Hotel Selling Cooked Human Meat Found In Onitsha *Police Arrests 11 With Fresh Human Heads

Ademola Iginla
September 5, 2013 12:24 pm

HUMAN MEATOn Thursday Onitsha police arrested 11 people after they discovered 2 fresh human heads in a hotel (name withheld) very close to the popular Ose-Okwodu market in Anambra state.2 AK47 rifles & other weapons were also discovered in the hotel.

The arrest followed tip-offs from area residents on Thursday morning.

The hotel owner, 6 women and 4 men were arrested.

After police got access to the hotel, they made a startling discovery of two human heads wrapped in a cellophane bag, two AK47 rifles, two army caps, 40 rounds of live ammunition and so many cell phones.

“Each time I came to market, because the hotel is very close to the market, I always noticed funny movements in and out of the hotel; dirty people with dirty characters always come into the hotel. So, I was not surprised when the police made this discovery in the early hours of yesterday,” said a vegetable seller in the area

A Pastor who was among the people who tipped off the police on Thursday said: I went to the hotel early this year, after eating, I was told that a lump of meat was being sold at N700, I was surprised. So I did not know it was human meat that I ate at such expensive price.”

What is this country turning into?

Can you imagine people selling human flesh as meat.

Seriously I’m beginning to fear people in this part of the world.

Lord have mercy!


  • Segun Alawode

    Is it to ACQUIRE Worldly things which at the end Result to Vanity?Very CLEAR indication that the WORLD is coming to an END. God Have Mercy On Us as an Individual and Nigeria In General..

    • http://GOD.GOD GOD

      God does not exist, why the fuck would she reply in this shitty webites anyway

      • Chef

        This fucking cracked me up

      • Anonymous


      • Paul

        To you God does not exist, but to many of us, He does and you have to live with that. Look around you and explain if you created the air, the trees, birds etc. Do I hear you say Big Bang? …. why has there been no other Big Bang since billions of years ago. Its only a foolish man that we say there is no God, says the bible. Better you have a rethink and give your life to Jesus Christ.

        • Zippy

          “why has there been no other Big Bang since billions of years ago?”

          Your SCIENTIFIC answer is “entropy.” Look it up.

        • Anonymous

          The same reason Jesus has not come back in thousands of years is the same reason the Big Bang has not happened again. All of it is theory at the least, fake as hell at its best. Jesus is not a God. Get real. He is dead. God does not die and if he does then you need a new one. Smh

          • Anonymous

            No Jesus is not a “god” He is GOD in the flesh….get it correct! You and the many others I pray for your souls….because when the day that the Kingdom of God will be at hand you will then, begin to beg for God’s mercy. I pray that you will be released from the forces of darkness and become enlightened that God is real and that Jesus is alive! I will not slander you or look down on you because that is not what true Christianity is about. Take care!

        • dave

          there’s more proof of a big bang than their is of an omnipotent being that lives in the sky, and why has there not been any more? how do you know there hasn’t. You believe what you want and so will others, writing guff like this doesn’t help people learn about Jesus Christ, that is a choice…all it does is remind people of the level of intellect most god botherers have.

          • Anonymous

            You are absolutely correct… Accepting Jesus Christ is a choice! I just hope and pray that it is not too late to make that most valuable choice!

            Father God who are in heaven I pray asking for a change of heart and mind of those that does not believe…your word said that there will be non-believers. Your word also said that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but of principalities, powers and rulers of darkness in high places…therefore I pray for the releasing of these forces from the minds of those that does not know. As your only begotten Son Jesus Christ prayed and asked as he hung on the cross and died for our sins, to forgive them for they know not what they do and so do I. In the powerful name of Jesus Christ (the anointed one, the Messiah) name I pray! Amen

          • cs

            they know what they are doing. satans disciples, hell on earth

          • Patrick

            Well said

          • kathy

            Then don’t bother God when he returns, don’t bother to ask for his mercy or grace. it says in the bible when he returns EVERY knee shall bow and EVERY tongue will confess that he is LORD!!! That means you are included in “EVERY” This ignorance you portray is so very saddening because of what he did for you and me. READ YOUR BIBLE>

        • Osama

          You are a moron, brainwashed by the so called ‘bible’ maybe you need to re-think your shitty life and stop preaching you fucking asshole

          • Anonymous

            GOD IS REAL

          • Patrick

            Well said!

