X-Ray: Is Tope Alabi in Oro Cult? Did ‘Prophet’ Ajanaku initiate her?

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August 24, 2013 2:17 am
Pastor Ajanaku and Tope Alabi - during the good old days

Pastor Ajanaku and Tope Alabi – during the good old days

Tongues are dangerously wagging in social media and the music industry about multiple-award winner and sonorous Yoruba Gospel Singer, evangelist Tope Alabi, after the mysterious death of her former spiritual mentor and former pastor.

Prophet Iretiola Ajanaku’s demise was shockingly celebrated and mourned by the 27 Ogboni Fraternity Members of Gbongan town who stormed his home and practically took over to perform the occultist funeral rites/ritual as is common whenever any of their members die.

In a similar vein, the Oro cult has also come out to identify with the ‘pastor-prophet’ at death, when they mourned all night in a vigil between 12 midnight and 5:30 a.m., marching through the streets of Ikola Odunsi, Ikola Gbenaje, and concluded the rites at the deceased’s street, Folarin Williams Close, chanting and singing dirge of his departure saying: “Ajanaku lo, o di gbere”, meaning “Ajanaku is gone forever, adieu”.

Months before his demise, the prophet had boasted in an interview with Biodun Kupoluyi and other reporters and bloggers, [GISTMANIA, COMEANDHEAR, GISTEXPRESS and OLOKUNBOLA BLOG] that his estranged spiritual daughter (Tope) and her husband would be ashamed if he opened his mouth to tell the world what “God” had done for them through him… hear him:

There are many things concerning her and the husband that I will never tell anyone, never ever. If she had not said that she met me only six years ago, I would not have called you to show all these pictures. And if I say what God has used me to do in their lives, with proofs and medical test records in their hands, they will be ashamed of themselves.

She actually met me 11 years ago when she came to church crying that since she married she had no child. I told her that by the grace of God when we shall be holding another anniversary she sill come and dedicate her child before God. I have pictures of the child dedication, I christened the child Deborah.

I’m wondering if she’s being foolish or just stupid. I remember when she was putting pressure on me to have sex with her. She did not hide her urge to have sexual relationship with me. At a point she could not control her urge to do that but I declined, I said never, not me.

The question on many lips now are: “What was the secret that the prophet vowed NEVER to reveal to anyone about Tope and her husband?” “Why would the couple be ‘ASHAMED of themselves’ because of such revelations?” He had already revealed that God used him to make Tope receive the fruit of the womb and gave birth to her daughter, what then remains as “shameful” secret between this couple and the late prophet? Wagging tongues are gleefully spewing out talks about some abominable covenants, ritual or occult initiation between the couple and the late Ajanaku.

Our reporters picked the tips and rumours and went to town to interview some members of the Christ Revival Church International located in Baruwa, in Ayobo-Ipaja, Lagos, who prefer anonymity before speaking with the press. One ex-member of the church said he perceived his former and late pastor was in a strange covenant with the couple saying “…when daddy threatened to expose the so-called “shameful secrets”, he broke the covenant and broke the hedge according to Ecclesiastes 10:8, and became suddenly vulnerable to the venom of the serpent which oversees the strange covenant… that is why I left the church when the fight broke out few weeks ago.”

The last has not been heard about the drama as Tope Alabi reportedly rushed back from Ontario Canada, upon hearing the news of the prophet’s death, to pay her last respects to her former mentor. She reportedly visited his house in Lagos to commiserate with the family of the late prophet and afterwards got home to post pictures of her family and to thank God for sparing her husband’s life, praying for longevity.

Tope Alabi is one woman who will need a lot of sympathy now, aftermath of the demise of Ajanaku because of the way she waxed eloquent in songs praising “the God of Iretiola Ajanaku” in many of her albums. Pictures of ‘when the going was good’ circulated massively online showing the prophet spraying money on Tope to appreciate her songs and laying hands on her while she knelt down to receive the ‘anointing’ to prosper and for fame from him.

She is greatly misunderstood by her large fan base on Facebook who are divided into two camps. The first group sympathizes with her on her ordeal and “false rumours” going round the media about her and prophet Ajanaku. The second camp is confused and wary, not knowing who or what to believe, particularly because they felt misled in the past by Tope’s undiluted endorsement of prophet Ajanaku’s ministry and miracles as evidenced by her many albums she waxed to eulogize the late prophet.

  • michael

    The world is coming to an end, I am not surprise about so called prophet ajanaku we are just seeing his own now there are many of them now all over, we should all pray for GOD direction.

  • mac udom

    i have and will never blame these kind of pastors and prophets. i certainly and will ever blame the followers

  • adeoti emmanuel

    this life is full of misteries ooo…may God lead us in this life.

  • Anonymous

    God have on us ooooooo

  • Bibi

    I know he is a fake pastor, if not why will a man of God open his mouth and said his member want him to have sex with him, I smell a rat.

  • Damilola

    May God have mercy on us ooo

  • temmy

    mercy yes mercy

  • Anonymous

    na wao

  • Anonymous

    mmm evangelist for that matte, but for waht may God direct us to the right way.

  • Lizzie

    Save us oh God from false prophets

  • Anonymous

    wealth wil end one day,but always seek ye the kingdom of God.. Bcos life after death matter most.

  • Anonymous

    wealth wil end one day,but always seek ye the kingdom of God.. Bcos life after death matter most.Discover urself b4 it’s too late.

  • Akinde Sunday

    Why will a geniue prophet take the glory of God’s miracles over his church member? I’m judging anyway,cos I dont want to go contrary to the words of God,but let’s be careful cos many of such fake prophers are still around us,even that pastor at your church.

