.
    “Where we cast our votes, both prominent members of the Peoples Democratic Party and those of the ACN co-existed without any form of attacks or skirmishes. We were just exchanging banters; and that is how it should be. We are brothers and sisters; we should not allow different political interest to tear us apart.
    “In fact, the development is the beginning of a new era of peace in Ile-Ife and its environs. With this new approach to conduct of elections, credible people who had since taken flight from the murky water of politics will now begin to show interest, a development which would accelerate the already arrested development of the area.
    “Parents, teachers, guardians, Islamic clergymen and their Christian counterparts should not hesitate to continually preach and inculcate the need for virtuous attribute by the youths”, the ACN chieftains counseled.

  39. That is not what I posted on line sir. How did that happened?

  40. My comment is this: I said don’t be carried away with all these figures that you read, ‘name withh” it was gathered,” we learnt’, and all such things, that means, you can not entirely rely on such information.

    And really, I found it difficult to believe that they would want, to spend such money for what such intentions. So it may be that somebody saw some figures on paper, like on a piece of paper and did not know what it is for and he then pass it on , and then such is then used to fit into these stories.

    That is why news reports, and feature articles, and not not supposed to be totally swalloed,or relied upon, because they may not be entirely true, so also are feauture articles. There may be prejudicial elements in these, and sometimes may be appropritate. The fact is that, others may see things differently.

    Also editorials are like that, and usually they are often in line with the editorials opinion and you don’t have to buy into all of it but may learn from such.

    That means, all these figures, may not be what really happened and it may political strategies, as to paint some pictures so that you can hurridly make some sort of decisions about it.

  41. My comment is this: I said don’t be carried away with all these figures that you read, ‘name withheld” it was gathered,” we learnt’, and all such things, that means, you can not entirely rely on such information.

    And really, I found it difficult to believe that they would want, to spend such money for what such intentions. So it may be that somebody saw some figures on paper, like on a piece of paper and did not know what it is for and he then pass it on , and then such is then used to fit into these stories.

    That is why news reports, and feature articles, and not not supposed to be totally swalloed,or relied upon, because they may not be entirely true, so also are feauture articles. There may be prejudicial elements in these, and sometimes may be appropritate. The fact is that, others may see things differently.

    Also editorials are like that, and usually they are often in line with the editorials opinion and you don’t have to buy into all of it but may learn from such.

    That means, all these figures, may not be what really happened and it may political strategies, as to paint some pictures so that you can hurridly make some sort of decisions about it.

  42. People should learn that power belongs to God and it is very transient. Former Governor Oyinlola was there yesterday whether by overt or covert riggiong of elections but eventually the wishes of the people of Osun State became truth through the court decision.
    I always laugh at people who hod on tightly to power and think deeply about futility and transiency of power when i see people misusing their power when they are in position of authority. What pains me most is that many people don’t learn from history. Where is Sadam Hussain who bestrode Iraq like Colossus? Where is former President of Eqypt Mubarak? Where is Pesident Anwar Sadat who Mubarak took over from after his death?
    In Nigeria, ordinary Local Government Chairmen become monsters and untouchables, where are we going from here? Let us keep our fingers crossed and watch from afar and hope that the new people in power will not allow power to go to their head.
    My little tour of about ten local Government in Osun State during my holiday showed that things has gone from bad to worst during eight years of unprogressive elements in power. I pray that the lost glory of Osun State and other progressive States will be recovered.
    There is no time for unncessary celebration in Osun State and other States that has been pauperised by these unprogressive elements, there is no sleep for the Governors of Osun, Ogun, Oyo, Ekiti, Ondo and even Lagos. These Governor shouldn’t allw themseves to be deceived by psychophants who will not tell them the truth about the state of affairs.
    As much as i want to come home to contribute my own qota to my dear State, Osun, i can’t stand hypocrites. I will say the truth no matter whose horse is gored without fear of bullying, harrassement and intimidation.
    Osun State Governor should know the people he is surrounding himself with, a word is enough for the wise.
    Musa Olaiwon writes from the United Kingdom.

  43. God dey as heaven dey. They just dey spend our per capita income I mean right of individual. E to ori kokan. Olorun abi yio.

  44. gOd dey; as heaven dey. They just dey spend our per capita income. I mean right of individual eto ori kokan.

  45. Moshood from ejigbo osun state | May 28, 2011 at 8:33 am | Reply

    God has gave our destiny to us in osun state as the state of virtue,because this stupid element want to devastate this state of yours,which almighty allahu has fight unbehave of the virtues ones ,I firstly fecilitate ogbeni rauf aregbesola be the governor of this state at last,may almighty allah should let your charming and good ambition for this state of virtue come to reality and give you strenght to do so,more power to your elbow.Of my own point view ,anything like PDP means(people of dummy and partinacious)will never exist in osun and nigeria again,but there is one thing I believe, is that anybody who is planning to neglect our right from us, we soon “kiss the dust”by the special grace of God(amin),because as a good qualified adult citizen of this country we vote for you without collecting any ridiculous amount of money from you,so we appeal to conport yourself if you dont want God to vandalise your life and your families .

  46. wa oo so each senator in dis country hv dis kind of money. Jega shud still postpone d election again. Look at hw we graduates move abt d country in search of Job yet we dont see Job even food to eat . God help dis nation

  47. well, we have a long way to go in osun state.

  48. I visited various sites but the audio feature for audio songs existing at this site
    is really excellent.

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