Tinubu to deliver address at British House of Commons confab

One of Nigeria’s opposition leaders and former Governor of Lagos State – Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu will deliver the Keynote address at a conference holding at the British House of Commons on June 10.


Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, The National Leader, ACN at The US Democratic Convention.

The conference, with the theme ‘Leadership, National Development and the People’ will be hosted by a member of the British Parliament – David Lammy MP; who will be joined by Ivan Lewis MP – Shadow Secretary for International Development; and Mr Julius Maada Bio – former military Head of State of Sierra Leone; “to share thoughts and deliberate on salient issues of national development, as it concerns Nigeria, Africa and the UK.”

African Partnership Development, the conference organisers, in a statement, noted that “the surge in the number of people with impressive credentials, from different diplomatic circles in the UK, British and African entrepreneurs, investors and Nigerian Professionals in Europe, who have signified interest to participate at the event since the confirmation of the former Lagos State governor as the lead discussant for the conference is a clear indication that there will be quality debates and viable outcomes for the future of Africa, and Nigeria in particular.”.

African Partnership Development’s Tunde Alabi noted ”we are very happy at the support we have received from everybody both from the UK and Africa since the announcement of the conference. We are committed to ensuring that every Nigerian in or outside the country, has access to quality life, education, quality and available healthcare delivery service and social equality. We are focused on continuously creating series of engagements that will promote good government and sustainable growth without any political affiliation and or statements.”

African Partnership Development is a non-governmental, public engagement organisation based in the United Kingdom.

Source: The Trumpet

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3 Comments for “Tinubu to deliver address at British House of Commons confab”

  1. Bode Eluyera


    With all my respect to Sen. Bola Tinubu, but I really don’t think that he should engage in this kind of speech giving in Britain. Why? Because such kind of events are ARTIFICIALLY organised in order for the British not only to have free and unlimited access to African leaders and key decision makers, but as well profile(study) and eventually influence them for their own selfish interets. Is it not suspicious that the British are inviting Tinubu who is not holding any official post in Nigeria to their Parliament to give a speech? The bitter truth is that the British are not that much interested in Tinubu’s speech, but studying him, having an idea of his opinions on national issues, what he could be up to when ACN/APC comes to power and how to counter him or stop him from winning the elections incase his position/policies will be against their interests.

    Such kind of events are parts and parcel of the strategy of Britain and other so called Western countries to continue influencing economic, political and social policies in Africa and maintain the lopsided economic relationship between them and the Africa. It’s about ensuring that head or tail, the British will continue to win and exploit poor and stupid Nigerians irrespective of who comes to power in 2015. How long is it going to take us to figure out the kind of dirty games these so called Western democratic countries play with Africans? In my humble opinion, we don’t need to go to these people to tell, discuss with them about our plans nor seek their approval. It is not only an expression of ‘inferiorioty complex,’ but as well goes a long way to show that we Africans lack dignity – otherwise, we will not be going to the same people that colonised, exploited, dehumanised and murdered our kings and Africans for any advise or approval. For God’s sake when are we going to learn to stand on our own and do things that are in our interests without any preliminary discussions or approval from the Anglo-Saxons. The hidden agenda of such gatherings is to ensure that the dirty interests of the British will continue to be protected in 2015 and beyond if ACN/APC comes to power – no more, no less! It’s high time we Africans understood that the West are NEVER going to help Africa develop and stopped behaving like monkeys! Thus, if I were to be an adviser to Sen. Bola Tinubu, I will advise him against taking such unproductive trips to Britain.

    All these unnecessary and suspicious visits by Sen. Bola Tinubu have compelled me to start thinking that there won’t be much change in Nigeria’s foreign and economic policies even if the ACN/APC defeats the PDP and jonathan badluck and comes to power in 2015. In order to develop, Nigeria needs to strive and become a truely SOVEREIGN COUNTRY and conduct radical internal and external economic and political reforms. The kind of president that Nigeria needs in 2015 is not the type that wants to befriend Britain, France, America and other Western countries at all cost, but the one that will defend the interests of Nigeria irrespective of whose ox is gored. Nigeria needs a president that will nationalise all the oil blocks, fine the multinationals heavyly for tax evasion and pollution of the Niger Delta, take Nigeria out of the Commonwealth etc. The last thing we need in 2015 is another Nigerian president who will be under the influence of Britain, France and the United States and be seeking their opinion and/or approval before implimenting policies that will be in the interests of Nigeria, but not necessaryly in their interests.We can as well leave jonathan badluck and PDP to continue in office if the ACN/APC will be another puppet to these Western countries.


  2. Bode Eluyera

    Most likely, the primary and hidden aim of the speech organised by the British is to discuss (privately) and approve the choice of ACN/APC presidential candidate and the plans of the new government – in case of victory

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