          • ///// akin laniyi

            Let us try not to use words that may offend each other. Let’s remember we are one. Let’s promote love or the light of our father that we carry . This light as children of one God must express itself in good things that come out of our mouths and hands. Love all and help all. We are one family.

        • Bosh

          Yeah to be fair Paul, you’re a cunt mate

          • kathy

            STOP! By that statement you are showing your intelligence!!

        • Mykelb

          Where is your independent evidence published of your God? In which scientific journal? Please specify the study, its validation by peers and the date it was published.

        • Disgusted Merikkkan

          SCIENCE is a wonderful thing! BUYBULL – written BY MEN, for men – to keep the brainwashed sheeple/ Line, In FEAR, and those ever-flowing coffers FULL…KA-CHING $$$$$$$$$ – There are More stars/sun & planets in the Universe then EVERY SINGLE grain of sand on the ENTIRE planet earth…we arent that important in the size and scope of the Universe……what I wouldnt give to have Aliens come here to put people like you in thier place. But – If those aliens were smart – they’d steer clear of this planet and hateful humanity!

          • JJ

            now I have heard everything….whahahahahahaha Aliens…. really… agh please fucking grow up!! Does your Mother know u here!!!hahahahahahahaha

        • Randy

          “To you God does not exist, but to many of us, He does”

          This is not a matter of opinion. No gods exist. If you claim they do, you need to provide the evidence. Humans are here because we evolved to be here. So of course there is air and trees, without which we could not survive. Birds evolved as well, from the dinosaurs.

          You have little or no education. Open a book of science, not fairy tales.

        • Anonymous

          Amen !

        • Defaithed

          Paul says: “To you God does not exist, but to many of us, He does and you have to live with that… Its only a foolish man that we say there is no God, says the bible. Better you have a rethink and give your life to Jesus Christ.”

          My turn: “To you Faeries do not exist, but to many us, They do and you have to live with that… Its (sic) only a foolish man that we say there is no Cthulhu, says the Nekronomikon. Better you have a rethink and give your life to Vishnu.”

          Hey, that was fun! This religion thing is easy!

          • cs

            look at all the hate thrown on to a person just because we believe. behind the hate, it is all fear. How powerful is that!!


          • cs


        • Anonymos

          Paul,it is okay that you and some people believe that God exist but that doesn’t mean that people they don’t believe in God have to live with it.When so then you have to live with it that God doesn’t exist…Why when he exist doesn’t help to end the cruelty…because he can’t…because he don’t exist…this is the reason that we need to fight for they helpless animals…we are their voice…not “GOD”

          • kathy

            You all NEED JESUS< how can you all be so ignorant. God has his reasons for everything and he knows everything. He loves you, you still have time to give your life to Jesus. Look at what he did for you and me on the cross. Wake up all you non believers, When the Glorious day of the Lord comes every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that he is LORD!!!!!

        • Richard

          Dear Paul,
          Everyone has their believes and I sincerely respect yours but please do not mention the Bible because it was written by men at a time where there was a lot of ignorance and yo things that they had no answers to answers they simply said it is god creation. God can be translated in many ways. I personally believe more in science because it gives you an educated answer if there were really an old man watching over us the world wouldn’t have gone to bits. i believe everyone one makes their own path and destiny.

          • kathy

            hope your science can save you when the end times comes, can’t believe all the ignorant comments on this blog, ugh…… OPEN YOUR EYES JESUS LOVES YOU, SCIENCE DOESN’T. Science didn’t die so that your sins would be forgiven, HELLO!!!!!!

        • Elisabeth NUNES


        • Anonymous

          Paul, you really should refrain from preaching like this. You know nothing of reality, science, or fact. You are doing your religion a disservice by spouting stupidity. Yes, you are entitled to your world view, limited though it is, and your faith, but you invite serious derision and disgust with your ignorance. Best keep it to yourself as most well meaning people of faith do.

