Full 2013 List Of All The Popular Members Of Illuminati.(church OF SATAN)!

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October 10, 2013 3:00 pm

ILLUMINANTIThe original purpose of forming the Illuminati was to gain both world power and control. This article is officially published by www.naijaeye.tk They would do this by recruiting members who have fame, fortune,and power (aka the elite)and use these people like puppets to influence ordinary people. Here is the list below of famous Illuminati members: dollar_ase.gif(bothalleged& proven evidence):Aalyiah – Illuminati Adele – Illuminati Alicia Keys – Illuminati Angelina Jolie – Illuminati Avril Lavigne – Illuminati Barack Obama – Illuminati Beyonce Knowles – Illuminati Blue Ivy – Illuminati Bob Dylan – Illuminati Bob Marley – Illuminati Bono (from U2) – Illuminati Britney spears – Illuminati Cash Money/Young Money Records – Illuminati Celine Dion – Illuminati Chris Brown – Illuminati Ciara – Illuminati Cristiano Ronaldo – Illuminati Cypress hill – Illuminati Darren Brown – Illuminati David bowie – Illuminati Disturbed – Illuminati Dr dre – Illuminati Dr. Dre – Illuminati Drake – Illuminati Eminem – Illuminati George W. Bush Sr. & Jr. – Illuminati George Washing (was a Freemasonry) – Illuminati Gordon Brown – Illuminati Hugo Weaving – Illuminati Hulk Hogan – Illuminati Jay z – Illuminati Jay-Z – Illuminati Jennifer Hudson – Illuminati Jennifer Lopez – Illuminati Jim Carey – Illuminati Jimi Hendrix – Illuminati John Cena – Illuminati cm punk -Illuminati John Travolta- Illuminati Justin Bieber – Illuminati Kanye West – Illuminati Katty Parry – Illuminati Keith Urban – Illuminati Ke$ha – Illuminati Kevin Nash – Illuminati Kid Cudi – Illuminati Kim Kardashian – Illuminati Kobe Bryant – Illuminati Kris Angel – Illuminati Kyle Monogue – Illuminati Laddy Gaga – Illuminati Lady gaga – Illuminati L’arc en Ciel- Illuminati Laruku from Japan – Illuminati Lebron James – Illuminati Lil Wayne – Illuminati Linkin Park – Illuminati Liverpool FC – Illuminati Madonna – Illuminati Manchster UTD – Illuminati Marilyn Manson – Illuminati Michael Jackson (Former member turned against Illuminati) Miley Cyrus – Illuminati Nas – Illuminati Natalie Portman – Illuminati Nelson Mandela – Illuminati Ne-Yo – Illuminati Nicki Minaj – Illuminati Notorious B.I.G -Illuminati One Direction – Illuminati P. Diddy (aka Puff Daddy) – Illuminati Paul Mccartney- Illuminati Paul Mkenna – Illuminati Queen Elizabeth (& entire royalfamily) – Illuminati Randy Orton – Illuminati Real Betis – Illuminati Rihanna – Illuminati Scott Hall – Illuminati Sean Waltmen – Illuminati Selena Perez – Illuminati Serena Williams – Illuminati Taylor Alison Swift – Illuminati T pain – Illuminati The Dudley Boys – Illuminati The Mizz -Illuminati THE POPE! (Jewish Satanist!) – Illuminati The White Stripes – Illuminati Tom Cruise – Illuminati Tony Blair – Illuminati Tupac Shakur (but then turned against them as well) Vitas (Russian Male Singer) – Illuminati Warren Buffet – Illuminati Whitney Houston (former member with claims of being murdered by Illuminati) Willow Smith (quoted as “Next Illuminati Star”) Wiz Khalifa – Illuminati. And now i think at least upto 3 nigerian musicians have been concluded to be a member of this group.. [1]DBANJ&[2]PSQUARE and partially wizkid.

Thi list is officially published by www.naijaeye.tk

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