BREAKING NEWS: Abubakar Shekau Boko Haram leader Is Dead, Says JTF

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August 19, 2013 11:29 pm


The Joint Task Force (JTF) operating in Borno State, Monday said Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau, may have died as a result of wounds sustained during an assault against the group a few weeks ago.

In a press statement today, spokesman of the JTF, Lt. Col. Sagir Musa said, “Intelligence report available to the Joint Task Force Operation Restore Order revealed that Abubakar Shekau, the most dreaded and wanted Boko Haram terrorists leader may have died.

“He died of gunshot wounds received in an encounter with the JTF troops in one of their camps at Sambisa Forest on 30 June 2013. Shekau was mortally wounded in the encounter and was sneaked into Amitchide – a border community in Cameroun for treatment which he never recovered from.

“It is greatly believed that Shekau might have died between 25 July to 3 August, 2013.”

Among other crimes of Shekau was the masterminding of the kidnap of the seven French citizens and that of the elder statesman Alhaji (Dr) Shettima Ali Monguno, according to Musa.

The JTF also said, Shekau was responsible for numerous killings of Islamic clerics in Northern Nigeria.

“He was also responsible for bombings of many places of worship and public buildings including Police and United Nations Headquarters in Abuja.”

The JTF spokesman added that perhaps the most wanted Nigerian ever, Shekau, was dead before the video where he charged his followers to continue the war on Nigeria released during the Eid- El- Fitr celebration.

“The recent video released on 13 August, 2013 by the purported sect leader was dramatized by an imposter to hoodwink the sect members to continue with the terrorism and to deceive the undiscerning minds,” Sagir added, while calling on members of the Boko Haram to lay down their arms and embrace the Federal Government’s offer for dialogue.

The JTF however did not provide a photo or confirm that it has the body of Shekau.

Source: THE WILL

  • olotito, Ganiyu

    If Shekau was claimed to be dead between July 25 and August 3,2013 and this same Boko Haram attacked an Army base,killing dozens of soldiers, then what is the celebration about ? President Jonathan should face the situation on ground and fortify our soldiers and police with modern equipment, arms and ammunition to overwhelm the insurgents.Government must not forget to deal with the underground sponsors, who have been identified. Otherwise, another Shekau would emerge after the death of one.
    I just pray that Nigeria emerges from this mess victorious

  • Belopski

    The word ‘May’. Is totally unacceptable there should be clear facts showing the leader is dead. Tomorrow the man will wake up and post a video in youtube telling the whole world he is alive ,let us not be misguided we need facts

    • Anonymous


  • mohd abubakar

    the fact is that you can fool some people but not all. Its is very unfurtunate that nigeria government is showing its incompitance in solving its home affais(prodlem). Given room for all sort of ironical activities to be escalating. If shekau dead or alive, is the problem solved??

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  • Hitilla ugbwaka

    we Nigerians dont like the word (may be),shakaro is death or not because boko haram are not ghost, everyboby in this country knows very well,their sponsos ,through their statements & action just because political power has being shifted from them, they told Jonathan that he will never have peace,that they are born to rule while others are born to serve as slaves,in their logo in sokoto motor plate,after ruleing this country for 38 years, the only achievment was to introduce girls prematured marriage in nigeria constitution & to enable them aachieve back this political power they introduce sharri law &boko haram But thank God that it has turned back to them

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  • Anonymous


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