        • Anonymous


        • Anonymous

          Good one

      • Anonymous

        last laugh isnt yours heathen

      • Anonymous

        Humanity exists. We should not rely on God or any other entity to end this atrocity. However, if some of us call on God, it is not for anyone else to judge.

      • http://n/a Laura Collier

        GOD DOES EXIST! And God will deal with those who deny HIM! Shame on you for saying that!

    • val

      FYI it has been exposed that this story is FAKE. And God had nothing to do with it.

  • seun baba

    Kilode haaha.human meat is now selling in bcos of money they are selling human meat.god will punish every one involve on it.useless people

    • miky

      Nigeria Government, how far about the case of Clifford Urji dat sells human parts under Lagos airport bridge? Why must selling of human parts not continue when cases like that of Urji is dead. It is dead b’cus many nigerian VIP’s petronises him.

      • Anonymous

        Abi o!

  • john

    Let’s all STOP eating meat… rather buy/eat fish and poultry produce as you are sure of what you are eating!

    • Boss X

      Bros, na talk be that?

    • Chef

      Fuck off mate. Ain’t nobody going to separate me from my steak.

      • Anonymous

        So if nobody is not going separate you from your stake, then somebody is going to separate you from your stake? Because that is what you said here… lol

        • Some lad

          He said ‘steak’, not ‘stake’ smart ass

          • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        you looks like a dog . because you don’t pray for this kind of bad things u will be died just like this kind of dead,so you stop your talking and give your life to Jesus Christ he save you

    • BobtheLumberjack

      There is no way I would eat anything out of the oceans, and chicken is just nasty!

      • cs

        not as nasty as some humans

  • Anonymous

    How me de piture

  • g.g

    i’m already vomitting here! God pls save us. I cnt imagine sumtimes when im eating suya or so other meat prepared by these aboki ppl i’ll b thinking rubbish cos of al these. Pls fellows lets b careful of wht we buy n eat cos d world is bcoming sumtin else. God forbid.

    • BobtheLumberjack

      Please go back to school and try to graduate this time

      • Anonymous

        that was funny

    • http://honeymoney nigerian animals

      these people scare the hell out of me trying to write english….why does everyone ultimately want to speak and write english??

  • Nakiel

    Those goddamn furries!!

    • Chef


      • Anonymous

        are you laughing in this kind of bad thing ? God give u new heart for u

  • Anonymous

    God have mercy on ur people bcos where not save any more

    • http://honeymoney nigerian animals

      somehow i have the feeling that a lot of these posts blogs were written in some volcanic canyon in the middle of the desert or some remote island some where near the indian ocean….amazing how we can deduce just from the writing here how close we are as the human race dwindles down with all these cochroaches writing from all over the glove with hairy fingers, brains the size of a fish and a heart beat that keeps ticking….indian ocean hide a way with a small 1985ish computer some how connected to the world wide web…fascinating world .

  • Tessy

    God have mercy on ur people bcos where not save any more

    • Anonymous

      What do expect? It’s Africa.

  • Anonymous

    This is incredible, oh Alata when will you carve a good name for yourself?

  • eteobong inwek

    Canibalism is never part of Nigeria’s culture!
    There’s serious poverty in the country recently due to corruption and greedy politicians who collect the country’s wealth to foreign lands therefore, majority of the citizens live in abject poverty!

    Some of the poor people take to all sort of crimes which range from arm robbery to kidnapping. Recently, we are witnessing the selling of human parts.

    Those who do these evil hide away from the public and do it in secret. The police and the Nigerian public are against these evil and are looking for any information that could lead to the arrest of the criminals.

    • BobtheLumberjack

      And yet they allow 419 scammers to run rampant!

      • sorrymess


    • Anonymous

      Please can you post this message on yahoo website, as readers there thinks all Nigerians are evil.

      • Osama

        Nigerians havent made it easy for themselves, it seems they will now kill you AFTER defrauding you and when that isnt enough…….they will eat you!

