Top 5 Richest Pastors in Africa

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November 28, 2013 11:20 am


Forbes releases its list of the richest pastors in Africa and Nigerian pastors made the top 5The richest Pastor in the world is the President and Founder of the world’s largest Church Building according to the 2008 Guiness Book of Records – Bishop David O.Oyedepo of the Living Faith Church, A.K.A. Winners Chapel, Canaanland, Ota, Nigeria.

Below are the 5 richest pastors in africa.

1. Bishop David Oyedepo
oyedepoAffiliation: Living Faith World Outreach Ministry, aka Winners Chapel

Estimated net worth: $150 million

David Oyedepo is Nigeria’s wealthiest preacher. Ever since he founded the Living Faith World Outreach Ministry in 1981, it has grown to become one of Africa’s largest congregations. The Faith Tabernacle, where he hosts three services every Sunday, is Africa’s largest worship center, with a seating capacity of 50,000. Oyedepo owns four private jets and homes in London and the United States. He also owns Dominion Publishing House, a thriving publishing company that publishes all his books (which are often centered on prosperity). He founded and owns Covenant University, one of Nigeria’s leading tertiary institutions, and Faith Academy, an elite high school.

2. Chris Oyakhilome
OYAKHILOMEChurch: Believers’ Loveworld Ministries, a.k.a Christ Embassy

Estimated net worth: $30 million – $50 million

Last year, the charismatic preacher was at the center of a $35 million money laundering case in which he was accused of siphoning funds from his church to foreign banks. Pastor Chris pleaded no wrongdoing and the case was eventually dismissed. His church, Christ Embassy, boasts more than 40,000 members, several of whom are successful business executives and politicians. Oyakhilome’s diversified interests include newspapers, magazines, a local television station, a record label, satellite TV, hotels and extensive real estate. His Loveworld TV Network is the first Christian network to broadcast from Africa to the rest of the world on a 24 hour basis. SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>>>>>>>>>

3. Temitope Joshua
TB JOSHUAChurch: Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN)

Estimated net worth: $10 million – $15 million

Nigeria’s most controversial clergyman is also one of its richest and most philanthropic. T.B Joshua heads the Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN), a congregation he founded in 1987, which accommodates over 15,000 worshippers on Sundays. The Pastor has remained controversial for several years for his inexplicable powers to heal all sorts of incurable diseases, including HIV/AIDS, cancer and paralysis. For miracle-craving worshippers, it’s the perfect seduction. The church currently has branches in Ghana, the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Greece. In the past three years, he has given over $20 million to causes in education, healthcare and rehabilitation programs for former Niger Delta militants. He owns Emmanuel TV, a Christian television network, and is close friends with Ghanaian former President Atta Mills.

4. Matthew Ashimolowo
matthew -ashimolowoKingsway International Christian Centre (KICC)

Estimated net worth: $6 million – $10 million

In 1992, Foursquare Gospel Church, a Nigerian church, sent Ashimolowo to open a satellite branch in London. But Pastor Matthew had other ideas and decided to set up his own church instead. Today, his Kingsway International Christian Center is reportedly the largest Pentecostal church in the United Kingdom. In 2009, the church posted profits of close to $10 million and assets worth $40 million. Ashimolowo earns an annual salary of $200,000, but his real wealth comes from varied business interests including his media company, Matthew Ashimolowo media, which churns out Christian literature and documentaries. Ashimolowo’s representatives did not respond to a request confirming his net worth and ownership of all these assets.

5. Chris Okotie
Pastor-Chris-Okotie1-300x225Church: Household of God Church

Net worth: $3 million -$10 million

Pastor Okotie made his first success as a popular pop musician in the 80s. He found the light, embraced the bible and set up the Household of God Church, one of Nigeria’s most flamboyant congregations. His 5,000 member church consists predominantly of Nollywood celebrities, musicians, and society people. He contested and lost in the Nigerian presidential elections for the third under the Fresh Party, a political party he founded and funds. An automobile lover, he owns a Mercedes S600, Hummer and Porsche among several others.

