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EXCLUSIVE: Are we really cut out for democracy? – By Azuka Onwuka


Have you ever won an election within your small group like your class or social group or religious society? I mean an election in which you did not campaign or share gifts. How did you feel after the victory? Great? Fulfilled? Appreciated? Challenged to serve? It sure is a good feeling. At the beginning of […]

Editorial: Afenifere Owns Up to Fascism

Afenifere Leaders pose with President Goodluck Jonathan

Afenifere has finally owned up to its fascist propensities when, at its recent meeting, it showcased its leadership now including Jelili Adesiyan and Musiliu Obanikoro, the point-men in the militarization and manipulation of elections in Ekiti and Osun States and coordinators of the deployment of hooded terrorists and mercenaries to lay siege on Yorubaland. This […]

Editorial: The Certificate Scandal in Immigration Service


On Monday September 1, 2014, this Newspaper published a story of certificates scandal in the Nigerian Immigration Services (NIS). It was a tale of the absurd. The report had it that about 60% of the top hierarchy of the workforce entered the service with false certificates, and in some cases, multiplicity of birth certificates or […]

Editorial: Cremation Law, Product Of Foresight


At the time the governor of Lagos State, Mr Babatunde Fashola, signed the Cremation Bill into law on June 10, 2013, many thought he was violating African culture that attaches much importance not just to the dead but also the spirits and the memories they leave behind. That attitude is based rigidly on the people’s […]

Chief Olu Falae’s “Gba je n’sinmi” Federalism


Chief Olu Falae is the latest Afenifere chieftain promoting the recommendations of Jonathan’s National Conference as if Afenifere has taken it upon itself to “sell” such scandalous recommendations; while the Yoruba Unity Forum, which had earlier been in the forefront of establishing a working relationship with the South-South led by Edwin Clark is taking the […]

Fulfilling burden of state creation


When former military president, Ibrahim Babangida, announced the creation of additional nine states on August 27, 1991, it was aimed at bringing development closer to the people. While there was jubilation in some states, the announcement, made to coincide with the sixth anniversary of Babangida’s military government, was greeted with protests over location of the […]

PDP Governorship candidate Jimi Agbaje mobbed in Mushin

Jimi Agbaje

(LAGOS) The Peoples Democratic Party governorship aspirant Jimi Agbaje came under attack yesterday during his your of local councils. While he escaped unhurt, one of his supporters was shot and had to be hospitalized. It was gathered that one of Agbaje’s supporters was shot and was rushed to a hospital after losing so much blood. […]

Editorial: Neither “North nor East”-The Way Forward For The Yoruba Nation


This Editorial was first published on September 10, 2013. As the 2015 Presidential and other elections approach, it is high time the Yoruba Nation did a critical examination of the sordid social and political reality of the Prison-House of Nations called Nigeria in order to chart her destiny and defend her best interests lest she […]

How Confab report will impact on Nigeria’s future


ENDING its deliberations last Thursday, after five months of intense bickering and horse-trading among delegates, the curtain finally falls on the National Conference today, as it submits its report to President Goodluck Jonathan in Abuja. Nigeria almost exploded on the faces of the delegates, underlining the sharp divisions among its disparate parts. Cascading calls from […]

Alleged military extrajudicial killings

JOS BOMBING: One Suspect Arrested, Says Maj.-Gen Olukolade

LATELY, the Nigerian military have been finding themselves in the news for the wrong reasons. When they are not engaging members of other security outfits, especially the police, in a street fight, they are busy beating up civilians, destroying buses provided for public transport or impounding newspapers on the pretext of searching for nonexistent “materials […]


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