    • http://honeymoney nigerian animals

      come on eteobong,,,nigerians have been eating others for years now….how do you explain the diseases coming out of the country like aids and others….the nigerians are the ruin of the earth and the ruin of man kind…..just too many of them and they consume many of the worlds goods through other countrys giving and giving but the nigerian way of life will never prosper with the long gowns, slippers and painted faces hardly a way for mankind to expand the mind and soul

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    • http://facebook achiki

      I live near the Area mention in this page we nothing about this fake information. Who is that pastor and what is name of that Hotel where the human parts are been sell

    • me

      the stupid people will pay for what they sow

    • Anonymous

      when this news true or false you don’t stop pray to all world including Nigeria because it is very very bad thing for all human beings.

  • Dr. J. Watson


  • Emeka

    I am from Anambra State but seriously doubt this story. I hope it is not just to create news. More details is needed if its to be believed.

    • BobtheLumberjack

      Just remember, that’s NOT chicken you just ate!

  • Devil

    people is fuckin animals, they rot, God does not exist

    • Anonymous

      please start eating your flesh, or the next available human around u. even devils don’t eat devils. maybe your own devil don pass lucifer own……God help u open ur mind and heart to his Salvation while you still have life.

  • chris

    dirty black bastards i hate niggers me

    • Anonymous

      Really white people eat humans too,investigate your history

  • chris

    god my arse good can suck my forskin and lick the cheese

    • Josh

      Is this supposed to be English?

  • sonya mclntosh

    Wow such comments ….lol

    Someone just Hung themselves watch that space….ouch !!
    Forgive them they do not know the enormity of such crimes.

  • Ockendo

    This news site is known for faking stories to boost its rating. I bet, this is another cooked up story. From what I know about Anambra state, they neither eat humans, horse, dog, nor cat. No person can publicly sell human parts in Onitsha and last for one minute without being arrested.

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  • Grif

    I’m inclined to agree that the story is nonsense, unless verification can be provided here or elsewhere. But the main reason I wanted to post is to apologise to readers for the racism against black people expressed by this idiot Chris (above). As a white man I am ashamed when I see opinions like that and he must be a real dickhead to go to the trouble of posting that crap on a Nigerian news comments section.

    • Osama

      I am a Nigerian and i am SOOOO ashamed of my own people, they are nothing but a bunch of freeloading fraudsters that will ALWAYS look for target.
      Nigerian in this country are the scum of the earth, they defraud everyone from the goverment for benifit claims to thier own grannies for no other reason than they are greedy fat fuckers – no surprise really as the president of Nigeria is as bent as boy George.

      • http://honeymoney nigerian animals

        i agree here and its not that we are prejudice or anything like that its just a fact of life…nigerians are freaks who are descendants of the ape and have evolved a bit as to separate themselves from the apes but for the most part they have the intelligence of the ape

  • zPolska

    This isn’t human meat.. this is just nigger meat.. Niggers are worth more to the world as food than as living animals. Still, I wouldn’t recommend eating it, who knows what drugs the coons have pumped themselves full of.

    • Zango

      Since blacks are not human, how come they can get white women pregnant? I thought a species can only get impregnated by an organism within its species?

      • Josef Mengele, MD

        there is evidence that neanderthals and humans procreated

      • scotty

        I impregnated a white woman via anal intercoarse. Who’s the real animal. True story.

        • JJ

          that’s just grows man, if u can have anal intercourse with a woman regardless of races u can just as well have intercourse with a man and are most probably gay and trying to convince yourself you’re not!!!! and what did she give birth to… a shithead??

    • Anonymous

      Shows how very unintelligent you are you waste of time and space. You spend your time posting such unintelligent comments on a public blogg. I hopeone of these so called ‘black people’ find you, cut off your head and cook you in chilli sauce and then feed you to their dogs because thats all an idiot like you is worth. Dog food.
      I bet you are uneducated because if you were, you would not open your mouth and blutt out such nonsence in the 21st century. I hope they cook and eat your family too. Or rather feed you all to the dogs because that is what an ignorant animal like you deserves.
      And just so you know, God does exist so you better shape up or you will rott in hell like you deserve to (after they cut off your head and cook you). Idiot!