  • http://www.yahoomail.com Anonymous

    I guess Tope move into wrong hands mentor! By their fruit we shall know them! So the scripture says! How can a man of God be bleeching, and you still magnify him? I’m not judging, but what I know is that,Tope must know and be aware of the so call”GOD OF AJANAKU” She has been praising all this while!

    • Anonymous

      U talkd sense,yes she must kno abt his god

  • henry

    Many will say ‘in ur name we cast out demons”nd he will answer dem,go away frm me for I do nt knw u.many pple will call pastors won’t make heaven.just be watchful.



  • kemimag

    Although tope may have the gift of singing but it is evident now that she enhanced it through Ajanakus diabolic mean while her husbands relationship with late Ajanaku and her childlessness over the years could be seen as factors responsible for such. If the late prophet claimed he did not have sex with tope before she gave birth, then what other help can he have rendered that he cannot reveal other than prayers. This calls for questions such as was Tope’s child through IVF with the use of the use of Ajanakus semen? Or he initiated them into the cult group before they gave birth. God is the only one who can give us the true version of what chanced between both parties.

  • Anonymous

    God pls save us your children before the rapture.

  • Sonmyte

    Only God can save us from false prophet…


    God we save us from all this false prophet. Anty tope pls keep on praying.

  • Dada

    Tope Alabi & Ireti Ajanaku operates on the same spiritual realm no doubt whatsoever! Having talent/gift cannot be specifically be associated or directed to God! Tope Alabi is not a kid,she know what she want and the best possible way to get it. God is merciful & ever ready to forgive……..I’m looking forward to when people will stop worshiping men instead of God! God is jealous in nature.

  • Anonymous

    not everybody that say Lord, Lord shall enter the kingdom of God. The word of God is complete. May God lead us in this sinful world.

  • Pastor

    Well Tope is one of the best singers with her God given talent she might have make mistakes in the past. It is time for her to run back to God with a genuine repentance. We are in the end time becareful of fake prophets in the land.

    • oluremi

      ma if u ave anything to do with all dis our GOD s so meryful he can still forgive u remeber kokoro igbala s ur song which help me a lot so go back to heavenly dad he will forgive u love u ma

    • Anonymous

      It is only God that knows what people do in the secret

  • bj

    Im very sure nd conviced dat tope got to ajanaku’s hand as a genuin nd pure christian as avident in d messages nd inspirations of her song. She must hav believd in d man of God cos of d miracle of child bearing dat kept her enslaved nd. Probably wen d man requested for too much dan she culd giv d so calld fight began nd now we cnt say how far/deep/long she might hav gone with d man. I pray dat God will deliver her nd bring her back to her kneels tru sincere repentance and restitution.

  • dotun adeyeye

    Christians of these days are so gullible that we mistake pastor’s affluence,signs and wonders that such perform as evidence of God’s calling.As a result we idolise them rather God himself.I am not in the position to judge the so called man of God and i don’t think any one should anyway.My Candid advice to all Christians to read their Bibles more and pray for the direction of the holy spirit.These are signs of END TIME.A “word they say is enough for the wise”.

  • Anonymous

    anyway is only God can save us in this live

  • Anonymous

    One shld seek God face rather dan believng in dis so cll pastor. Eru bami o.

  • Dupson

    One shld seek God face rather dan believng in dis so cll pastor. Eru bami o.

  • concerned xtian

    It sounds to me that whatever “arrangement” or agreement had been between Tope and PastOr Iretiola turnred sour. That’s why she left and after leaving , the pastor is not happy so he came to social media to say that she asked him for sex , that she only had her daughter through his prayer or “power”? What has he done for man that God did not give Grace to do ? I believe its d pastor dat has a lott to hide , so he is speaking bad abt her and insinuating to expose her in case she says anythiing abt him.
    This still Means something is fishy but now that the Man is dead , well, only God can reveal their dirty secrets

  • Anonymous

    We dont need to use pastor name to pray we can pray direct to God

  • Aderemi

    Kno distruction, no constructio, any wia distruction apia, definatly construction must tak place. Insted of u 2 flash bak of ur rong did dat we be leta xpose if u refuse 2 recostruct ur life wit God, insted u now turn anoda perso’s mata 2 brak fast

  • Esther

    May God have mercy on us alot of things are happening on dis earth. dis is sign of end time

  • Anonymous

    My God diz z serious o olugbala nibo laye yi wa n lo bayii well sha we dnt evn knw welther all dis ar tru or nt, holy spirit just help us.mummy tope alabi if dis z tru abt pastor ajanaku go back to ur God he wil forgive u bcos he hs nt change. Der z still a way olorun ko fe iku elese bikose ki o ronupiwada. Hw cn people believ dt dis pastor z nt n christ wonderful people bware and b careful.

  • omolabake

    It is well, it is only God that has a final say

  • Bolanle

    Bt where is dis world ending to? God pls have mercy

  • Anonymous

    It should be clear to any descerning mind that Tope opted out when she found out some ugly this about her erstwhile mentor. She obviously in her search for the fruit of the womb thought the man was genuine when her dreams were actualized. You don’t need to belong to oro to be a talented singer. How many oro initiates including the recent one the prophet claim to have anointed are good singers?

  • Gbenga

    May God have mercy upon us, we all have secret too but my advice is that we should stop believing in men, by having faith in God you can also do exceedingly…am sorry about this sis Tope, but now you have learn your lesson and that will teach other people too…

    • Anonymous

      Good 1

  • clemens

    It is obvious that majority of our pastors are like AJanaku, although their secret are not yet expose. This is why we as Christian should be very careful about whom we choose as our God father, if there is need to have one.

