EXPOSED: 3 Days To Her Wedding, Bose Akanmu’s Séx Video Comes Out


BOSEHer name is Bose Akanmu and the life she lived has brought her the greatest shame of her life. I used to tell girls that their mess has a way of coming back to hurt them. Now it has happened! See the video below…


I hear Bose is begging her fiancé, who has cancelled their wedding, to forgive her but the guy say ‘No Way’!

Short URL: http://www.osundefender.org/?p=135659

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43 Comments for “EXPOSED: 3 Days To Her Wedding, Bose Akanmu’s Séx Video Comes Out”

  1. Anonymous

    don’t know about the story. o but av watched the video for the past 1year or even more

    • Anonymous

      Him she knows her job. Me I go marry her ooo.

      • Jahman

        It is sad to see this and for someone to ruin her marriage with the video .. This will serve as a big lesson to all the ladies who sleep about and cant do without sex before marriage. who knows what she did to the man who posted it . Some men are in serious pains because of what some ladies and house did to them . Anyways it is a big lesson to learn . The lady needs deliverance with the way she had sex like a porn star.over all this video should be taken away it is not nice.

        • You, whoever you are, are talking rubbish.. The guy that posted this is a disgrace to men…
          What people do in the confines of their four walls is their business not ours. So because she was having sex with someone she considered her boy friend at the time, means she must have been sleeping around?
          Let me ask you, were you a virgin when you got married, if you are married that is, and if you are not married, are you a virgin?

  2. abiodun

    I’ve watched d video b4 nw n I even hav it on my phone…
    Wat a pity!!!!

    • Anonymous

      When people falls,always remember the ground is slippery and we all are liable to fall,Before you start castigating try put urself in the so called position. Bose Akanmu I don’t really know U,but woe betide the guy that posted this video,he his a shame to humanity,this is dehumanising @ its peak,for the fact that he laid with U and posted this tape,he will never survive the Shame.U will rise above illicit attitude and somebody will like U for U and not build mansion of disgust with the brick of Ur past.

  3. lala

    “the life she lived has brought her the greatest shame of her life. ”

    sooo I bet that the person writing this article has never had premarital sex before abi. kmt. If ur not a man then ur a woman with a holier than thou attitude. we need to accept sex as somethng that happens and no look down on people who are unashamed to admit they do have it. esp women,

    Nigerians are too judgemental and also hypocrites. it’s always do as I say not as I do. I bet you’re a man who thinks only men can have premarital sex, but mind you who will the men have sex with? other men? oh puhleeze

    so because a woman is making love with her bf, she is now living a wayward and shameful life?!

    come on! I thought news articles were supposed to be free of judgement, yet your article is so full of it. your personal beliefs are yours and should not be imposed on everyone.
    this is slut-shaming at its best! and you’re probably among the same people that will make fun of someone for being a virgin! Come on Naija! make up ur mind. it’s either you’re for sex or you’re not. can’t be both

    • Francis

      Pls cut d bullshit. Premartial Sex is bad, is a sin

      • nautie

        it is a registered fact that PS is immoral, but i put it you Francis that you are guilty of it, the bottom line is that the publisher of the tape, is a irresponsible, irritating and hopeless fool.
        as a matter of fact, if the lady is actually an actress, then bet me, she be on every set in the industry in the shortest possible time, cos she so going to make money for marketers….. you might not understand what i mean.
        and for the fiance that has refused to forgive her, it doesnt deserve her. she had sex with some other guy based on mutual consent of two adults, not like she’s a whore, so why condemn her rather than the publisher?

      • ife

        u na fool oo,u neva fuck once?

  4. Angel

    Lala you are soooo right,…..no one is talking about the ex who displayed his immaturity…..how could he betray her like that?…

  5. anayo

    The guy that put this is too evil. He filmed the lady avoiding his own face and kept for future use. Hope he is happy now. Foool

  6. Anonymous

    u are not serious. can u marry someone which everybody all over d world has seen her nickedness. everybody has seen how she suck another man’s organ. everyone has it on phone. infact she should go n die cos her children cannot live good life even if she marry n have kids.

  7. Anonymous T

    I don’t support premarital sex. The mistake has been made, but the The guy who posted the video is evil. He is not worth a man species.

    God can forgive the lady if she comes in rendezvous with her turning point.
    Lady go ahead with your life but sin no more. God can put together your life again.

    If your fiancee truly loves you he would not give a damn. American forgave Clinton. His later life is glorious.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you. Yes she made a mistake, but these things happen. They guy that posted this video will surely reap the reward of his wickedness…

  8. mee

    I dunno about you folks but this video has been online since last year. I’ve had it on my PC and please who is this Bose Akanmu? Can anyone tell us about her

  9. Anonymous

    We all have a past and all those who are accusing Bose cannot say they havnt had sex before. If our episodes were played we would be worst dan Bose. Babe, anybody who really love you will be ready to accept ur past. You didn’t cheat on ur fiance, u had sex with ur boyfriend. U trusted him and he betrayed the confidence you reposed in him. He is such a shame. Pls put ursef togeda, u dnt need to beg anyone. Ur past is ur past and we all have a past. Its only unfortunate you dated a moron who never deserved you. Stay strong dear, even if the world castigates you, there is someone who stands by you bc you did it when you were dating him.