      • http://honeymoney nigerian animals

        The Italian mafia has a pack of wild hogs/bores that are feed humans who get caught up the mafia thing. The story is true and the story states that the mafia throw the person to the wild hogs/bores who then rip the person up and when finished there is nothing left not even any bones

    • Anonymous

      Polish racist fuckwit.

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    • sorrymess


  • Hmmm

    This story is just stupid lies.

    Osun defender is fond of printing fake and unverified news just to get views.

    Fake news published by fake ass journalist…

    P. S. Those fools making silly comments about the black race are the scummiest of scums that reside in this our small earth.

    Useless set of human beings

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    • Mr Amalek

      All the people spouting racist shite will probably not see the folly in your comments.
      It’s a shame it will be your children, not you, who will suffer when the global economy collapses, droughts and floods become the norm, and everyone has a choice of asylum in the now-third world, or starvation in their “homeland”.
      It’s plain to see you’re the bottom of your gene pool, so the “truth” will come full-circle when it’s your childrens heads on the Fascists menu ! :)

      By the way, how ironic is it that the two “quotes” are from a Vegetable seller and a christian ?!

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  • Barry Obama, community organizer

    Simply an African tradition of wanting to dine with our deceased relatives.

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  • Osun Defender CHAMPION LIAR




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  • Osun Defender CHAMPION LIAR

    The racist fools coming here to comment should keep it up, chances are they are the scum of their own world.

    • Michael michael

      Before the anything prosecution on this recent matter,lets finish with that of Clifford orji, because i feel we have to count one before two.But is a very bad name for Nigerians all over the world. I pitty 9ja,Drug trafficking,Boko haram,419,baby factory ha no wa for una

  • Epedo

    Guys, Lets learn to choose our words correctly on a forum. About the issue of Human meat…. Quite amazing, but yet to be fully verified. About what we believe, We need to learn to respect every individuals belief. If you dont believe that God exist, that up to you………..

    Unbelivable Thomas! Be mindful of what you say about God…….. And put your picture up, so we can see ur moronic face……..

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  • chrissy

    omg this is well bad,did they think they was hannibal the lecuter?

  • Prince


  • tops

    This article perpetuates more negative stigma abt our brothers from west africa and africa in general Every time in my office I bring nigerian food bought from local nigerian food outlet and my fellow south african brothers make comments about nigerian food being strange. Four meats types mixed on one dish. Unfortunately this means No more nigerian food at office now. Mayibuye iAfrika

    • scotty

      They’re Nigerians. What do you expect.

      Although cannibalism’s are on Euorope.

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    • Anonymous


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  • Nan

    Africa is a zoo

  • http://Facebook Donna Winterbottom

    Ha! Such a carry on about a bit of human flesh! Reminds me of when people found out they were eating horse when they thought they were eating cow. It is death, no matter what species you eat.

  • juris

    I was created, however you probably evolved.

  • juris Australia

    You know what Hannibal Lecter said to Lorrene Bobbitt…. You are going to eat that aren’t you?

  • Goonz

    This is false news being used to generate page hits by unintelligent and stupid nigerian bloggers. What these IDIOTS creating these false news fail to see is that there is a huge population of RACIST white people eager to take any negative about africa and broadcast it, irrespective of whether there is truth in it or not.

    The stupid owners of this website would think they are hurting another part of Nigeria that is non YORUBA, but they should go and google how this is being presented at some many other websites and the comments that are accompanying their presentation.

    How much new clicks have you created for this self-sabotage? Is it worth it really?

    How can you display such deep levels of lack of intelligence ?

    • Noname

      You don’t have to be a particularly RACIST white person to be horrified and appalled by such information. There are so many weird things going on in Africa which you find nowhere else (albinos, muti etc.) that you cannot hold it against us if it colors heavily our judgement of Africa and Africans. And be sure that it is not only white people who see it this way.