    It quit unfortunate that Tope Alabi the producer of a spiritual movie ” OWO AGBARA” the movie that changed a lot of people’s believe about going to spiritual man in seeking for child only passed the massage for people to change could be in the school of thought that ‘do what I say not what I am doing’. Is a pitty but there is still room for repentant.

    Tope should pls to her daughter to a God spiritual church for deliverance so that what happened in ‘TWO ANKARA’ will not happen to her in future.

  • prince


  • WOLE

    These are the set of people that make the LORD JESUS CHRIST cry daily( JOHN 11 VRS 35). Imaging the number of people that will backslide through these bastards, 1)In the church(believing that the miracles ware done though the LIVING GOD. 2) people that accepted JESUS through Tope’s song ministration.3) What do you want the people we are praying daily that they should come to the Light of CHRIST say .Anyway, The church of GOD leave both of you to the hand of GOD that will expose other hidden things you have both done in the secreet.(Mat 6 vrs 4b).

  • Anonymous

    Such pastors abound,come at onisha at awada,ajanaku is child’s drama 2 d one at awada.

  • Anonymous

    All judgement belong to God,,,,Let us all hold on to our salvation not relying
    On any pastor….We will not miss heaven in Jesus Name!!!

  • Ibukunoluwa A.

    All judgement belong to God,,,,Let us all hold on to our salvation not relying
    On any pastor….We will not miss heaven in Jesus Name!!!

  • Anonymous

    Go 2 Awada,ask of day spring assembley and u will see a lot of bizzare things pastors do in d name of God.pastor snatching members wives and marrying dem with every audasity.pastor marrying six wives.

  • WOLE

    Jesus wept

  • Anonymous

    Though am nt sayn ds world is nt mystery……., bt, wy nt buckle all self sanda, ur own wil soon revail 2 d world..” ds is serious, ‘ d self medicatn is dat ‘stand strong, strentn urslf nd ve self believe…dat’s all about.

  • Daniel Godwin

    may God help us..God knows who serve him.Everyday for the thief but one day is for the owner.The owner of his life as call him to judgement nd to *reveal*the evil actr of the man nd the so called Tope.What a shame.

  • ade obaro

    were are going becouse of dis wordly thing christan opin ayetide ooo ejeasoraooooooo

  • jumikk20

    am nt subrise at all coz many pastors are lookin 4 money and names. Bt i kwn dat is 4 pastor ajanaku, d odas pastors shuld change coz dere own his still cumin. Bible say at d end many pastors will arise and d fake onces. Tope make a change b4 is 2 late. God help usssssssssssssssssssss

  • Anonymous

    God hav mercy on us.

  • Jasc

    Jesus says ‘Come unto me all of you that commit sins and heavily task by satan and I will give you rest…’ Only Jesus saves

  • Anonymous

    i dont beliv it

  • Olabode

    Whatever power we are using to do Gods work cannot be hiding. Our secreet will surely leak out latest 2weeks after we die. E.g remember prophet akinade. Lion of judah.

  • adeyemi

    True success is the only thing that you can’t have unless & until you put almighty God first & last in all ur endavior, Tope Alabi started very well, she need to go back God

  • Anonymous

    Anyway, aye ti dori kodo & opin aye ti de already.in fact, am diappointed and not at the same time. It has been earlier said by my JESUS, sugbon ohun to npami lekun ni = KINI KI AWON ALAIGBAGBO SO? .HA ! HA! BIG SHAME TO CHRISTIANDOM & GOSPEL ARTISTS

  • Anonymous

    i cn blif in eny pastor bcause god said in d word u wil see every tiz but dont b scared am pastor of my self

  • Don Jeff.

    what a shame sincerely!those are the signs of the last days foretold in the scriptures;Not all who are calling the name of Jesus Christ would be welcome at last by Him.but Tope Alabi,why did you walk in the environment of controversy, please come back to Jesus Christ,He loves you

    • Anonymous

      How do u knw that she’s is not in Christ av 4gotten what written in Mat 7v1

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    All fake pastors dat reamine is better u burn again, bible say any siner can not go without serving d purnishiment

  • Busola

    I’m so sad hearing al ds abt 2 or 3 mnts ago.I’l advice Sis Tope 2 go back 2 her source(Almighty God) whom I believe can save her if she’s ready 2 come back 2 d throne of grace.engage in series of deliverance 4 her daughter and ministry,renounce any so-covenant btw her and Ajanaku’s gods and pls restitue ur ways.pls ma remember ur albums such as ‘kokoro igbala’,’certificate’,’opin irin ajo’,’mori iyanu’ and odr dt minister salvatn 2 ppl.come back like dt Prodigal son and u’l c wt God has in stock 4 u,he’l restore u and gv u ‘marvellous testimony’.i pray God wl revive ur original glory.welcome back JESUS STILL LOVES YOU more dn all of us.u’r great,I stil love u ma.

  • ade

    is not 4 u 2 believe but 2 be careful of the false prophets that are outside there be what BE CAREFUL OF THEM

  • Anonymous

    Hmmmm…. Dis z cwious, anyway, I’m not surprised.

  • dayo

    She started well hope to go nack to God and stop praising human dat of d same flesh

  • seun

    It’s so sad hearing all dis. Aunty tope,u knw where u ve gone wrong.plstry to trace ur step bck to( GOD ALMIGHTY) and nt olorun ajanakun iretiola . God loves u is never too late to retrace ur steps bck to him,and as u do may GOD help u. I love u too.