    • Anonymous

      Well written. God bless you for the words of encouragement. I hope she reads this & knows not everyone is judging her.

    • Anonymous

      Your encouragement was great. My only blame for the Bose is how she stood so low to date an irresponsible fool. She looks too good to date that pot belly barbarian…

  10. stan

    I think the girl lived a careless life, and the man now know the truth, he can now decide to marry her or not… This should be a lesson to other woman,but that guy that uploaded this video can kill..

  11. Anonymous

    D guy has is a fool! His act has shown his immaturity. It’s painful… As 4 d writer of dis article, i don’t know who’s more foolish, d guy or d writer. Dear writer go n learn, u are a sentimental and u lack sound judgement.

  12. Anonymous

    We all live a kind of life in the past. One day will come when yours too will be exposed. So watch as you judge her.

  13. anonymous

    Well, as far as i can see, Bose akanmu does not exist.

  14. anonymous

    I pray she will not think of any harm to herself. Please Bose do not think of any evil God will touch your heart. Whoever does this to you must pay for it.

  15. Sid

    So sad. We all have past. Nobody was born an angel. We shouldn’t allow our terrible past to hurt our future as far as we realized we made mistakes and had asked God for forgiveness. If I were the man to marry her, I would go ahead with the marriage and shame the useful fool of a man that released the sex video.

  16. Steve

    wow this is what i call better fuck and sucking.. too sweet.. More videos please !!!

  17. ife

    ohhhh mr sid,i am in lov with ur words,i will go on with dat marriage and put dat guy into shame for postin dis video,and for all dos who said ,it serves her ryt,u are all not so wise,so daft human beings u are,i am sure som of u hav more disgusting and disgraceful past.BOSE i dont knw u,i am not even in nigreia talk more of trying to knw if i had met u,God will be ur guide and ur strenght,pls dnt harm ur sef,dat man is not ur husband,urs will com,and for dat bastard dat posted dis,he laid wif u and still did dis to u,he will neva knw peace,d cursein d book of Deuteronomy shall be his portion,i pity his generation cos dey will share frm dis,i dnt want to knw or hear any side of his own story,or wat ever d gal must hav done to him,for crying out loud,he slept wit her and even promised to dlit d video after she watches it, eyan jatijati ni e,okunrin to nba okunrin je,omo ale,oloriburuku,ire o ni wa e ri,o ni pade alanau,olosi,ur parents will neva reap d fruits of dia labour ova u,u beast of a guy

  18. dan

    What the guy did was wrong but as for all of u cursing him and his generation that know nothing about what he has done, ur as well carrying a burden on urself just like the guy. God is our judge, we has no right to lay insults on anyone not to talk about an unborn child who know nothin. I feel for u all cos ur burden would be worse that the guy who posted the video.

  19. anonymous

    its sad that people sit in judgement of other people this way. i feel for this girl and for those of you pouring your disgruntled and biased judgement on her, its really quite unfortunately that you are seizing this opportunity to take out your own guilt and frustration on the poor girl. let he without sin cast the first stone… is all i’m going to say.

  20. coco

    its sad that people sit in judgement of other people this way. i feel for this girl and for those of you pouring your disgruntled and biased judgement on her, its really quite unfortunately that you are seizing this opportunity to take out your own guilt and frustration on the poor girl. let he without sin cast the first stone… is all i’m going to say.

  21. dave

    me i go marry her o, after what i just saw… but if she doesn’t re-enact this performance on our wedding night na divorce straight.

  22. Muazu

    I dont even believe the video, the video is n’t real look at it well you will understand what i mean if you are expert in video fiction. Person like me can never be deceive with this kind fiction, because i can form one morethan this for you. IF YOU DOUBT IT BET

  23. Nemesis

    God saved this groom, he would have married a total prostitute as a wife. All the children would have been bastards.

  24. Fem

    I wish those aristo girls learn from this

  25. Anonymous

    well shit happens but ruining someone happiness is wickedness….inhuman

  26. Uche

    The young lady called to b celebrated,a lady who can do any thing for a guy she loves so much is not a crime.we men r so wicked at times,wen our girl s not being open to us we complain.if I were d husband, I will go on wt d wedding knowing well am marring a girl who will love n can do any thing 4 me.my advis 2 ladis is 2 careful wt we mwn n no well dat we men r not 2 b trusted.

  27. Winnie

    It’s a shame for the idot that posted this. I wish that Bose could take it up and sue this fool. I wish the judge that will handle this case will cage this fool of a man to teach other men lessons of their lives. We do not have to judge, girlfriend boyfriend, we all live in a free World. It was not a crime what they did but what was wrong there was that the fool promised to delete the video after they watched it but he never kept his word. Baby sue him, don’t be ashamed, stand up for your right..

  28. lexxy

    this not real, only people who not expose to porn video can be tricked

  29. udoetok

    She is still a star to me, a black queen, very humble and so real. anyone hating on this woman is worst than the bastard who posted this video on the net. If the man has put the wedding off, Bose should patiently wait for her lucky man and don’t worry about shit. All the best my sister.

  30. Obinna

    Am tired of advising cos change begins from u. I know more sex tapes will soon be released but 4 crying out loud she knew d guy was having a video coverage of it yet she kept on and then u expect a matured handsome guy to marry her ha. It can only take God..

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