Boyfriend Takes Abuja Big Woman’s Nudé Photos; Leaks Online


abujaWhen will women learn to be decent in their dealings with small boys? I’m just wondering why a woman who in the first place should be ashamed that she is sleeping with a small boy now take her shameless act to the level of allowing him take her private photos? Now the pix have leaked. See the photos below…

badI hear it wasn’t her young boyfriend that leaked the pictures but his friend who had access to his phone and also know his Sugar Mummy who is a big contractor in Abuja. I can’t post all the pix, they are too graphic.

4 Comments on "Boyfriend Takes Abuja Big Woman’s Nudé Photos; Leaks Online"

  1. James Orisabumen | November 14, 2013 at 12:42 pm | Reply

    TIMOTHY JEBETIOLUWANI, please dont turn this website into a porn site. We dont want your nude picture and sex figure stories.

    Dont hide under your fake news reporting and posting nude pictures on this website, please.

  2. Pls,post more.

  3. May God help us, it is a pity

  4. Parent should try to train there childrent in the way of the lord, and i also want to advice my fellow youth don’t alow any stupid woman to destroy your life becaus we are the feture leader of tomorrow.

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