  • Anonymous

    4 God has send his ppl 2 bring u back 2 him, only wit God is possible, but 4 man always look 4 ur down fall, God knows de truth.

  • Segun Ajibola

    I think I’ll have to burn the only CD of hers I have in my possession “Angeli mi”

  • bukky oguns

    mama tope alabi u really fucked up upon all inspirational songs, is pastor ajanaku behind ur success?

  • Anonymous

    Who can we trust in this world of Christianity today? What form of music can we now listen to? Tope Alabi Ajanaku

  • Anonymous

    People want there baby/child to be like Tope Alabi, now what wil their prayers like?

  • http://yahoo oluwalogbon

    may God punish anyone that judges anybody.what is your business with TOPE ALABI.you people should stop being jealoussssssss.

    • Anonymous

      Pls help me ask all these pple if dey av not sin b4 n dey condemning sum1 av u 4gotten what was written in book of Mat 7v1 cos i blived nor of u knw d truth. Bible said don’t luk at wot dey r doing bt listen to wot dey r saying. U z u want to burn d disk Angeli mi, so if u dt nw Tope Alabi will die or not sing again? Luk @ u all nonsense

  • Anonymous

    Hummm! Is only God dat knows d true behind everytin. Wat i knw is dat serve ur God nd live ur pastor bcos dere is hair nd dere is heaven. On d judgement day no one wil stand for u o! U wil stand for urself am shouting!

  • Verralls

    Please if a child of God keep praying as you know that our common spiritual enemy seek who to be devour. Let us pray more and discuss less.

  • ifeoluwapo

    U can bliv woteva u wanted to bliv bt as for me Tope Alabi u r still d best. Maybe is a crime to seek child from God i don’t knw or to submit to ur Pastor? Bt wot i knw is dt God knw wot we human being don’t n see

  • Anuoluwapo

    May the Lord save us from fake ministers of the word. but i’m still surprise at Tope Alabi’s sudden change as regards her mode of dressing.The Lord knows better

  • dimeji, ifo

    Tope should tell d whole truth to d public, apologise to her fans and confess her sins to God after then, she can now beg 4 God 4 forgivness. I’m sure she wil b 4given if she has genuine repentance. Also she and her entire household dat hav contact wt late Ajanaku by laying of hands or initiation of anyform must go 4 deliverance prayers by real man of God like pastor Kumuyi. There’re few genuine men of God in this country, dey are not up to 10 in nos. Dat is d fact. bliv it or not. Tope, go and sin no more. Hell is real.

    • Olamide, ifo

      I love u 4ur commit. My 1 and only pastor in d world. Pastor kunmuyi. Go dere 4 ur deliverance.

  • Isiaka

    It is very shameful that Religious people are regret to their followers. Imagine the mess! Anyway, Tope Alabi is my favorite Christian artiste and imagine the mysteries of faith. Rev. King’s case is still fresh in memory and many shameful things about religion. May God save us from this Ironical herbalists.

  • Anonymous

    brothers and sisters beware, there are three sets of pastors some are called by God while some by satan and the third by themselves. beware of whom you go to for assistance.

  • Dam

    D bible said judge nt,atipe bibeli so pe e wa idi ohun gbogbo daradara ki e si fi idi ooto mule

  • Anonymous

    Abt a year ago a woman called erelu confessed and mentioned d names of some pastors&musicians including gospel singers.I ll like to refresh our memories dat Tope Alabi`s name was also mentioned.According to d woman Tope Alabi started very well bt later strayed as she too was part of d pple coming to dem for powers.To prove dis let us look at Tope`s dressing when she first started&compared to now.D truth of d matter is dat she had strayed and she needs to come back home to Jesus.Afterall we are all sinners bt thank God for our loving&merciful Jesus who is always ready to forgive us our sins.Madam Tope pls asako pada wa sile.Jesus Still Loves u&u can still sing to His Glory alone&nt to dat of man.If u can go to Prayer City for Deliverance it ll help u to break those covenants&Soul ties btw u &the Devil.IT IS WELL IN JESUS NAME

  • somebody

    God av mercy on us oooo, tope alabi o ga oooo. No more person , u better pray forgiveness my sister, before is too late for u

  • islam

    Dats d real fact abt xtianity… Am a xtian b4 but revert 2 islam… All is same u see dos dat God want 2 to c… We talkin abt pastor ajanaku.. Do u tink u kn chritianity than him? Do u tink u kn d bible than him…. Do u tink u kn more of christianity than tope alabi…. If u really wat 2 kn d true God and u want 2 be save frm d punishment of d fire…. Come 2 islam u will find d true ans of wat u are lokin 4…. Islam is d way and Prophet Muhammad is d last Prophet beside him no 1 else.. If u doubt it read the bible very well and study it hard if God will he will direct u to the right path which is islam…. Even the general overseer of your church kns that islam is d way….. Peace be upon u all as u think abt it

    • Anonymous

      U dis muslims wot ur problem.is ours u’re talkn about.wot of urs boko haram everywia.d meanin of haram did u even no it.wen u’re stl in xtainity did ur bible tels u to kill a human bein like u or if ur dad or mum or brodas nd sisters re among dos who boko haram kills wil u be hapy nd b tankin God for such lose,gosh.bosewa ni tiwa lowa ni tin yin na.aimoye alfa lon pa ara won bcos of imam bost.xo wotch wot u wil say about dis.abi hv u forgtn (suaib)dat change 2 a xtain who les all ur secrt out.all i jst hv 2 say is anty tope God stl luv u pls come bak to him.nd u wil remain bles.luv u ma.