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  • Scarramanger

    What do you expect from Nigeria? The most corrupt & primitive people on this sad little planet. They have been cannibals for thousands of years. Disgusting nation of revolting, aggressive, primitive and vile people.

  • Cheryl Condrey

    Only a step above eating dogs. If they get away with eating dogs it is not amazing they will go to humans. In these places meat is meat. Horrible, disgusting. People will learn to eat only what they prepare themselves to be sure of what they ARE eating. This sort of thing will get worse as population explodes more & more & food disappears. Only makes sense that man will be the most prominent meat. Raise & eat more fruits & veggies. Forget meat. You have no idea what is already in that stuff.

  • M. Jacob Mathews

    Kill those bastards and serve them to the dogs!

  • http://facebook gayle

    not surpriced they’ll make money out of anything including the daed

  • Joan

    They can’t serve these hotel owners to the dogs because the illegal dog trade is happening and out of control in Asia too! Guess this culture has no boundries when it comes to humanity! Stealing dogs by the thousands, transporting them in overcrowded flatbeds with no food, water – many die from the heat and overcrowding -those are the luck ones. The dogs that survive are hung upside down, first skinned alive while they cry in excruciating pain, then they are boiled alive in large vats. Why? Because Asians believe dogs are now an aphrodisiac. This isn’t a culture to be celebrated and supported when it is so disgustingly inhumane in its practices and though processes. Skins of dogs are being used to make golf gloves so please be aware and boycott any companies that get their gloves made in Asia. Profit and greed is the route of all these evils of human heads, dogs, the exotic animal trade and a culture that is teetering on cannibalism and barbarism.

  • Ari

    God exists, his name is Maradona, Diego Armando

    • Anonymous

      You dont know Gods name, no one does. We only have to believe by faith and trust God will take care of us all.

    • ??

      why r they hiding the name of the hotel

  • Yoyo

    were they serving female breasts as well?


    Very every where communicating, young women normally maintains several parts as well as bobs, consequently one such need to have baggage decide all these types of little small amount issues.

  • Anonymous

    Humans only be able to sell meat fellow devil himself

  • Peter Agus

    Fabricated Fallacy……Fake Fake News…..

  • http://explorer Kingslay Ughu

    Yes , the Igbos do like human being meat.

  • emmanuel alagbawi orun

    This put to mind cliford Orji. This is customary in this part of the country.

    • Anonymous

      What a shame ,wow Naijas are always in every bad deal that that know of whether its killing girl’s o

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  • Mega Lens

    why are we not seeing the 11 arrested people? why are there no evidence to support this claim by the media….i smell foul play here…but in case it is truth as stated above…..then this degenerate barbaric beings has to be dealt with severely.

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  • anonymous

    No names of criminals, no name of hotel, no official political quotes. Nothing to confirm this happened. This would be the biggest news of the week. I do not believe it.

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  • Klam Wazun

    This story was fake when it came out, and it is still fake today. Funny thing is that it is the Yoruba press that is making this up and publishing it. Where is the investigation and how come we have not seen any proof or pictures or names of anybody or place.

  • chinedu

    Since I was born and I am now 51,I have never seen or eaten human flesh.I know the area in question but this is really suspicious.
    How come the press cannot mention the name of the restaurant?
    This is another failed attempt by enemies of Igbos to smear their name.
    I do not believe my people are cannibals and even if we end up identifying one Igbo cannibal he or she is in all likelihood a lunatic like Clifford Orji.
    Cliford Orji was an insane man accused of similar offense in lagos.
    Other Nigerian cannibals exist anyway and any tribe that opposes this opinion should identify themselves.

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  • Messanger

    Chigozie Atuma or Aturu next time verify stories before publishing, can’t help wondering what people like u benefits from spreading false information in the web. This dirty and false story of urs is now making news around the world ages after u publushed, and many of the new publushers around the world are referencing u as the source of the news. Now that the police force and the government in Anambra state has come out to denounce the story, I hope u find the decency to inform the
    public, especially ur follow victims of digital exploitation who lacks the sophistication to properly analyse any information that’s thrown at them in the Internet

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