RIVERS CRISIS: Obahiagbon’s Interview Generates Controversy

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July 30, 2013 11:01 pm

PATRICKThe video clip of the interview granted by the Chief of Staff to the Edo State Governor, Mr. Patrick Obahiagbon, to Lagos-based Channels Television has generated a debate on social media.

Nigerians who had watched the video on YouTube say they could not comprehend the analysis the former member of the House of Representatives gave during the interview.

According to them, Obahiagbon’s ‘’high sounding grammar’’ is incomprehensible as many sought to know what languages he was mixing up with English.

Besides, many of them who had employed the YouTube’s ‘Transcript’ feature to get an approximate text version of all of the words spoken in the video proved abortive as it could not make head or tail of his analysis.

For instance, when one of the presenters asked about his thought on the happenings in Rivers State, as a Nigerian, Obahiagbon replied, “Let me say as quickly as possible, the political “crinkum crankum”, if you like, the political “higi haga” that has enveloped the politics of Rivers State for a period of time now has all the trappings of an odoriferous saga cum ‘’gagantuagaga.’’ And I am bewildered that this situation is of no serious concern to the commander-in-chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria…”

Asked if the crisis was getting messier because of the 2015 general election, he said, “Oh it is very crystal clear like the biblical ‘teke teke menoyafasin.’ It is audible to the deaf and visible to the blind.”

He added, “If you look at the totality of the crisis in Rivers State just now, it leaves me with two conclusions that 2015 is inherently laden with a political and democratic ‘talidomine.’ Two, some social scientists like myself have gone to town for donkey’s years, saying that what we have is not democracy but civilian rule.

“But with recent events, I say no. Nigeria is neither witnessing civilian rule nor democracy but what we have at best is a form of government I call ‘kakitomoboplutocracy’ and that is bad for us as a nation.’’

However, one of the interviewers, who seemed bewildered by Obahiagbon’s statements, quizzed him on what he meant by “talidomine”, asking, “Talidomine could mean…?” Obahiagbon replied, “I mean it (2015) may be still born.’’

Shortly after watching the video on YouTube, one Fola Durowoju laments, “Please, can someone kindly subtitle this video.’’

A YouTube user, Ovie Simon-Efe, says he wonders how Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomhole, manages to comprehend his words whenever they have cause to interact.

He says, “I’m sure the moderators of the interview were confused to the core. How does Governor Oshiomhole manage to understand Obahiagbon when he speaks?”

One Olayinka Awofodu says, “He’s speaking ‘personalised English.’ Even the YouTube transcript feature is confused.’’

CLICK THIS LINK TO WATCH Obahiagbon’s Interview


  • Tayelolu

    crazy man. “Kakitomopolutocrazy”. This man needs to distribute his own dictionary to those that appointed him otherwise, there will be mismerge of communication.

  • http://osundefender Ade Solomon

    The man just joking, he can express himself better. Is for public attention.
    Dont mind him.

    • http://Yahoo Sholley

      Na wa o.

  • Ade

    Obahiagbon is not good in English. I wish to see an op-ed he has ever written . When people listen to him or show interest in his ” vocabularies” , they unwittingly fuel his manic behaviour.
    In the interview , he mentioned -Thalidomine. when he actually meant thalidomide,- a banned medication that was found to cause birth defects or stillbirths. It is a teratogenic drug.
    The earlier this man is made to realize he has mental issues, the better. He could gain insight and see a psychiatrist. He would also need your prayers.

    • Oba

      Please bros n sis don’t take our amiable wordsmith grammars personal, over the years people manufacture ENGLISH WORDS and other languages like French, Greek, Lating and even Spanish are freely used while communicating in English by respected icons world over so if Mr Obahiagbon desides to add his mothers tounge to his grammars, i think its not out of place to do so. Arabs adds arabic to their English and nothing happens. In sha Alhaa we shall get there. Did i say something?…..

  • Jide

    This man just found a way to make himself popular. He’s just looking for attention and i swear he got it. Naija’sgottalent

  • Anonymous

    I gained two tinz wenever am watchin him…1.i learnt somefin new.
    2..My sad mood dissappeared…he used his grammer well am lovin dis man,hate it or leave it…he is the best on vulcabs.

  • Godswill ndoro

    I gained two tinz wenever am watchin him…1.i learnt somefin new.
    2..My sad mood dissappeared…he used his grammer well am lovin dis man,hate it or leave it…he is the best on vulcabs.

    • Anonymous

      there is nothing wrong with someone who want to cave anitch for himself, chris okotie speaks and Nigeriansomplain, here come another IGODOMIGODO. i dont see anything wrong with his words after all, since is absence the house have being very slow and no one is there to entertain the senator anymore. we are all unique,but dont forget our uniqueness is in our differences.

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