    • Anonymous

      U ar Foolish

    • Anonymous

      D action is evriwhere cos dr r som alfa dat involv themselve also Dats s d trurh..bt islam rmain d onli right way is islam as it is, in d holi quran…

  • The Poet

    if you have a gift or talent that is admired by people, pls have the believe that the talent is endowment frm God and do not go into the world to nourish or advertise your God- given talent such always has tragic end may the lord forgive us all

  • okanlomo

    All i kwn s dat christ s d way, bibeli so pe ti opin aiye ba de woli eke yo di pupo, opo yo wa li oruko mi, dont let muslim decieve u bcos of all dis, in not fake nd bad muslim in dis country wot of Boko- Haram

  • Tiwalade O.

    Aunty tope u stil av d grace of coming bak home and he wil surely 4giv and over look all ur sins cuz His is a mercyful God.still luv u Ma

  • Samdeboye

    Forever, the Word of God is settled. Mysteries like this are made alive by God for us to know the strength of His Words and prophesies. Those on the other side of Christianity believe in the sanctity of the Words of the BOOKS as they refer to the Bible and the learned among them are able to apply the wisdom of the BOOKS. That it took the death of “Ogbeni” Ajanaku for many of his undiscerning followers to know his true identity sign-posts the depth into which the larger population of miracle and reward-seeking people of the world have sunk. The message of the moment is not in judging the one who had gone but to us left here that the end is at hand. Repent of your evil works and turn to serve the true and living God. The quest to make a difference in this poverty stricken part of the world and to correct the seeming injustice in the land is what drives a man/woman to either forsake the slow pace of God who blesses unconditionally and without sorrow or lace his/her body with explosives to blow-up other people with the promises of virgins for rewards. Religiosity will not take you to heaven. Work out your salvation with fear and trembling, looking up to Jesus, the author and the finisher of our faith. Repent Today. God does not promise us tomorrow.

  • http://new.pollwatchng.com Top

    The quetions are many: (1) Did Tope Alabi truly requested that the Prophet should sleep with her to conceive? (2) Did the Prophet truly refused to slept with her (3) Why is the Prophet talking about the medical report (4) Why was the daughter named Deborah by the Prophet and not the husband? (5) What can the husband say about covenant with the Prophet?

  • Anonymous

    Aunty Tope, pls go back to our Lord Jesus and confs ur sin to him. Nitori o si feran yin sibe, Bibeli gan sofun wa pe emi ko fe iku elese bikose pe ko ronupiwada. Jesus still luv and I also luv ma.

  • Anonymous

    A problem dat wil forced u to go an meet any prophet,pastor,evangelist,bishop or whatever names giv themselves wil nt comes to lifes.

  • Grace

    God has not make anyone of us a judge over this situation. My God is a merciful God and he knows each an everyone. The dead is gone but to my dear evangelist Tope, pls keep the good work, there no looking back. You are still going to hear several things, all those people are not the one that called you and they are not permitted to judge you. Keep looking unto Jesus the author and the finisher of your faith. I STILL LOVE YOU AND APPRECIATE THE GRACE OF GOD UNPON YOUR LIVE. And sir, daddy Alabi, encourage your wife at this time she needs you more. Sir you will not miss the reward of standing by the servant of God.

  • Ladi

    In a situation like this, God is the revealer of all secret. There is nothing hidden under the the heaven that can be hidden its only the fools are ignorant of this.
    As we can see, the prophet hidden agenda is widely open. Foolish is the man who carried and teach the bible but never believe it.

    If Tope is initiated, I advise that she should go and repent God is ready to accept her back. If not, its a matter of time we will soon discover.

    But as for me, I don’t believe that all these accusations against Tope are true, because the late prophet were later discovered that he was not true. An untrue man will never produce any truth.

    If Tope could read this I advice her to be very careful & prayerful because her image is at stake and dissapointed to her loved ones.

    Tope I pray that the Lord will see you through.

  • father Abraham

    pls my br & sis enough of dis let nt condem any one remember Our mentor Jesus christ said thou shal nt judge he said to d pple dat brouth d woman to him dat let he dat had nt sinned b4 stone her but no 1Could stone her i e we re al siner pls pple of God my Q is were re dos pple dat couth d woman fonicatin comin frm at dat time of d dat n with who is she fornicatn with n y was she brougt to jesus y nt d 2 of dem dat commited adultry. satan is an acuser of d bredren n we wil al acc 4 all wat we say. 1 luv

  • father Abraham

    pls my br & sis enough of dis let nt condem any one remember Our mentor Jesus christ said thou shal nt judge he said to d pple dat brouth d woman to him dat let he dat had nt sinned b4 stone her but no 1Could stone her i e we re al siner pls pple of God my Q is were re dos pple dat couth d woman fonicatin comin frm at dat time of d dat n with who is she fornicatn with n y was she brougt to jesus y nt d 2 of dem dat commited adultry. satan is an acuser of d bredren n we wil al acc 4 all wat we say. 1 luv

  • janet

    Hmmm dis life sha mrs tope oga o,wat kind of song do u want to sing again nw?pls go back to jesus o before it too late,may God help u.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm..al coments are okay bt nly God knws wu z servn hm…nd 4 tope ı dnt no wen she ıs gona b wel stand out agaın n dz so cald nıger.coz day are lık mad ppl day nly lst 2 d fst wod whch z. GO…

  • oni

    the way I pictured this issue is, Ajanaku is using is demonic power to do wonders in tope alabi life dat she tot it was from God, I dont blame any one,but, my advise is 4 everyone, people dont see our lord Jesus again, they see thier prophet, if their profit has not lay hand on dem they wont be ok, any branch or church that they hear d man of God is powerful, they will run to, stop looking for men of God, just look to Jesus the author and the finisher of faith, and keep the sabbath day holy.

