2015 Prophecy: Amaechi May be Killed, Jonathan Can’t Contest, Says Prophet Marcus

jonathan amaechiRotimi Amaechi & Jonathan

Prophet Marcus Tibetan has said that President Goodluck Jonathan do not have all it takes to withstand the forces that would rise against him, hence he wont contest the 2015 presidential poll. He stated this in Lagos while unfolding his predictions for 2014 before journalists.

Amaechi met President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan at the Port Harcourt International airport today

He also called on Governor Chibuike Amaechi to pray hard against untimely death as the country and his new party approaches 2015, saying the forces that killed Marshall Harry might do the same to him.

20 Comments on "2015 Prophecy: Amaechi May be Killed, Jonathan Can’t Contest, Says Prophet Marcus"

  1. Tejumola Lateef | December 21, 2013 at 11:12 am | Reply

    Untimely death will not be the portion of Rotimi Amechi and others in sa Allahu.

  2. Concerned Citizen | December 21, 2013 at 11:17 am | Reply


    • Rotimi chibuike amechi will not die in jesus wonderful name we nig prayed amen.no weopon fashion against gov Amechi will prosper.any death on ur side back to sender

  3. No evil shall befall Rotimi Amechi by the special grace of God. AMEN

  4. H.E Rotimi Amaechi shall not die, but live in Jesus name! Back to sender!

  5. Rotim will die in JESUS NAME AMEN

  6. @ade. You and PDP small foot soldiers can go and kill Rotimi, but IJN you shall die first. AMEN.

  7. Glj will win……..dat is ”Final” or end of Naija…..hahaha


  9. amaechi and his APC will commit suicide.lots of ewusa/foolani people will commit suicide.the yorubas will form oduduwa republic.ijaws will destroy all the oil wells and pipe lines in niger delta.liar mohammed will destroy kwarra state and escape to chad.elrufai and junaid mohammed will dance naked in sabongari in kano.tinubu will be openly disgraced.

  10. untimely death will not be his portion, any evil things fashion against him shall prosper

  11. APC prophets are on the loose again

  12. John yu beta seek cure 4 ur mental retarded mind.

  13. There is one thing that I am yet to understand about those who deliver prophesies relating to national issues and leaders. I always wonder how many of them really have the power to effect positive changes in Nigeria.

    Why have Nigerian prophets not used their power to stem the devilish people that wedge too much power and continue to destroy the economy and image of the country? Why is that they have the power to see danger but can not use the same power to avert it? If they feel challenged and can change their annual pattern of telling what will happen in Nigeria, let them use their power to force looters out of governments. Let them use their power to chase robbery out of the blood of many people who engage in it. Let them use their power to make governments do better. Let them use their power to make all those who have looted return their loots so that the money can provide jobs, infrastructure, and meaningful opportunities for all Nigerians, especially youths. Let Nigerian prophets use their power to make fix all the problems in Nigeria.

    The events in Nigeria is glaring. Those who can read between the lines know what may happen in the country.

  14. The events in Nigeria are glaring. Those who can read between the lines know what may happen in the country.

  15. Before l’ll comment on the news which l have read,l will congratulate our dear mr president goodluct jonathan for wearing white material. Since he started ruling,l haven’t seen him with anything white, rather than black senetor and black hat. Secondly, Amaechi’s case of prophecy that was throne, is not a general case, but a personal case.But in my point of view,there’s no smoke without fire. But marcus tibetan should be interviewed to know how he come in contact with the inspiratiom that laid about the prophecy.Amaechi should examine himself thoroughly,because nothing goes for nothing

  16. Ome chikaodiri | January 5, 2014 at 1:07 am | Reply

    A prophet who can prophesis about pril without remdy is not of god but of bAal and doom. Glj will contest and win for it wise for man to die for his right than to die shameful death , i pray for the will of god to manifest and not the will of blind prophets in mighty name of god amen.thank u all the well wishers

  17. Nigerians pray for our leaders not condem them

  18. Nigerians pray for our leaders not condem them ask your self if i am in their shoe God should show us the best

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