  • Omooba

    This is probably not correct, where is Pastor Adeboye’s Redeemed Church? If he does not come first, he can definitely miss the second position. Please research the matter again.

  • JamesMYKK

    all this will fade away ….genuine salvation is what God considersss

  • omoniger1

    This is a worrying situation apart from Joshua that your report says has being giving to less fortunate ones the rest were just taking from NIGERIANS to increase wealth.When you listen to these men they know about G O D more than God himself.They will tell you the type of decision God will take in every type of situation but they dont want to be like Jesus.They need to help the masses or force to pay taxes.All these wealth were the sweats of Nigerians they are as bad as our politicians.This act of taking money from the poor to buy jets and live expensive life style is very unhuman.Please serve the God that will help the poor not the one that will add to their problems.Pastors you dont need all these wealth.Try today give all your church proceed to someone in your church today and make a difference.

  • http://gmail J.O.Ogunleye

    Only TB Joshua that shares with the people, but others are on their own raping home their money.The government should start to look into how taxes are going to be paid by these rogue General overseers. Only Scoan can be seen giving back to the society.

    • http://osundefendernewsonline ajang nuhu,jos

      Hmmm you are right my brother!

  • rich

    how about those that gave us the bible (white) dose it mean that they dont collect money from their member ? shame to africa. the pastor modam day satan.go to their churches and see how poor their members are. and how come that all of them are nigerians? i have feelings for poor nigerians where those rich pastors came from.the government of nigeria should act on this 419 against the people.

  • Abdulgani

    I hope people will stop being gullible by given out of the little they have to these prosperity hardcores and make use of their little resources wisely,please open your eyes for goodness sake.

  • Abdulrahman

    Is there any christian among them?

    • Bobby

      That’s the right question to ask,is there any christian among

  • Ayo

    There are just too many foolish people in Nigeria.

  • Eda Elijah

    may God help us joor

  • Eda Elijah

    but this not correct .where is redemed pastor Adeboye

  • Anonymous

    mind you the judgement of every pastors lies in the hand of God

    • Anonymous

      Ayomide :- mind you the judgement of every pastor lies in the hand God,not in the hand of men so becareful of what you say

  • Anonymous

    ayomide adebayo:-Mind you the judgement of every pastors lies in the hand of God not in the hand of men,so becareful of what you say..

    • Anonymous

      Thank God my father in d lord is not there(Pastor E.A ADEBOYE), because
      It not all about wealthy, but the question is how many
      Soul have they won into the kingdom of God. But when
      You talk about soul winning into the kingdom of God
      PASTOR E.A ADEBOYE is no 1. So been the richest pastor
      In Africa or the world is the number of soul won into the
      Kingdom of God. The bible say their is joy over a sinner
      That gave is life to christ. Good day

      • http://08025321196 Ige Idowu

        Sorry I passed the lass comment that talk
        Soul winning

  • kuda

    What about Makandiwa?

  • Evagreen

    Publicising your giving to the poor doesn’t make u d only one giving. Don’t comment ignorantly. My fathers Bishop Oyedepo and Pst Adeboye probably gives to the poor more than those who let the wjole world know of their giving. What does the bible say about giving alms? Don’t let ur left hand know what the right hand is doing right?

  • mbudziyadhura

    Pastor Chris give back, he owns an orphanage called the Inner City Mission. just go and research. He built a big Hall @ IKOPOMA University. just go and do your research well. Thousands are getting healed every day @ The Healing SCHOOL. The first pastor to fill the NOB Stadium in SA Joburg. thousands and thousands of lost souls receive salvation. I cant forget the Bennin Conference with more than 2.5million in attendance one night event. How many gave there life to Christ.?
    Its not a matter of parading the good work you do to the community but only God knows his generals and there weakness so dont run to gudge what you dont understand or what dont know.

    God loves you.

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