  • dido

    rope should repent

  • Opeoluwa

    I was so sad when I heard that that man of God joined cult, what a BIG dissapointment to our LORD. Moreover, I do not like how that my best gospel singer ‘Tope Patricia Alabi’ engaged in puting that man’s name in her records though your records gives me Joy, Inspiration and Happiness. It is not meant to be so no matter what happens. Is it because he is your pastor?. It is more better for you to use the name of our fore-fathers, God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob(Isreal), Moses, Elijah, Samuel, David, Job, and so on, in all your records ‘cos men of God of modern days are not to be trust worthy. I also heard dat u requested for s*x, what a BIG shame on you, a whole evangelist to the call! I want you to remember in one of your records that “When we leave this world, there’ll be judgement accordig to our works”.

  • Olaoluwa

    Sis tope, wat a pity of cmmnt about u. Pls my advice 2 u is come out bodly in public 2confess d convenant between u nd d prophet 2 confess all, o un ikoko ti o se, ti o se pamo. To de mope ese ni. Pls confes all 2 God is mercifull he we 4give u nd u we be welcom. Jooooooooooooooooo to ba se otito ni n kan ti won n so

  • Anonymous

    I want us to wait for some certain time,series of revelations will surely unfold again.As for me their is no lies without single iota of truth in it.

  • Anonymous

    tope alabi sing dat. Yi gba opin aye ba de orisirisi lao mari ooo xo nw life is coming to an end

  • Emmanuel

    Hmmm! Sis Tope Alabi, pls dnt mind wateva comment pple are writing… 2things ar involve here,i.e its either pple trust u or not. Pple are not God n they cant b God. Pls Let dis issue b btw u n ur God…see it as a temptation if u ar sure of urself. God is all knower. I pray 4 u sis Tope Alabi,May pple nt make u miss heaven o.May God save u? Kip ur faith in Christ. I knw u ar God instrument.

    • tanya

      U are very sick emanuel or what did u say your name is

    • Anonymous

      Tope alabi I will only say this to you if you are not living a righteous life you are diabolic please stop n repent because you have many followers for the mere fact that the aledge ogboni ajabaku annoited your music ministry please it’s not to late to change your ways remember one day you will meet your maker like your Kate mentor

  • Emmanuel

    U need help @ islam. U left d right way(Christ) 4 else where. Tell me, where is ur faith….anyway its ur life sha but i will tell u dt its not right 4 u 2 reject Christ 4 whatever reason…rememba,islam did nt blive in Christ i.e in Christ death dt bring about salvation. Av a rethink islam. Jesus said “i am d way,d truth n d life”Jn 14v6

  • Anonymous

    Thre is big sense in evri comment here…bt what i cn say 2 dis is::1stly: dis issue of men of god joinng cult doesnt suprise me much cos i can understnd frm wat i believe dat d world is goin to an end..both d quran nd bible av said dis..no matter hw secretiv u r nd stubbornly refuse 2 repent frm ur bad deed..d truth will surely prevail…**And 4 u pple dnt judge som1 else since we r all sinner,nd believ in GOD not pastor…cos we r all human, nd again..my advice 4 tope alabi is IF all dis is true,she shld confess nd seek 4 GODS forgivness cos HE hs d UTMOST POWER ova d entire world…

  • Taofeek

    Thre is big sense in evri comment here…bt what i cn say 2 dis is::1stly: dis issue of men of god joinng cult doesnt suprise me much cos i can understnd frm wat i believe dat d world is goin to an end..both d quran nd bible av said dis..no matter hw secretiv u r nd stubbornly refuse 2 repent frm ur bad deed..d truth will surely prevail…**And 4 u pple dnt judge som1 else since we r all sinner,nd believ in GOD not pastor…cos we r all human, nd again..my advice 4 tope alabi is IF all dis is true,she shld confess nd seek 4 GODS forgivness cos HE hs d UTMOST POWER ova d entire world…

  • Olumayor

    Stunning news! As far as i am concerned,i believe God has a true picture of the situation.However, I want to urge people not to be distracted by this development whether proved false or true.Tope alabi needs to check her ways and understand how delicate reckless christian life is. She must be extra careful with her dealings so that God’s anointing on her will not run dry.

  • Anonymous

    what is iden with people is clear in front of god

  • ifeoluwa.

    I believe nothing wil happen to some1 without Gods knowledge,wat is hidden to we people is clearly seen n known to God…..all I need to say is we re not God ,therefore we can’t judge tope a
    Labi neither prophet ajanaku,…hmmmm I pray God in his mercy will 4give d prophet…..

  • Anonymous

    Hello sis Tope. Pls be with ur GOD and he will not stop is work in ur life and ur familys. Don’t look at anything in dis selfish world. May GOD bless for d days of ur life. Ur GLORY will not stop.

  • Anonymous

    Ogboni memebers neva will i listen to your songs again tope alabi omo oro

  • Samuel

    ……anyway,God knws d truth of ds mata.4 dos dt has neva seeing d oda side of wot is called ‘FAME’,ds is a typical example.I dnt feel convinced dt she’s involved,neither am i vouching 4 her……end tym palava!.

  • Anonymous

    Hun,lets stop gosiping about an issue we knw not. nd if all dat is said is true, then there is a contradiction bcoz my favoured gosple singer tope alabi can nt be doing those shameful thing nd be urged to sing songs that bring souls to christ. especially ‘adake dajo’, ‘korokoro igbala’ and others dat touch wen am listenin 2 them. my memory card is full of all your songs, mummy. but why all this shock coment on u? am prayin 4 u dat u wil nt miss heaven u ar preachin in ur songs at end of d day. amen.

  • Anonymous

    adake dajooo, adake dajooo, owun lo mo wa o, ori o ori o, owun gbogbo ti a gbe aye seee, owun lo da ojiji mowa, ikpinlese aye wa o, a tiopin re, ori gbo nkon’. beside ‘ki ni o ro, ki ni o so, ni gba ti a ba npe oruko awon eniyan, ti a ba pe, oruko re o, ki ni o ro, ki ni o so. heaven at last ooo gossipers and gossped.

  • Anonymous

    Am not suprised, its written in the bible: but all i know is that this is just the begining of shame to all that want fame, money, popularity in a wrong way. Heave will be interesting ooo.

  • Anonymous

    the truth can not be hidden forever, time will tell





  • Rosely Rapheal

    ma dear mum tope alabi. Only God cn judge u .. Just like ur songs ADAKE DAJO.. HMMMM end time wahala

  • michael

    Hmmmmmmmm,Adake Dajo is lookiNg at us all.All I waNt to tell u people is dat D judgement of any human is not in our hand’s,Why don’t we leave everyting for God To take control.And for U “Don’t be darayed by what u might hv heared about d man of God.Just kno whom u’re serving.

  • anonymous

    I will never listein to your song again, you are an instument for the devil, thers is no lie about this whole stories, except we dnt want to say the truth, can’t you see the bllue, red, nd white cloth she normally wears, same tin as d so called pastor, may all the secret of all the faulse prohet be reviled… Only GOD kws who serves him!! This is a great lesson for us to learn out of it. And stop sayin sister tope sister tope, she is not your GOD, nor the so called pastor!!!

    • Anonymous

      U beta kip ur stinking mouth shut b4 d angel beats u to death. Rubish!

  • The Real Arch Angel

    (1) A House built on top of a Hill Can not be Hidden. (2) Satan took Jesus To a high Hill and said if u can Bow for me I will give u all This kindom. (3) For they will say but I PRAY in ur name, I PREACH in Ur name, I HEAL and I Cast Out DEMONS in ur Name, then jesus will say Go away From me You Sinners. (4)) when a salt is no more Tasty, it is ment For nothing than to be thrown outside and Match on By Men. I don’t judge anybody atall for us is not To judge. Let us forget all and start forward ok. Arch Angel Says bye For now I got some work to do in Heaven. Take care all!!!

  • kayo

    Enuf of the blasphemy. Thou shall not judge, remember the bible tells us so. And as a matter of fact I’m so disappointed in those pf us making silly comment about what u hardly know anything about. Don’t act on hearsay, how would u react if u later come to find out that the aligations levied against her we’re blatant lies? Another thing is that as christians, we should learn to be calm about the way we react to rumours, people of other faith will always stand firm for what they believe in even when they know their faith is questionable. I beg of u in the precious name of Jesus to desist from the act of condeming others. We are joint heirs in Jesus. Tope Alabi is our sister in Christ. Would u av come out in the open to condemn her in the open if she was ur biological sister? We are suppose to stand together in unity for Jesus. If some1 does something that make his faith questionable, u are suppose to correct in love. Stardom comes with a price tag

  • kayo

    And as for u Mr Islam, don’t start a religious revolution here. Look for somewhere else to do ur campaign. U are just sitting around looking for loopholes to break us a(xtians) apart. I pray that God Himself will reveal the truth to u

  • Olayinka

    God knows best, (so sad, almost weeping) i just pray its nt true cos i cant help mysef not to listen to her musics anymore. God, pls lets kno d truth intime cos am lost in confussion and deep thought, i jst pray its nt true…… Sobs. Sis tope alabi, hw i wish dis is nt happening to u. D Lord is ur strength. Just make me undastand dis is nt true. Here is my number. 08130264989. Only when u convince me will i believe u. Pls dnt hesitate. Am sobbing rit nw, pplsssss, convince me

  • Anonymous

    The only real gospel singer Tope Alabi, who preaches heaven and end time. no matter what I still love u. D devil is a liar. Pls do not judge her.


    …alagbara aye.. Aye asan oo Oh o.. Eni nloni e gbo.. Awon to shana won o si mo o..igba lonigba nlo o..ba o lo sile adeda o sun.. YIO SAN esan!!!!! More talks awaits ya’ll..brb

  • semightbaba on 2Go

    mrs tope alabi just keep praying and becareful cos jesus love u

  • Anonymus a

    Hmmm it is only God that know the truth, but i think that sis tope herself is just confusely lead by the convincing act of the late prophet ajanaku, and she thought that he is serving the one true God. May God protect and guide every one of us aganst this so call false prophets

  • shade

    God why u tope alabi l felt so bad when l had does story devil we nt be allow to rule over ur lif amen l stil love u 2 d end of life

  • Anonymous

    Tope, no matter what l still love, love your song, l live thr rest for God.

  • Anonymous

    Sis tope ,hmmmm wat I will say is dat if it is true pls beg 4giveness of sin,wat I know is dat dey ar using style 2 tarnish christian’s image dey will come from another religion Turn thereself 2 christian pastor and started doing evil miracle bcos dey av known dat. 90 percent of christian likes miracle,no problem bope boya will shall face God’s pernnel,sis tope don’t worry d temptation of our Lord Jesus christ is more dan ur own,no one is above temptation, just calm down and b focus seek for Holly spirit 2 lead u .

  • Follydam

    Anty tope alabi, hun only God knws who are serving Him, dis wil teach u a lesson dat, do not put ur trust in man I mean (mere mortal ) again, just b ur self ok, heaven is our pursuit. Ejo n be lorun aro dake

  • Hojjowboy

    Dunno wot to say, bt God knows betterdan man………….its not too late to change if its true, God doesnt want d death of a sinner………….remember all is VANITY without Christ

  • Anonymous

    mummy evangelist, if this is true pls try to repent cos of entanal life…..if u have even made any convenant with dem, pls try to seek d face of God cos u are still alife…. And i belive dat u know d hole story of hell fire ,,, i belive u will not be washing untill hell will become ur reward with all good works u have done,,,,try to repent before it too late,,,,there still a hope for u been alive cos bible says after death jugment. God is ur strenth

  • http://Godwllhelp God wll help u

    Were in d end of d time,some pple even say Jesus didnt dead.dt is nt surprise me God have said it in revelation,heaven and earth shall pass away,but my words shall not pass away mattew24vs35,if dere no blam in our heart we shall have internal peace,so sis tope God is in control God wll help u

  • http://Sirsolo-fantasticplay.blogspot.com Solomon jimoh

    Tope Alabi is my mummy in Christ and she will continue to be. Though am not a yoruban and I’ve never seen tope alabi in my life, but the songs she sings makes me know and also believe that she’s a true child of God. I don’t care to know the rubbish that have been written about her, i believe those things happened when she was still in the world or they didn’t even happen at all! Maybe the writter is only trying to destroy her image. Stand firm Mummy tope, the Lord God of Israel is your strength and He’ll continue to be in Jesus name! Amen!!!

  • Anonymous

    God knows if tope alabi was involve na fuck up for her,cos i dnt belive any body.

  • Anonymous

    Let us live all to GOD

  • Anonymous

    Your songs are full of the words of GOd .what happened then please go yo God in prayers

  • http://Hackingguruz Olamide(starboy)(bado) soldier of the cross

    Thou shall not judge anyone or tempt anyone God knows all,y are u people now saying those thing,stop it

  • Anonymous

    First of all introduction.how can u write such thing to a human being ,when she is not a bull, meen u should find out and get the right thing if not keep quiet

  • Anonymous

    sister tope pls jst stand on ur ground & keep praying d lord is ur strenght.

  • Anonymous

    Sister tope, humm the lord has sent me to u menytime and have been seen smthing abt u, but i was trying to get ur number, 1 day i saw ur number on ur video album i cal and call sometime ur husband smtime ur child smtime ur maneger but never the less i keep on praying ,naw u c wat happend my advice for bcs there are some people lking at u folowing ur steep bt we stil tank God sha,the lord can stil race u if u cn pray

  • Anonymous

    God knws d best sha

  • Anonymous

    i will always lov u aunty.but God knws d best.

  • hellen

    i will always lov u aunty.but God knws d best.

  • Sis tope i cnt believe dis,just repent.God is ur strength.

    Sis tope pls repent God is ur strength

  • Anonymous

    sis tope, I sympathize wit u , just kip on praying coz I dont even know wat 2 say..but all d same our merciful & gracious God knows evrtng…..


    Aunty tope,pls calm down,al is wel,just put ur trust in God.The temptatn wich our Lord JesusChrist passed 2rou was more painful dan urs.


    All u ve 2 do is 2 ve faith in God, the Lord will see u through,(AMEN).. AUNTY TOPE, I LOVED U AS I ALWAYS HAVE. I know d Lord will ve His way in ur life,(AMEN).


    huu w’re all saying a lots but what i know is that Sis Tope has changed even before the dalth of her profet, try to check some of her old music & some off ricent {video} u will kno that she has changed.pls check {isaiah 3:16-24} u will get what i mean & which is not like that b/4 some will say is becurse of her international expostur / wealth but can we compare her with MAMA BOLA AARE she still faithful & dress that review glory of god upon her not glory of cream, gold & other artificial things.let all that will be read this text know that d word of god & d standerd of god including his servation plain change not. just jet every1 pray for her & thing of our end too. jesus is d lord for life, pls if u’re still practise is not mean christian life when talk on holy & righeousnes life, u beta repent today. GOD WILL RESTORE TOPE ALABI BACK TO HER FORMAL & MORE 2 HER FORMAL BUT TO THE BEST WILL OF GOD 4 HER. {GOD PLS HELP ME TO ETERNITY}.



  • ifelodun Oluwaseun O.

    Lady Evang. Tope Alabi, I will appreciate if u can change from ur odd ways even if u are one of d so- called Ogboni Occult Group bks many pple hav been converted 2ru ur songs.

    • Anonymous

      True or false, if yes repent, if no hold on to your God

  • Anonymous

    Only God knows whom is worshiping him ooooooo and only God can judge.

  • http://www.mary.com oyeleke mary anuoluwa

    sista tope i dnt suport wot pple say abut u dat u ave use cream u ave get into evil i dnt mind but god kno his own,nd i wnt u 2 gv me ur noba

  • http://Facebook Ope yemi francis


  • ogunsola samuel

    hmmmn if u work in darkness u will see u ar blind evang tope alabi don’t ear wat pple say god knw d right pple

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